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  1. THIS IS LONG. Well the meeting was last night. BEfore going I re-read the counsel I received above. Trying to be prepared and remeber to keep a cool head. The CC, SM and the (what I 'll ASM #1) were there. I along with 4 other parents of the "new scouts" were there. The discussion began. I told how many of the parents were unhappy with how meetings were ran, disorganized chaotic and without purpose. I relayed message from parent who could not be there about how since they live so far away that it is waste of their time to come to meetings. ETC. The response wa
  2. Well tonight is the meeting of troop adult leaders and parents. It has become the concensus pretty much that we need to "fix" the troop we are at. No one right now has the wherewithal to start a new unit and after investigating some other local troops - well they have troubles of their own. So i will let ya'll know how things go and what direction we are hoping to take. And hope I continue to get sage advice here on the forum. YIS, cc
  3. SR540 The more I read your posts - the more i like you. ( As if that matters) You always present a well thought voice of reason. Maybe we'll meet up someday since we're neighbors. Campcrafter Joplin, MO Whose troop as a kid was 540!
  4. Brent Seems like you grew up in a well run troop. That seems the logical way to limit troop size and I believe ( and it is only my belief no evidence other than your example) that it would help with active participation dependeent of course on there being a worthwhile program. SR So wouldn't you say that the success of your troop has been in part due to the fact that you used the patrol method, even when you only had one patrol? cc
  5. EagleKY Yes and that is the boy who needed scouting the most. But what about the SM making the decison after "tryouts" and picking the troop? Sports say that not everyone gets picked for the team and it is a life lesson. PLEASE NOTE I am NOT promoting this just discussing and prefer sports programs where everyone gets to play. But would it be OK to limit the size of the troop and not allow new members until an opening occurred or you had enough on the waiting list for a new patrol? (By the way I believe it was policy in the early years of BSA to limit troop size to
  6. Oh and in answer to the question, based on what I see on the camp web site, looks like a camp with a long and proud history and great program... YES I would send my son to Onteora Scout Reservation. cc
  7. LJ Looking on the camp's web page about CIT's it does say 14 and older but does not mention minimum rank. As a Scout I went to CIT trianing week at 13 but only because I turned 14 before my weeks of service started. I was first class. You are right though the more you re-read this post the more things don't jive. It would be interesting to hear form the staff side of the situation. Maybe I'll email them since it is posted on the camp web site. cc
  8. Hypothetical question -semi related question. Could one charter a unit that was limited in number - say a troop that allowed no more than 18 boys. Or could you have a unit that only allowed new members who were voted upon by the existing members of the troop? If you did this could you then enforce an attendance policy? Especailly if you were doing cool stuff and had a waiting list of boys who wanted to join? YES I know this is elitist, but just for sake of discussion, what do you think? cc
  9. Big E I think you have worded "The Problem" well. I'm writing this hurriedly so I apologize in advance if it seems like rambling. As I have discussed previously the troop we crossed over to has problems. Finally tomorrow night there will be a parents meeting. This thread gave me two really good questions to bring up - that should be obvious but I hadn't thought of. 1. What do parents expect their son to get from scouting? 2. What do the boys expect from scouting? Unlike sports or band, Scouting is multifaceted and works on the whole boy. While sports can develop leader
  10. Nothing can ever take away A love the heart holds dear Fond memories linger everyday Rememberance keeps them near *************************** Red Feather, The world is a better place because of your father. My sympathy and thoughts are with you and yours. Peace, Campcrafter
  11. Regarding the road I got this form the camp's web site. Seems road work is being done in the area and the camp has made this known. They also acknowledge the condition of the road and urge people to use "high clearance vehicles or 4WD vehicles." ________________________________________ Road Detours to OSR for Weeks 2-6 Go to exit 96 , exit and go to the end of the exit ramp. Turn LEFT and turn onto DeBruce Rd. Go toward Grooville Rd, which is the normal turn off for camp. USE CAUTION. Use courtesy on this road and all local roads because many residents are using the
  12. Why do we feel this way about letting our kids run free like we did? I believe the "safety" we experienced was that we lived in in neighborhoods where people new each other and were friends, there were lots of kids who played together, neighbors watched out for each others kids and moms were at home. If someone did get hurt, 1 or 2 kids would stay with the hurt kid, and someone else would run off to get a mom. And for that to happen the injury required stitches or a bone set. Otherwise you sucked it up or went home by yourself to get cared for. Today we move to much to bigger be
