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Baldwin Lodge, Chimney Park Scout Camp, Wyoming

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I am trying to gather any historical information, article, stories, contacts, photos, or documents concerning the history of the Chimney Park Scout Camp and Baldwin Lodge located in the Medicine Bow National Forest off of state Highway 230 west of Laramie, Wy.


I've been a user of this camp since my youth nearly 40 years ago and now work on a committee commited to preserving and maintaining this rural provisional campground.


A couple of years ago while on a family campout we discovered that our neighbor campers included the daughter of the man who was the first camp director of this campground when it functioned as a council summer camp. She indicated she had some information she would like to get to us. I gave her all my contact information but unfortunately did not get hers and have not heard from her since. Any help in re-connecting with her would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks everyone.



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Good Morning Rick,

There is sometimes information available at USFS office and especially as related to the USFS lease.  I just looked at County parcel viewer and found nothing there.  I found some drawings of Chimney Park facilties in council files and will look again soon to see what I can find for you.  Ben

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12 hours ago, rickeckhardt said:

Still looking for information regarding the history of Chimney Park Scout Camp and Baldwin Lodge.  Please let me know if you have any information.

I didn't see this 11 years ago. We go to Chimney Park all the time.

All of the fun trivia I know about the camp: There used to be a 65 mile backpacking trip from there to BDSR. It requires getting permission to cross one small piece of private property but was supposed to be stunning. I can get that route as someone digitized it.

Also, under the cabin is a really long (the whole length of the cabin) fire place where presumably entire tree trunks could be shoved in and burnt to warm the cabin through the concrete floor. I have no idea how such a fire was started or how enough air got to it. I think it connects to the stone chimney on one end. The opening is outside on the other end,

The council used to own the property but gave it to the forest service under the condition that the scouts could use the cabin.

That's all I know, which isn't much.

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I have the plans for the building.  Such good handwriting in early to mid 1960s.  The lumber and logs were obtained from Grothe Lumber in Walden, CO.  The total cost of logs and lumber, doors, etc. was $11,000.76.  I will try to get these documents scanned and sent to you.

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