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  1. Da Beav wrote: "Catholics publish supplementary materials, too, as far as I know." Other than the religious emblems program materials, As a Catholic Scouter, I don't know of any materials that Catholics have affecting the actual scouting program. And even if they do as you said the Catholics are publishing them not the BSA who publishes the Webelos Den Leader Book with specifics for LDS units. My point being that BSA is providing extra accomodations to LDS, and doesn't even seem to wish to consider it for others. True the fact is anyone can register a unit and pretty much run an
  2. Beavah I don't know that there was any bashing of LDS. As for a differnet version of the program - my Webelos Den Leader book uses many pages of paper to outline the LDS agenda for the WEBELOS program for LDS units. an' dats da truf.
  3. OGE I reread that - edited it, and hope it is clearer. I mean that LDS program is modified from that used by other COs, so have special version modified without the DRP for those who wish to use it. I did not mean to imply that LDS does not abide by the DRP. Sorry for any confusion. ron(This message has been edited by campcrafter)
  4. Fred wrote: GB (and others): you're all focusing on the expulsion by teh Troop Committee but overlooking the reinstatement by the pastor and church. Once they realized they made a mistake (and we all agree the TC acted improperly), they tried to correct it. True and we can only hope others learn form this but they won't. WHY? Because other than a few back page articles used to fill space in a few newspapapers and a few forums, the people who need to learn the lesson will never hear about it. It won't appear in Scouting magazine as it should with an article about how the situation shoul
  5. Not at all Fred. I AM suggesting that 1) a new non-religious Scouting program be formed without being harrassed by the BSA OR 2) As they have done for the LDS - Allow perons to use a different version of BSA program but this time without the DRP. That would be a win-win-win situation. Non-believers get the program BSA gets money Citizens do not have to pay for court cases cc(This message has been edited by campcrafter)
  6. Secular yes but not a TRULY SECULAR program. Secular sponsors and their leaders are still bound by the DRP. Which only takes us back to Merlin and the ACLU. CC
  7. GB This is one of those areas I am standing on sand. On the one hand - the CO franchises the program for their institution and so should be able to set their own standards within guidelines. For most churches I would think Scouting would be part of the youth ministry and would therefore attract mostly people from their own congregation, be part of the larger parish community. LDS seems to be a unique situation in that they have franchised a different progam than everyone else. But they have paid the $$$ and gained the power to do so. On the other hand yes it should be a pro
  8. GernBlasten, OF COURSE YOU SHOULD NOT BE EXPELLED FROM BSA. Really do not think you should have much to be conserned with since your unit and CO seems to care more about what good you have to offer than whether or not you pass some fundamentalist, elitist requirement. I am sure that before you there were many who shared similar beliefs for many years in Scouting. But not until the rise of the fundamentalist movement did anyone care. I think to that the internet while providing a forum such as this where we can share our good ideas, and offer each other support has also all
  9. funscout wrote: but if they believe in a higher authority, then that should be okay with BSA. Not neccessarily so. BSA's Declaration of Religious Principle states: The recognition of God as the ruling and leading power in the universe and the grateful acknowledgment of His favors and blessings are necessary... So it seems just any ol' higher power won't do. Appears that some folk are quick on the trigger when they should stop and consider the child they are aiming at. pax, CC
  10. Fred, I believe that they do refer to the bible-god. When was the DRP written? Before the 1960's? It was no doubt written by upper middle class white American protestant men who would have had little thought of Buddists, Hindus or even Muslims.Who never prbably heard of B'aha'ior Shinto or Jainism or Taoism or Zoroastrianism or Scientology. So historically I think we can be fairly certain that when these men wrote the DRP they were referring to the Judeo-Christian bible-god. To further confuse the matter, in other discussions it was mentioned that all a scout would have to do is ack
  11. Sorry to be so late getting back to this thread. Kudu you are always very well spoken when - I appreciate your knowledge and your reasoned responses. One of my questions is if the belief in the bible-god is what BSA promotes then how do they justify allowing awards for Buddists and Hindus? Maybe I do not understand these religons well - but I am fairly certain that the Buddists do not promote recognition of God as the ruling and leading power in the universe. Kahuna is this correct? ron
  12. In the other post (thinking of pulling boy from scouting) it was mentioned that many Webelos are too immature to move on to Scouts at 10 1/2. And that the program should be 2 years and not 18 months. I agree! Unfortunately I was told it should be 18 months and to cross the boys over in February or March so they can join the troop and be ready for Summer Camp. BIG MISTAKE! While some boiys will go to summer camp and I am sure do fine - many aren't. Some because of other activities and some just are not ready. I wish we had waited till later to cross over and got them really
  13. Hey Beav, You are wise. All without any "active investment management" by parents. Only regular deposits of love and encouragement, compounded daily. That's awesome! I concede. Best to All, CC
