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  1. One of the things that I've noticed about my troop's patrols, are that they're not very strong and only really function as a patrol for a short period of time(patrol competitions, fall in, etc.). To give you better insight, the patrols don't act as patrols and the scouts usually wander away from their patrols and talk. How do you deal with this? So far, my ideas are below: 1. Leadership-Get good PLs and an SPL that knows the patrol method and keeps their patrol as a patrol(in the past PLs have been too weak in leadership and don't really care what patrol members do and can't control them)
  2. My old troop is celebrating more than 85 years of being chartered as a boy scout troop.
  3. We meet during the month of June. During the first half it's just the normal, everyday meeting but during the second half, we begin planning and preparing for summer camp(my troop usually picks a date in early July for camp). After summer camp, we might have another meeting, but usually it's no more meetings until school starts. The reason for the no meetings in July rule is because a lot of scouts and scouters from the troop usually plan their vacations in late July.
  4. Usually once or twice a year, and that if it's a fall camporee or if we're doing our annual service project for the camp(we do it each year at summer camp or during normal troop camping). Here's the thing with Geronimo or any other council camp. You like for a 1 or 2 weeks and then wish you don't have to come back because of boredom.
  5. Moosetracker, I was by no means writing a description about everything that made this camp one of my favorites(yes, I exaggerated when I said favorite, but still it was pretty good camp). All I was doing, was taking what the OP said and comparing that with the experience I had at the same camp. Did I go to Hale the same year as he did? No, so it's likely that they run it differently.
  6. Are you kidding? Hale Scout Reservation was my first and still is my favorite summer camp. Let's start with each point you mentioned: 1. Yes, the tents had a huge amount of daddy long legs. Mine was covered, and almost every new scout in the troop came to visit once or twice during the week just to seem them. As for the black widows, I didn't see them, but that might have been because of the daddy long legs. 2. The staff seemed to teach very well. I wished I had paid more attention, but I learned some interesting stuff. I never really heard them swear; however they could had a little
  7. Zscout, I agree, this would have been a fun badge, especially for those(such as myself and a few others) that have earned canoeing and small boat sailing. Of course, it's always made me wonder why they just made this a merit badge now.
  8. Here's the story: When I was a first year scout, I took the Small Boat Sailing MB at summer camp. It was probably the best MB I've taken, especially with the size of the lake and just how amazing it was to take the boats out during free time with a buddy(the lake at camp is still the biggest I've seen at any scout camp). The problem is that now that I look back, I remember how much I've forgotten from the class. Now I only know how to handle a rudder and tell the difference between port and starboard. So instead of annoying the the MB teacher during free time, could I retake the class?
  9. Wait, I'm confused here. So were originally the PL of patrol that you bridged in with(boys your age), then you became the PL of a new scout patrol? I though that the NSP was supposed to have their own PL, but have a TG to help them? Anyways, to answer your question, no he can't. The SPL nor any other scout may revoke your PL status by themselves. Only an adult can do that, and usually he has to have a good reason. For my troop the process goes like this: 1. SPL and PLs must vote to even consider it(if SPL, then troop votes) 2. If approved with 75% or more, Scoutmaster and the Troop Commit
  10. It starts from before the scout in mind even becomes SPL. The scouts have to know the responsibilities and seriousness that comes with the job. If they do beforehand, they will have a better chance of being a strong leader. It also helps to have them take NYLT and sit down with some previous SPLs or really good strong leaders who may have not got the role, but who you believe did a fairly good job in leadership for whatever their PoR was. Finally, some scouts don't have the qualities of a good SPL, or they simply don't care about what it entitles. To avoid these candidates, before the election
  11. Every 6 months my troop does their SPL elections. It seems like a normal thing that every troop would do. However the reason that the SPL is elected gets more absurd each year.First off, usually the scouts who have the most friends or are the most well known in the troop is elected. It's like the scouts voting already know their decision before the candidates come up to speak. One can easily tell this just by the way that these scouts act during the speeches. For the "popular" candidates, those scouts sit quietly and listen with the up most respect. Then afterwards they cheer for a long time(o
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