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  1. Is the troop running a good program according to the guidelines of BSA? Are the leaders you have trained? Is the committee doing their job? Is the troop being run by the boys using the patrol method? If the answer is YES - then OK you do need a session for new parents telling them how it is and where and how you need them to help. They need leadership too. Unfourtunately there are some personality types who will always be a thorn. However if the answer is NO then the probelm isn't the new parents. cc
  2. Right you are Mark. I can attest to that - actually had 3 parents go to training this past weekend while the boys were doing their camp. I was hoping they would come back to camp Sat evening all gung ho or at least a little more enthused about helping the troop but alas it was not to be. The arrowman assigned to our troop was great and helped one patrol with their cooking. I had helped the other patrol with breakfast and lunch. I mentioned to the group of three newly trained if one of them would help the second patrolat dinner. And I am not talking doing it for them, just giving a li
  3. 59, I feel your pain. As I described in a previous thread the troop our boys croseed over to is lacking leadership. I cannot be SM but am ASM and willing to help were need if there was leadership. This weekend myself and 2 other parents took boys to a campout the OA was doing for boys on trail to first class. Only the boys who crossed over this year went. Our SM did not attend. He did however meet us a the church to pull the gear we would need. Which was just some tents and cooking gear since the OA was doing the program. Well again since I was ASM I was "in charge" the SM had giv
  4. OLDSM Could you give us the length in inches of the inseam for the shorts only thanks cc
  5. Again GB I see simialrities between our troops. THe older boys have not been showing up and everything is directed at the new boys, so the older boys are diinterested when they do show up and so next time don't show up. Vicious cycle. I think at that age there are so many competing interests. They really like Scouts - but if there is soemthing newer or more exciting - then that's where they'll go. But if nothing else is going on and the troop is doing something then they'll show up. Boys that age treat their family the same way And as this quote from the Venturing
  6. Howdy 1 Hour! What / How is the $75 equipment fee used? Have you had people balk? Also how did your ASm situtation from summer camp work out? I tried PMing you but i don't think it works too well - Either my PMs don't go thru or I am being ignored cc
  7. Interesting I was just having this conversation this morning. We are dealing with very similar situation. Frankly I am coming to believe that maybe the upper age limit for boy scouts should be 14 or 15 and then move them on to a separate Venture Crew. (Actually that is what I did as a youth at 15 moved on to an Explorer Post) Yes the older boys should be helping the younger boys but they are 14-15 year olds, not a very altruistic age and not very interested in doing the same thing over again. They are bored. I know the program is set up for them to teach the younger ones and l
  8. Ken can you send me an sample copy of one of your sign up forms. campcrafter@yahoo.com thanks, cc
  9. NLD True about suing a troop but the Scout Exec commented so I am sure they must be involved and probably part of the suit, after all they are the ones with the money. Also in reading stories about scouting (not this one neccessarily) - reporters often get the terminology wrong, very wrong at times. cc
  10. Obviously there is something more here than an autistic boy being required to have an adult with him on camp outs. If the troop did not want this boy the parents could find another troop. If the leaders felt they did not have what is needed for this boys "minor accommodations" then they are right. Had they allowed the boy to go and something happend to the boy, the mother would have sued saying why did you let my boy go if you knew you were unable to meet his needs. Did the parents try to work with the troop and have the father go on a few outings until the leaders felt comfort
  11. Actually Ed, the answer to your eligible when? question is presently. The requirement says IS eligible not WILL BE eligible. is v. Third person singular present indicative of be. We agree that it is a stupid worthless requirement. (except to those professionals who might get a number added to their membership figure and get them closer to "the winner's circle". Makes me want to puke! cc
  12. I didn't get to experience a drive-in until I was married with child. Happy to say we have a great drive-in here in SW MO http://66drivein.com/ Of course you listen on your car radio now instead of speaker! cc
  13. Beav Yes our summer camp does Baden-Powell for first year boys. This weekend will help with some of the things our boys didn't complete there or for some like my son who did not atten summer camp this year. I do not believe but do not know for sure, that our camp offered adult leader training this summer. Also Beav I tried PMing you last week but don''t think the PM feature is working (someone I talked to on phone today said they try PMing throught the forum and haven't gotten it) if you would I have a few questions for you could you eamil me at campcrafter@yahoo.com thank
  14. fling thanks for the info I really liked the hammock city! Looks like you have a very active unit. Well back to the Hennesy site. cc PS Does anyone remember a site that sold a hammock that had a flat bottom - actualy more of a hanging tent? Or did I dream this?(This message has been edited by campcrafter)
  15. Here is one of the best ideas for Adult Boys Scout Leader training I have seen. In 2 weeks our district and OA chapter are presenting and A.S.K. (arrowmen sharing knowledge)Camp. This camp is ONLY for scouts not yet first class. There will be many sessions offered to help those scouts fulfill needed requirement for T-2-and 1st class. WHile that is going on the district is offering ADULT LEADER TRAINING! What an excellent idea! Give the audlts something to do other than tag along with the boys and intimimdate the Arrowmen teaching. The adults will be there anyway - get them train
  16. http://www.hennessyhammock.com/ Anyone have one of these? Which model and what do you think of it. What conditions have you used it in?
  17. Baker enjoy - forecast here is 104 today but a nice cool 92 tomorrow cc
  18. http://www.scoutingmagazine.org/ Outdoor Tip of the Day Scouting magazine's Outdoor Tip of the Day for August 9, 2006 is ... Many hikers chill quickly after they stop exercising. Change into dry, warm clothes as soon as your reach camp, then make a hot drink or soup to shore up your body heat. ***************** Kinda of a silly tip for August when a large part of the country is going through a Heat Wave!
  19. I think it is a pitful requirement, and is one more indicator the mentality of the corp honchos. Didn't another thread there is something like the Million Dollar Round Table for Execs who do good job of marketing? Makes us look like some kind of MLM scheme like A L Williams or Amway. But it is a requirement now so we'll tell the boys to tell a friend and then tell us when they have so we can sign off. Of course if a boy is having a great time in Scouts he'll tell his friend without beign told to and if interested the friiend will come check it out. cc
  20. Eamonn, One question... Why were you peeing in the handwashing station? cc
  21. Kudu wrote: ... for moderates to get out there and establish alternatives. Kudu, So what is the latest with the BPSA? cc
  22. SR540 Did you get my PM? I don't think it is working cc
  23. The way I hear it goes it might be for 2998!
  24. Do they have a tent anyone would recommend to repalce Eureka Timberline? I love my 20 y.o. Timberline but time to think about something new. cc
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