  13. SL wote: As I said, I was trying to be objective and present all points of view, not place blame. For the scouts to assume that they could be paid in advance of their normal payday was a mistake on their part, IMHO. You know what they say about assuming... YOU ARE CORRECT SL - The scouts should have asked early on for their checks to be handed out early. However these are boys and they don't think about such things. E's post however conveys the RD was being an .... about it. I also said, "On the other hand, the Director agreed up front and should have had a plan before
  14. SL I see your point but comparing this with your story about the Aq Dir is not the same. These boys who serve on camp staff and who are going to NOAC are the scouts who not only are most active, but also the ones who are the best Scouts and leaders. More than likely the cream of the crop as it were. If everyone knew about NOAC and the staff members, going the RD should have made arrangements early on for 1) coverage 2) that the boys received their pay before leaving. Life is too short for such pettiness. I see it too much in the "real world of business" everyday. And whil
  15. (With apologies to Fred for earlier comments about posting news articles ) A boyhood hike retraced Fifty years ago, members of Boy Scout Troop 10 marched 30 miles to Marshfield. On Sunday, they followed the route again. By Steve Koehler News-Leader Gene Meyer had a simple idea. He'd have his Boys Scout troop from St. Agnes Church earn a national merit badge by marching from Springfield to Camp Arrowhead near Marshfield, more than 30 miles away. http://www.news-leader.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060717/NEWS01/607170346
  16. And to think this weekend I was being thankful that such controversial topics had been avoided and the I&P forum had been quiet. Thanks alot FB for stirring the pot! I tell you if you allow Ducks, the next thing you know the Geese will want to join, then what, the gulls? And so the downward spiral begins until, heaven help us, pigeons are allowed, what mess! cc
  17. RD, welcome to the campfire there is much good counsel and debate here we look forward to your participation what level is your son at now? are you a leader? if not - you know you want to! CampCrafter
  18. Fellow Scouters, I have talked today to a couple of other parents and the thoughts are at this time that we should call a parent's meeting with the troop committee to discuss the problems/dissatisfaction and if things in this unit can be turned around. So we will contact CC to see when this can happen - probably first week of August. I will also suggest that the IH and UC attend. And I talked with the parent who is on the parish council and she will work on recruiting a COR from the parish. Once again I really appreciate the counsel and thing we are making some progress towards
  19. Thanks Ginny. There has been much good counsel here. I am on vacation after today for a week and so won't be posting. I again appreciate all who have responded and will use this next week to ponder all this. Best to all, cc
  20. It seems that to keep one out of litigation the SM could go with PL / SPL to do bed check. If there is no response without opening flap then the announcement is made that the tent flap is to be opened. The flap is opened by youth member and if the scouts are clothed and or in bed then the adult can verify and/or handle situation. cc
  21. Off topic Where do you guys go to summer camp that it is cool enough to close the tent flaps. I wanna go there. My experience has been flaps and sides rolled up most of the week! This is of course in heavy canvas wall tents with no shade. cc
  22. WOW! Thanks for all the advice- I mean it. It is really helping me to think things through and benefit form others perspective and experience. ScoutNut, Grampye, Eagle, Veni et al We have no COR, aand our pastor (IH) will just be returning or may not even be back yet from vacation and has a larger problem I am aware of to deal with when he returns, so having those in attendance won't happen. I have put in call to one of the parents of a Scout who is also on the parish council to discuss this with. As for the UC, I do think we have one now. Not sure if I should call her
  23. Hey One Hour Sorry to hear about this. No advise other than yes this man needs to be (re-)trained. Did you guys go to El Rancho Cima? CC in missouri where the humidity today makes it feel like Houston!
  24. Not wanting to start over something that had been discussed; albeit a long time ago and briefly, I would like to revisti this question. As I stated in my rant thread the Troop we are now in allows Parents to sign off on TF 2nd and 1st Class requirements. To me this is just totally wrong. That is the Cub Scout program. However according to sources above the official literature states the SM may designate who may sign off - so if in this troop the SM designates parents is that OK? I say no. What say ya'll? cc
  25. SA wrote "You are not going to change things over night and you might want to pick your battles. " Amen, Brothers and Sisters. No wiser words have been spoken for anyone going into an existing unit to try and change things. SA, Thanks for reititerating that. It struck me that as obvious as the problems are to us, those in charge now do not see it and also I realize that before I got there - it was/is their unit. Those currently in charge belong to the parish also. cc
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