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  1. Wonderful ideas, 5yearscouter... thanks for sharing them! Angela
  2. Pack362Den1, do you really think they are going to change the order of the values, like moving Faith to match up with Scout Sunday? Where did you hear that... is it a nationwide thing, or just for your Pack? I would be a little surprised, because even though the BSA designates the 1st Sunday before February 8th to be Scout Sunday, not all churches recognize Scout Sunday on that day, or even in that month. The order seems pretty good to me right now. For instance: September is "Cooperation" (emphasize teamwork and volunteering as the year starts) November is "Citizenship" (Election
  3. Does anyone know if the monthly Core Values that were started last year be the same for the upcoming year? If so, will they be issuing new Pack Meeting Plans, similar to the ones published this year, but with different activities? http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/CubScouts/Leaders/DenLeaderResources/DenandPackMeetingResourceGuide/PackMeetingPlans.aspx No one I've spoken to in my Pack or at Council seems to know. Angela
  4. Wow, I'm just surprised at the low cost of some of your camps. Wish ours was less expensive! Our Day Camp is $240/week for a 5 day program, and the optional bus transportation is an extra $65. Of course, we're in NJ, and Lord knows everything costs a fortune here. Angela
  5. Thanks for the quick replies! I had a feeling that was the case. You are right, I am the DL and I am running it, and we will do it the right way. Lots of fun things left to do, anyway! Plus I am pretty sure the requirements for each of the ranks are carefully planned to be age appropriate, and my Den of 6 and 7 year olds sure could use those extra six months of maturity before they start working on their Wolf badges. I'm so pleased to have found this forum. Thanks again! Angela
  6. Hello everyone, I am a first-time Tiger Cub DL with 9 boys in my den, 2 of whom are my twin sons. The boys completed their Tiger Cub badge requirements, and I was planning to finish out the year by doing Electives and working on Belt Loops and Pins. However, a parent in my Den told me that I should now start working on the Wolf badge requirements. Is this correct? This parent has an older son who is a Bear in our Pack, and apparently they have begun working on their Webelos I requirements. However, I was under the impression that you couldn't start working on requirements towards next ran
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