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  1. ??? Pardon the French, but what the Flip-Flap are these people doing? What exactly did Edwin J. Harron spend 2 full weeks of work time doing that could possibly be worth $100,000? Is the case any closer to being settled? Are the survivors any better off? I know that the hourly rates incorporate a host of expenses (overhead, secretaries, rent, "lights-on" costs, payroll, chauffeur, PR, insurance and employee benefits, retirement contributions, vacation house in the Hamptons, etc.), but $800/hr.? $1,000/hr.? No wonder there had been comments once upon a time comparing those in this profess
  2. Are you serious? (Given the tone of many of your posts, I think it is a legitimate question. 😉) It's over 20 pages long, and not just that--it's over 20 pages of legalese. mama mia!
  3. @Scouting412 Welcome! It took me a second to figure out your name, but then I got it - Pittsburgh, 412 - area code. It's been a while since I saw 412... Anyway, I don't have any fabulous advice or anything (mostly I'm waiting for the coffee to kick in). You'll find a wide range of experiences and advice on this forum. Welcome to the campfire. Find a seat (camp chair, bench, tree stump), and help yourself to some coffee (or one of qwazse's espressos).
  4. Another possibility is the weather. They were calling for winter storms that could affect safe travel/driving in Delaware.
  5. ?? Wouldn't that have been part of the vetting process? Also, I seem to recall something about [some group--possibly lawyers?] wanting the BSA to release its current & historic rosters.
  6. @ThenNow It's good to see, um, read, you again. I've missed your colorful commentary and various pop culture/film/literary references!
  7. https://www.nj.com/news/2021/11/2-nj-boy-scout-councils-selling-camps-to-pay-for-sexual-abuse-settlements.html Patriots Path Council is selling Sabattis, their high adventure camp, and Jersey Shore Council is also selling some property.
  8. If they are making sure DE&I is truly "ingrained at every level," is the MB truly needed? I wonder if they will also add explicit DE&I requirements for each rank from Cub up through Eagle?
  9. So, if I read this right, John Lucas says the NJ & PA councils should be giving over 70% of their total assets? Will that leave them with 2 years' worth of operating funds? (I thought that was part of it.) I would be surprised if most non-profits could survive after giving that much. There are many opinions about what percentage of assets should be contributed. Northern New Jersey Council's proposed contribution is over 30% of their total net assets. For those who say LCs should give 'til it hurts, I'm willing to bet it's gonna hurt.
  10. Perhaps the Dread Pirate Roberts is the one to untie the Gordian knot, and since it has been stated the the judge is the person to do the untying, then he would need to be Judge Dredd Pirate Roberts. 😉
  11. egads! I could imagine someone losing a degree of sanity simply from having to complete all of those test and scales and inventories - nevermind being made to think about how this is making you feel or that is making you react. For me, this whole bankruptcy process has felt like it's been dragging on and on and on - and I am not a claimant. I'm glad that you have a therapist and that your therapist wants to take the time to get a good assessment of how you are doing. (I'm not so glad to hear that you are in less-than-stellar shape.) So, @ThenNow - to you and all the other surv
  12. I'm pages behind on the ch.11 thread, and I haven't had my coffee yet, so please forgive me if I sound dense. It sounds like the mods are trying to make a place for the more emotionally-charged topics of discussion and speculations about what may happen (e.g. CO relations) here while leaving ch.11 for the "cold hard facts" of the bankruptcy case. So, if it's about: -LC assets (stated numbers, dollar amounts, property values) -LC contributions (i.e. announcements about they are contributing and how they plan to raise the funds - not our estimations of what they should or might c
  13. This just in from Patriots' Path Council: The case is reaching a critical juncture and it is clear that Patriots’ Path Council will be required to make a significant contribution to the settlement trust. It is likely that this settlement contribution will be a blend of cash and property. Our council has been working diligently for almost two years through special committees and our Executive Board to ensure that we are best positioned to continue serving youth, families and communities in northern and central New Jersey. Because of confidentiality requirements, we cannot at this time prov
  14. (raising hand from the back of the room) So, my brain feels like teflon when it comes to some of this... What is supposed to be disclosed at the upcoming disclosure hearing and why is it such a Big Deal? I have no background in law or financial stuff (like bankruptcy) or insurance. I'm trying to follow what is going on, but I get so confused.
