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  1. I am not sure what country you are living in. Giving something is not free market. That is wealth redistribution.
  2. The crying shame of it all is that the DOJ says the settlement isn't legal. What if the judge says go back to the drawing board?
  3. Take a look at some of the resources that were presented in the references as the new merit badge came out. One showed a graphic of 3 people trying to pick apples. The tall one had no box, the shorter had a medium sized box, and the short one had a tall box so they all could get the apple. That is what counselors were to teach per BSA's own references. That means everybody gets the lake. and everybody gets to go to jamboree.
  4. If we are to truly have equity, then our neighboring council needs to pay our council so that our camp can have both a lake and a swimming pool. They have them, so we need them too so that the outcome is all the same. So shall we ask council x to pony up for council y? And shall I ask all of the scouts in a unit to contribute to support the less fortunate? Every one of the scouts should be able to afford the $4,600 to go to jamboree next year if we redistribute the resources, right? Go explain that one in the new merit badge.
  5. I started keeping track early and was fascinated by the proposed monthly amounts the various firms were stating they would charge. Nearly every day I review the dockets including pay applications submitted. Based on 80% recovery (actual billing) as of yesterday the total is $159,052,158.67. That will be plus or minus a few cents.
  6. I lived through affirmative action already. Had enough and wont participate again. Until you have been part of reverse discrimination.....
  7. This is indeed a tough one. After rough, rough year with covid, as of October 2021 the deline from October 2020 nationwide was 20.48%. Mergers will continue with 39 councils having youth numbers under 1,000 members and larger councils having large losses. 71 councils had 25% or greater loss over that time frame despite aggressive membership push. Only 9 councils met recruitment goals. Scouting has nearly always been a local program and councils with active local program have done better. But as they consolidate and there is less local program the sense of community will continue to decli
  8. I have been tracking the pay applications posted on Omni since it started. As of today total is $113,019,917.65. Vast majority are 80% of what can be invoiced. Interesting to track the BSA monthly reports as well to compare year to year revenue and expenditures.
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