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  1. blw2 tells us "...I am an ISTJ.." ah yes, ISTJ - The Though Police type - http://www.xeromag.com/fun/personality.html'>http://www.xeromag.com/fun/personality.html As others have noted - between Extraversion and Introversion, neither is intrinsically better. (introverts, please note that we're only conceding that to make the poor extraverts feel better; it's important to them). It's like hair color. If extraversion is like having brown hair, introversion is like having.... a more beautiful color, of course. Extraverts like to think they're better suited than introverts for l
  2. "Your dead wrong Callooh......" Well of course I'm wrong... and fluffy too, apparently. Fluffy? Who knew? I guess I'll have to watch out for that. I don't envy your experiences with the mothers you describe. I hope your scouts have the good sense to be grateful for you, what you do for them, and your patience in putting up with the grief some parents give you. If you'll accept a hat tip of respect from a hovering smotherer, consider this to be one, for your continuing to do that for which your scouts should be grateful in the face of that about which you (rightly as far as I can
  3. Huh? I've read in these same forums that helicopter fathers are the scourge of this generation's scouts. But here I read that actually it's a dearth of dads that's the problem. The way you phrase it, "adult men," is standard usage, but it may be inaccurately conflating the two things, "adult" and "men." The problem may be that males are becoming adults, and even fathers in the strict biological sense, but are not becoming men. Manhood often crosses terrain that isn't along the path that immediately offers the least resistance and quickest gratification. But it's much easier
  4. Many extroverts don't "get" introverts. They think introversion is some sort of disorder that must be "cured." A story comes to mind: A farmer in a poor rural third world area wanted a visiting Western doctor to examine and "cure" his son who, although in his teens, had not yet had his first menstrual cycle. You see, everyone in the village, and everyone the farmer had every known suffered from a schistosome infection that caused haematuria such that they'd occasionally notice some blood in their urine. To him, that was normal. But his teenage son had never had noticeable blood in h
  5. Yes. You can even retake Citizenship in the Community, if you like.
  6. It's a Saudi Arabian initiative. All sounds nice - as do numerous other such propaganda initiatives that come out of the KSA. http://www.saudigazette.com.sa/index.cfm?method=home.regcon&contentid=20110928109610 We don't need it. It's redundant in light of the Scout Oath and Law. We can do the same good without it. Anyway, wearing a patch to announce one's self as a Messenger of Peace seems a little exhibitionist.
  7. Trayvon Martin was apparently the victim of a crime. Zimmerman should be charged and prosecuted for that crime. If we are to analyze crime on a race of perp vs. race of victim basis... and if we choose to assume that crime by perps of race A against victims of race B are evidence of racial animus... well, prevalence of racism against blacks from other races is not likely to be what that analysis shows us.(This message has been edited by Callooh! Callay!)
  8. Square Knot Instructions (without "Right" or "Left"): Short instructions for the quick: Single turn two working ends twice so as to create two bights, each with its ends passing through the other. Long instructions to further confuse the slow: Grasp two working ends and single turn each round the other. Continue immediately into another iteration of single turning the working ends round each other such that the working end that passes under from your perspective on the first single turn also passes under on the second single turn - and vice versa. This will give you two bight
  9. One wonders if being a man will ever go coed. Girl Eagle Scouts? Sure. Why not? Coed Boy Scouts? Might necessitate a name change. But please let's always allow chartering orgs to charter sex segregated or single sex units if that is their preference. There are pros and cons to coed activity and to sex-segregated activity. Let's not dictate the choice for all.
  10. It's probably usually small talk, conversation openers that fit the situational context; relatively dull, but friendly. But when tone suggests they're trying to establish relative position in a pecking order... before you respond, even if your own resume is impressive, before you whip it out to compare whose is bigger... ask yourself "What kind of person is this that I should try to impress him, and for what?" If he's trying to establish a pecking order, he may just be a pecker.
  11. "this is a rich boys short cut to eagle. It is also a lazy parents way out" Odd... rich boys - lazy parents... one wonders how they came to be rich.
