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  1. Big E Thanks for the real world view and voice of reason. To all who replied thanks for confirming my views and letting me know there is a problem and not just my opinion. Since posting this morning I have talked to 2 other parents and they are ready to walk. My wife has been against moving troops because that is our church and the boys my son's age have almost all been together since Tigers and attend the same school(8 of them). However as I stated some of them may not have problem moving so it is getting to be a more realistic choice. I was den leader and cub mast
  2. MaScout What do you see asthe hardest 3-5 things about starting a new unit? cc
  3. Fellow Scouters, Thanks again for letting me rant and for the moral support. I want to make sure it just isn't me and that there really is a problem here. No nothing has changed since April. I did meet with one of the other new parents and have since talked with some of the other parents and they too are not satisfied. The one I met with attended a "leaders" meeting and voiced some of the concerns we had. I was unable to attend that meeting. After last night's meeting which was for the most part a waste of time, another parent is writng a letter to the CC and SM to express her
  4. It HAS been quite civil of late - with lots of good stories from camp. A bit less than entertaining though - the Issues and Politics area has been rather quiet. Hey Ed what say we go over to I&P and start something I have strongly disagreed with Ed at times in the I&P area - but in truth I respect Ed immensely and believe his Scouting is on the mark. Actually when we stay away from "those" topics - I find we have much more in common with our fellow scouters here than differences and that for the most part our goal is the same - making scouting the great program it is
  5. Hi all I haven't post in a while but have been lurking some. Earlier this year I talked about the troop our Webelos crossed over to. It is the Brother Troop to our Pack, same CO. However I found that the way they did things not scouting. My list includes: Adult run TOTALLY - Supposedly there is an SPL - I have seen him once in 4 months. No PLC Unorganized, chaotic meetings - Older boys mostly hang out No real patrols - new boys elected a PL and chose a name that's as far as it got and the new boys (10 of them) are all in one patrol No uniforming No Scou
  6. Big E Congrats to OJ! How proud we know you are! Thnaks for all your sharing here on the forum. CC
  7. Thanks Trev! I told my son the past few days we would have to mark the moment 7:26 CDT. I even thought of it in the shopwer this morning. But of course getting ready and getting out the door to get him to summer school and me to work - we missed it. Oh Well guess we try for the Autumnal Equinox! Happy Solstice to All and a safe summer Scouting! CC
  8. Thanks Trev I googled Tyvek rainwear and rain suit and really didn't come up wuth anything though. Is it just Tyvek coveralls you use or what? Where did you get it? thanks cc
  9. Has anybody used Frogg Toggs rainwear. How do they stand up wear and tear wise? Recommend for camping or not? Thanks CC
  10. Thanks NJ Yes contrary to what many of the Xtian persuasion believe - the only requirement National obviously really cares about is that you not denie the exisitance of some higher POWER - not even necessarily a BEING. So those of us who think that God does not interfer in the day to day lives of individual but is the ultimate source of energy are valid memebers. I just thought the way he worded it was poor. Backyard would definitely have been a better word choice than Japan. And the phrase there must be hundreds of Gods out there should surely raise eyebrows in the RCC and
  11. Seton's Book of Woodcraft and Indian Lore (A 1920 something edition I got off ebay in a set along with Two Little Savages (which every Scouter should read) Rolf in the Woods and a few others) Philosophy Of Humanism - Corliss Lamont (Which every Christain should read if they really care to know what secular humanism is) Have great Summer and Be safe CC
  12. Turing to God in the scout oath, does one have to believe in a Christian God to be a Boy Scout? There must be hundreds of Gods out there. God in the oath referrs to a supreme being of some sort it's a moral or ethical or spiritual orientation. We don't care if it's Mohammad or Buddha or a rock in Japan. We ask the kids to take the Scout oath and what they do on their own time is up to them. Did he really say that?! Hundred of gods out there Supreme being of SOME SORT? Rock in Japan - what the ... Sounds to me like the new Prez doesn't have a very definite f
  13. Bobanon The PM should go through forum to your email address you signed up with. Too often it does not work. Could you PM me at campcrafter@yahoo.com? thanks CC
  14. Considering some of the discussions here the past year regarding inflated membership numbers, maybe some councils have straightened up and these numbers are now more Trustworthy. cc
  15. BobAnon Did you receive my PM throught the forum? campcrafter
  16. JnKC Is that you are a consevative and a litugical xtian OR that you a conservative christian and a liturgical christian? What type of liturgy? How conservative ? Latin Mass? cc
  17. Acco That is not the same. You are not the child's parent, your are volunteer helper. Just as school should notify the parent of misbehavior, the parent need not notify the school. (of course certain behavior disorders would require consultation between parent and school/day care/ scouts/etc) But I am talking about specific incidences. No I do not think we need to tell the parent Joe took a stick and waved it around and he knows better and we told him not to do that and he quit. But if Joe waved the stick around in defiance after being told twice not to do it - then I would tal
  18. Big E, Accent? What accent? I never noticed you had an accent:) Cheers, cc
  19. OK - I said I usually don't participate in these conversations - but this time it does seem to be a bit more civil and intelligent, no? avow One entry found for avow. Main Entry: avow Pronunciation: &-'vau Function: transitive verb Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French avouer, from Latin advocare 1 : to declare assuredly 2 : to declare openly, bluntly, and without shame synonym see ACKNOWLEDGE, ASSERT - avower /-'vau(-&)r/ noun Based on this definition a "closet" homosexual should be acceptable to the BSA. Regarding Dan and Trev's discussion on being in the "c
  20. WOW - lets talk about this some more! I never tire of this topic Actually I seldom read these and never join. However I do have one question this time - Has this topic ever come up in your daily scouting life in your unit? It hasn't for me - not even been discussed in any Scout group I was involved in. May come up now that my den has crossed over to Boy Socuts - don't know. Thanks Ed - I'll have some Blue Bell Dutch Chocolate , please. See ya'll in another thread! CC
  21. Dan- regarding your first post, the husband and wife's response were very poor. Sounds like they have "issues". Crew21 - that is sad that you can't hug the girl. I have not seen the Venturing YP video and I am not saying you are any way wrong - I am just saying it is sad our society has gotten to this point. I still agree with all you have said and you have done a great job explaining how you handle these matters - it has been very helpful. Thanks CC
  22. Being as I know most of my boys' parents from church and school, I still always announce myself on the phone by first and last name. If I do not know the parents well or if it is a sibling, I always add "from Scouts" or something like that. Right or wrong as leaders of youth in today's society, it has fallen to us to make others comfortable with who we are and why we wish to talk to their child. Crew21 - while at first I thought your idea a bit much, on second thought it makes sense and I will adopt it. Kind of like 2 deep leadership for the internet. Youth Protection is also Leader
  23. I made this up out of parts of various prayers from The ECUSA Book of Common Prayer. Please change/improve as you see fit. pax, CC O Great Creator, You have blessed us with the joy and care of this camp and these Scouts. Bless our camp that it may be a lively center for sound learning, new discovery, and the pursuit of wisdom. Grant those who lead and teach calm strength and patient wisdom so that those who learn may find sound learning and pure manners. Save our camp from violence, discord, and confusion; from pride and arrogance, and from every evil way.
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