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  1. I have the plans for the building. Such good handwriting in early to mid 1960s. The lumber and logs were obtained from Grothe Lumber in Walden, CO. The total cost of logs and lumber, doors, etc. was $11,000.76. I will try to get these documents scanned and sent to you.
  2. Good Morning Rick, There is sometimes information available at USFS office and especially as related to the USFS lease. I just looked at County parcel viewer and found nothing there. I found some drawings of Chimney Park facilties in council files and will look again soon to see what I can find for you. Ben
  3. I attended NYLT course directors conference in 2021 and that was the fall that the tone of the training was decidely different. New rules regarding formation of patrols, absolutely no female youth to be in same patrol as male youth (remember perhaps that just the year before mixing sexes was encouraged for "diversity"). Had to have minimum number of female youth to have a patrol and if any youth female on course then had to be separate troop with at least 2 female youth staff and a female Scoutmaster and Asst. Scoutmaster. Why, we asked? Why the big change? The answer was 42 reported you
  4. Have written few different responses and deleted them. Conflicted about what to say. I had an exemplary experience in Scouting as a youth. Dedicated adults helping, great troop, Jambo, Philmont, and so on. Volunteered for several years even though I didnt have a youth in the program. Then was blessed with a son who participated and earned Eagle. So terribly sad that people who are/were not qualified to lead National and councils have been doing so. I have seen it first hand. I had to step away after decades. Lot of obstacles facing BSA including ever increasing costs to participate an
  5. And last year they did big transfer for insurance, etc. as they changed compensation. The other elephant that doesnt seem to get much attention is payments coming due for Summit.
  6. BSA is require to file monthly operating reports at the end of each month. There is a page in that report that provides operating costs. Generally ranges from $8 to $11 million per month. Was $134 million in all of 2021. The report provides expenses without bankruptcy costs. Interesting to see categories with net losses. Of all things, high adventure has been big loser, but nationwide shut downs impacted that a lot.
  7. In 2021 I attended NYLT course director's conference in the fal. It started off completely different than any other of the ones I had been to. Took just a short time before the questions were asked why it was different. The staff stated that in 2021 there were 42 complaints filed of youth on youth sexual abuse at NYLT courses. So that is the number of filed complaints, you know that is only part of the total number. And this is at the leadership training course where you hope that there is more maturity and composure. And attendance at NYLT is a fraction of attendance at summer camps. S
  8. I spent my high school years on the east side of Maury Pass and enjoyed visiting and camping Goshen Scout Reservation. Was part of big flood in 1985 when water had to be released from Lake Merriweather at the Reservation due to a large storm and it wiped out local roads and closed schools for weeks, what an adventure. Wish Goshen would have been more seriously considered for Jambo site since it is much closer to transporation, but there were a lot of factors in the decisions. This year I visited and helped out with two local camps, Ben Delatour Scout Ranch in northern Colorado, and Camp
  9. As of Friday July 8 the total is $185,592,097.15. That is 80% of the billed hours and all expenses. Will have to see if the attorneys, etc. get the other 20% at the end of the bankruptcy.
  10. I am not sure what country you are living in. Giving something is not free market. That is wealth redistribution.
  11. The crying shame of it all is that the DOJ says the settlement isn't legal. What if the judge says go back to the drawing board?
  12. Take a look at some of the resources that were presented in the references as the new merit badge came out. One showed a graphic of 3 people trying to pick apples. The tall one had no box, the shorter had a medium sized box, and the short one had a tall box so they all could get the apple. That is what counselors were to teach per BSA's own references. That means everybody gets the lake. and everybody gets to go to jamboree.
  13. If we are to truly have equity, then our neighboring council needs to pay our council so that our camp can have both a lake and a swimming pool. They have them, so we need them too so that the outcome is all the same. So shall we ask council x to pony up for council y? And shall I ask all of the scouts in a unit to contribute to support the less fortunate? Every one of the scouts should be able to afford the $4,600 to go to jamboree next year if we redistribute the resources, right? Go explain that one in the new merit badge.
  14. I started keeping track early and was fascinated by the proposed monthly amounts the various firms were stating they would charge. Nearly every day I review the dockets including pay applications submitted. Based on 80% recovery (actual billing) as of yesterday the total is $159,052,158.67. That will be plus or minus a few cents.
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