  12. Well, this is an interesting point you bring up. I guess there are parents whose active involvement in their sons' development is aimed more at putting honors on them rather than building honorable qualities in them. I certainly can't dictate what you call them; my authority over Helicopter Parenting does not extend beyond HPS1 - and even then I often have to answer to the Wing Commander (although not being the "yes-man" type of subordinate, I do insist on broad authority to run Squadron level activities according to my own judgment rather than hers... and she's OK with that.) I wou
  13. As self appointed Commander of Helicopter Parent Squadron One, I have to tell you that this promotion to the ranks of Helicopter Parenting that you claim for your son is invalid based on the information you've provided so far. None of what you describe qualifies him to claim the title Helicopter Parent. For starters, he is not the boy's parent nor do you let on that he is the boy's guardian. Unless there's some parental type relationship, I'm afraid your son is disqualified from serving as Helicopter Parent for that Scout. Also the behavior you describe is NOT the behavior of a
  14. Nothing about enjoying Air Conditioning one week precludes one from being outdoors another. Nothing about being academically proficient precludes one from being proficient in other areas. "Camp Nerd Scout" Great idea for a name BadenP. It might inspire some of the scouts who attend to follow in the footsteps of great nerds who developed things like this internet we're using. Ζήτω σπασίκλες!
  15. The JMHO expressed above sounds about right. All the ado was really just practicing the EDGE method. EDGE - Excoriate, Denigrate, Give 'em Heck, Enervate
  16. Indeed. It fits. Both of us. Very stylish. And agreed it is a "it is a positive thing to try and get our Internet, computer game generation scouts tied into doing so e needed advancement towards getting their Eagle Scout." ---to quote back an opinion whilst wearing this fancy new hat of judgment someone on the forum just gave me. (This message has been edited by Callooh! Callay!)
  17. Do they allow sheath pencils at this air conditioned encampment? Google "air conditioned eagle encampment"... and we find one at Camp Lanoche, Florida, June. And we see its purpose is NOT to "get Scouts to Eagle Scout without having to impose undue outdoor activities" It's for 1st Class to Life, ages 13 to 17 to work on academically oriented MBs. Maybe Scouts who attend it do outdoor activities in other times and places? The MBs they work on for this one are: Citizenship in the Community Citizenship in the Nation Citizenship in the World Communications Family Life
  18. "...but we don't ban pencils." Not even sheath pencils?
  19. This is silly. Why ban sheaths? A sheath isn't a hazard, it's a safety precaution. If we want to nano-manage what personal equipment scouts carry, it'd be more sensible to require that knives have sheaths rather than prohibit it.
  20. "or are we informally preaching racism" Yes, it does seem that someone is preaching racism. Someone seems to have lower expectations of citizens who haven't learned to function well in English. Someone seems to assume that folks who speak a different language must be a different race and must be lacking something that might enable them to remedy their linguistic isolation from the rest of the country. Someone advocates policies that will enable their continued linguistic isolation within the USA. It seems like someone would like to keep certain people down and do so under the guise of
  21. The only knots emblems I recognize on sight are the ones Boy Scouts wear to indicate they earned AOL as Webelos, and to indicate they've earned their "Emblem of Faith." But those are easy to recognize because they're the only knots I've seen scouts wear. Some adults are knot wearers others are not wearers of knots they could wear if they so chose. I tend not to notice knots on adults much unless someone is wearing a whole knot of them. Among the adults I've met who wear a plethora of gewgaws, the gewgaws threw an apparent lack of substance into starker relief in a few cases... but only
  22. We could have him walk down an aisle lined on either side by troops' real scouts. As he walked by the scouts would rip the patches off his uniform. At the end of the line would be the SPL; he would confiscate the offender's hiking stave, snap it in two and throw it on the ground. Then the entire troop would ceremonially signal of its rejection of the boy by collectively turning their backs on the former scout as he was escorted away from them, never to be welcomed into the fold again. Then again maybe we'd want to know more before taking the perfunctory disciplinary measures described
  23. Scouts of all levels are the cowboys in this rodeo; we're the clowns. So get down off your high horse and let's keep 'em safe and keep their show rollin'. Cub Scout Scouters looked down on? I can't figure that. Even if it promised rock-star prestige, complete with a bevy of nubile groupies, I'd balk at returning to Cub Scouts as anything other than a guest to give a beleaguered DL a respite from the routine. But it ain't because I look down on them, it's because I'm not up to it.
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