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  1. In reading the Catholic recommendation a few items stand out. USCCB strongly recommends that diocesan counsel consult local BSA councils and insurance carriers before approving the use of any agreements with the BSA. Catholic Mutual is recommending either the Charter Agreement, as risk is mitigated by the by the ability to control leadership, program, and safe environment standards, or dissociate from the hosting of BSA Units in any form, eliminating the risk altogether. The first bullet point should apply to all chartering organizations. The bankruptcy showed all the charter
  2. Troop 1 does normal scouting activities like camping, canoeing, hikes and high adventure. However, we also do STEM activities and one related to Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) is a high-altitude balloon launch. During JOTA 2021 (October 16, 2021) we launched a Pico (very light weight) payload balloon. Call sign W9WWI-12. Troop Website : Troop1Jeff.com APRS Tracking page: APRS tracking page Balloon - W9WWI-12
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