  14. My son played soccer, baseball, football, bowling and tried karate. What return did he get from all these? He had fun. Then the return on your invest of time and money was good. Had he not had fun or the baseball league been disorganized, the kids not learn much about baseball and not had fun - you would have been upset and thought your time and money wasted - bad ROI. The only ROI that is necessary is they learned something & had fun. Nah that's not the problem. The problem is I don't expect any return. Ed, you contradict yourself you say the only ROI (i.e. return) that is ne
  15. Lisa, Not to be answerign for ITS ME - but if you read many of his other posts he has been a very active leader and is Wood Badge trained. I believe that while the WEBELOS program can be good - it takes extra hard work to make it exciting and for the most part the empahsis is spending 18 months fulfilling requiremnts to ensure that the boys get AOL. To this all the other parts of the prgram take a back seat. Especially if you are leading a Den alone as many are. I agree with IM that many parts of the prgram requirements become redundant at least thru Tenderfoot. How many times do y
  16. EDDIE, Sorry Friend - I Think You Are Wrong! If I do not insure that there is a return on the time and money I invest in my child's activities then neither he/she (fun, education, friendships, experience, adventure, whatever) nor I (a well adjusted, educated, well rounded young man/woman) get what they should from the acivity. Further it is poor parenting not to do this. IMNSHO Also my child may have some interests that differ from mine and I surely would not deny my child the chance to explore those interests and I still can expect a good ROI. Maybe our problem here is what
  17. KSscoutmon, Is that you Rosalee? If not whatpart of KS are you in? Discipline is not against Scout rules. Certain types of punishment are. A troop does not have to put up with mis-behaving, disrespectful boys. This sounds just like the troop our boys just crossed over to at the moment it is vey poorly organized and the older boys act the same or don't show up. We are hoping things improve with parents such as yourself. As I stated in another thread my boy is a bit disapointed in how things are going and said he might ant to look at another troop even though this one is spon
  18. Its Me, I feel your pain. Scouting can be a wonderful program that helps develop boys into good citizens. It can also be a terrible program. Depends on a lot of variables. I agree with you that we as parents should look for a return on our investment. We are investing time and money(often lots of both) on something to help our kids. Unfortunately the return is not seen for many years. However most of us are probably smart enough to see whether or not the return will come. Most of the people on this forum a VERY dedicated Scouters and work hard to insure a good program. Bu
  19. Ed You have the best explanation yet. Mom was right! I stand corrected in calling these rules silly. I think sometimes they just need their reasoning explained better to ignorant folk like me. Scout On! CC
  20. gwd wrote: Every morning, Scouts must bring me from the campsite to the assembly in a sedan chair properly lashed together. Of course, they must avert their eyes to my presence and gently place the chair to the ground so that I may debark with all the grace and ceremony befitting my high rank and authority. So it is written. So let it be done! You will be the envy of Scouters everywhere and may start a new trend. You must have great faith in your Scout's abilities! CC
  21. Obivously Crew21_Adv you are doing something wrong! As a teenager our Explorer Advisor had us "properly trained" and he would receive his coffee at his tent in the morning! Must have been something in the old Explorer training that was removed when it switched to Venturing. Probably has something to do with Youth Protection and hot coffee (remember McDonald's?) CC
  22. Scouting Again Thanks! That is exactly the problem with these rules! One thing leads to another and soon we are drinking only water from the streams and eating dandelions. Nope can't do that it isn't leave no trace. There'll be anarchy! Maybe one solution is to have certain rules for certian activities. No sodas backpacking but there are pop machines at Summer Camp. No chocolate when it is hot weather but OK in cold - if not in bear country! Yours in the joy of Scouting, CC p.s. I drink Diet COKE - so no Pepsi products will be allowed on camp outs! (This message
  23. John in KC - Howdy neighbor to the north! As I stated there is usually some good reasoning behind silly rules and laws. ( You know like those emails you get with lists of laws from the 1800's that make absolutely no sense today, but are still on the books.) Often these rules in the units I am sure start from a particular experience in the unit. Of course it is easier to say no soda than pick up your cans. We have also had 1/2 empty kool-aid cups lying around and the paper cups scattered. So As I said I am sure there are reasons. But also as my wife continually reminds me - we n
  24. Does your unit have silly camp rules. I am sure that like silly laws they have some reasoning behind them. Some of the rules I think are silly are: No soda (coke for those in the south, pop for some midwesters) I went camping ( as an adult) once with a troop that had this rule. I popped open my can of Diet Coke in the morning and was told by more than one person they did not allow sodas on camp outs. I told them they should ban coffee too. The other Scouters said nothing else to me about it. No camp chairs or stools. This from a troop that takes everything in multiple
  25. 540 Thanks for taking the time to write and share your experience. Last week I was thinking of maybe starting another troop. I understand it is hardwork. Then I thought better of it and decided my marriage is more important! I also was wanting a break from being "in charge" i.e. "the administrator" after 5 years doing it for the pack. I will go to the "leader's meeting" next week to see what transpires. If it does not look like we will be able to make positive change in this troop I will suggest to my son we "take the summer off" to look for a new troop and start fresh in
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