  15. This just in from Greater Hudson Valley Council (before bankruptcy it was 2 councils - Hudson Valley and Westchester-Putnam): "Greater Hudson Valley Council will contribute $6,367,834.84 to the Victims Trust Fund which will be used to compensate anyone that was victimized in the past. This non-negotiable number reflects the roughly 550+ cases from within our Council, in its various forms, going back to the 1950s. The majority of the cases took place prior to the 1990s. We take our obligation to the victims seriously as even a single case of abuse is one too many. To fulfill this comm
  16. This also assumes that 100% of those claims would be found to be "valid." It is possible that some claimants don't/won't/can't provide enough details to validate the claim; it is possible that some claimants are, well, lying*; it is possible that some of the proofs of claim will be thrown out because the lawyer's signature was photocopied... *As horrible as it is to be an abuse survivor, it is unconscionable to be a False Abuse Victim, i.e. someone who pretends he was abused so he can collect money. I believe that there are possibly/probably some claims (of the 82,000) that fall into th
  17. Apparently I'm not as savvy as you when it comes to all these abbreviations. Would you be so kind as to translate? Thank you!
  18. (Insert long low whistle sound here) Wow. I can certainly understand why they would be willing to sell off a fraction of their long-term investments... That's a lot of money invested. I remember a story of a council taking out a $150,000 loan to help cover "lights on" expenses. I think asking them to contribute $3 million (regardless of open/closed/gray status or number of claims) would break the bank.
  19. Bay-Lakes doesn't plan to sell any resident camps or use donor-given funds. (so where is the money for their portion of the settlement coming from?) The email from Bay-Lakes Council also includes information on 2 zoom meetings being held next week to "share additional details and answer questions you might have." Not bad. I mean, they're communicating. I know some councils play it so close to the vest that it would take a court order requiring this kind of public disclosure before they would share anything with their volunteers (or possibly even with District Executives).
  20. Okay, so I read the document, or at least, my eyes ran over the words in the document. So, I will now stand in front of the audience in my top hat and cape, show that nothing is hiding in the cuffs of my sleeves, pick up my magic wand, and attempt to translate... As a part of the the [most recently proposed] settlement plan, the BSA will pay the "coalition" (not to be confused with the TCC, which is the official group of abuse claimants) 10 million dollars for... legal fees? However, the US Trustee (different from the Trustee who will oversee the $ in the settlement fund?) says, an
  21. Yeah, NYS tends to have very stringent guidelines and regulations for summer camps. Have they said anything about vaccines and/or testing for campers?
  22. I want need to thank you. By speaking up here, you have put a (virtual) face on the issue. By sharing some of the stories of your abuse, you have made it feel real in ways that "numbers" can't. By opening up about the struggles you have faced as a result of the abuse, you have exposed raw truths which many of us have probably never even considered. I am terribly sorry it happened to you. But I am grateful you are here. now. at the virtual campfire. with other scouters. I have learned a lot from you. I especially want to say these things to @ThenNow. You have given me a lot to t
  23. Welcome, welcome, welcome! There is an old saying (predates girls in ScoutsBSA program): The boy chooses the Troop. I'm very sorry to hear your DE wasn't able to help. My first impulse is to agree with qwazse - use the Pack funds for the benefit of the Pack (B&G, summer camp) and then be on your way. If the cubs are still part of the Pack, then using the $$ to help those children progress in the Scouting program is appropriate. The CO is within their right to dismiss leaders and appoint new ones; however, until the paperwork is filed with the Council, I don't think
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