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  1. I looked up the address where they had tried to serve Mr Van Arsdale on Bing Maps, and noticed a sign on the building that seems an apt comment on the case, or at least his involvement with it... m In filings today, it seems that the LCC/BSA and the TCC are mostly in agreement on providing full information about Local Council assets... some complaints from councils that they weren't properly given notice, and that they might need more time, but no objection to any other party finding that information out if they can obtain it somehow. The big sticking-point going into this week's he
  2. One other thing I noticed in the case documents: three letters to the court from currently incarcerated individuals, alleging that they were abused. (One also complains that the notification process itself makes him a target for further abuse in prison.) Names and some other details are redacted, but I was able to use the state and inmate number of one to determine that his current sentence is for failure to register as a sex offender, and he previously served prison time in that state for "POSS PHOTO ETC CHILD SEX PERF", offense date 01/27/2010. https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/
  3. I don't have the link handy right now, but during the most recent search for a new superintendent of the school district where I reside, one of the candidates went from being the frontrunner to being disqualified on the basis of two blemishes in his record: (1) he allegedly took off his shirt and performed an exotic dance in front of a younger female teacher when they were the only two people in the building, and (2) while he was coach of the football team, some boys on the team watched an R-rated movie during a school-sponsored trip. Not that he showed it to them, or provided it to them, or
  4. Speaking of greedy lawyers: "Century served deposition notices for the depositions of Messrs. Van Arsdale and Kosnoff after the TCC turned over Mr. Kosnoff’s email to the Office of the United States Trustee in which he refers to the abuse claimants who serve as members of the Committee as “nitwits” and threatens BSA and Committee." [D.I.1266] "The deceptive nature of these ads also mask a more fundamental and troubling reality. Mr. Kosnoff holds himself out as no longer practicing law and Mr. Arsdale is an advertising company owner who only recently passed the bar. They are in the bu
  5. As an adult member and former boy member, I won't completely rule out contributing to the victim compensation fund, one way or another. But it will really hang a weight around recruitment and retention. BSA's own internal review identified 12,254 victims in the Ineligble Volunteer Files (cited in a Washigton Post article). MSU's settlement in the Larry Nassar case was a little over $1.5 million per victim. Back in 2007, the Diocese of Los Angeles settled with over 500 alleged victims for about $1.3 million per victim. So that could add up to (very roughly) $18 billion for a "market rate"
  6. I would guess a bankruptcy judge has power to void such a "gift". However, at least in my own Council, I don't see anything like that going on. What has happened to camps includes: Being allowed to revert back to the original donor, where the original gift was with conditions (a small camp, no waterfront, donated by the Kiwanis Club) Sold to a housing-developer, and houses built on it (part of one camp already, that may be what happens to the other half after it closes; the nearest YMCA camp also has a development of 5-to-15-year-old houses on what was probably a big chunk of the
  7. (Disclaimer: my employer is a competitor to, partner of, and customer of Oracle, and I personally have some expired Oracle certifications; however, my statements below represent my own opinion, not that of my employer.) I don't think so. Apparently BSA has several contracts with Oracle, and they're only trying to terminate some of them. The motion says, "With respect to the Volunteer Learning Management Services, the Debtors have concluded that substantially similar services are available at a lower cost from an alternate provider." So I would guess, and I think they want the ju
  8. I am involved in a pack, and a troop, and am registered as a merit-badge counselor. For the pack, we've had a few virtual meetings in place of our previously-scheduled pack meetings. The cubmaster played a silent YouTube video of a waving flag while someone said the Pledge of Allegiance, Scout Oath, and Scout Law as opening exercises, then we did a discussion of some topic (giving each Cub Scout a chance to speak) or played some sort of guessing-game. We also opened the floor for any Cub Scout to "present" anything required by any Adventure, but no one took that opportunity yet. It seems
  9. It's a reasonable question, and I'm inclined to argue that an LDS Scout who completes the prior requirements as written is still eligible to obtain and wear a religious knot and count it toward rank where applicable (that is, for Cub Scouts, not Scouts BSA). But the LDS emblems program was a footnote/annotation in the larger LDS youth progression programs, such as Faith in God for Boys, starting with: So there are some potential problems with keeping it as the only way for LDS youth to earn a Religious Emblem: The old program was gender-specific. There was no corresponding footno
  10. I find it interesting that the top three unsecured creditors listed in the bankruptcy filing are three former CSEs (Roy Williams 2000-2007 for $2.4MM, Bob Mazzuca 2007-2012 for $1.6MM, and Wayne Brock 2012-2015 for $1.14MM), and that Mike Surbaugh is #8 on that list (for about $700 thousand). Presumably that's expected liability under a pension or executive deferred-compensation plan. I'm not sure how I feel about that, or how relevant it is. On the one hand, it shows that the National Council may be an example of "you can't get blood out of a stone", relatively. Michigan State Universi
  11. My sons' current troop's committee meets during the troop meeting; so we join the scouts for opening exercises, then head off to a room on the other side of the building for the committee meeting itself. My daughter's pack's committee usually meets in a room at the town's public library, so no ceremony; sometimes someone uses the phrase "call to order", but the real start of the meeting is when the treasurer passes out the budget report, anything before that is just chat. When I ran pack committee meetings of an LDS pack, I always opened the meeting with prayer.
  12. Noting the Salt Lake Tribune's usual editorial viewpoint, I wonder if the quote is being taken out of context; or if it was a response to a leading question like "out of the two organizations, which one left the other?" Even in the quote, Elder Ballard doesn't specify what the wrong direction was. I was an adult leader at an LDS Encampment (that is, a summer camp week where all troops were LDS, organized into a provisional troop per stake) this summer, and President Owen visited and spoke; earlier that day, he hosted a smaller sort of roundtable with just adult leaders, which I attended.
  13. So a few months ago I signed two of my sons up for a "Merit Badge Blitz" run by a nearby troop and advertised by the Council. There was some adult training offered on-location the same day, so I signed up and attended "How to be a Merit Badge Counselor", taught by that troop's Venturing coach. He walked us through all the policies about how the scout (not his parents or leaders) is supposed to ask his Scoutmaster for a blue card and the name of a counselor, how instruction should be individual to each scout and not just a large-group activity, how the scout is responsible for keeping the blue
  14. The LDS church already was "not acting like any other church", by having a policy stating that all congregations had to have a Scouting program. Some of the winding-down requirements that might seem harsh are probably a necessary reaction to that. The Church has decided it can't prudently be yoked to the BSA any more, so it's making sure there's a clean break; no back door where a Bishop or Scoutmaster or former Area Authority Seventy can say "my troop is really the same old LDS troop as such-and-such, even though it's no longer sponsored by Salt Lake", and then actually use funds from Salt La
  15. I'll agree with that as well. Furthermore, the requirement isn't "follow the Patrol Method completely"; it's "practice the Patrol Method, by doing the following:". And of course, Cub Scout requirements are measured against Do Your Best. At the council-organized day-camp I took my son's pack to last year, the Webelos helped choose the provisional-den yells, and only the Webelos in each den made the provisional-den flags. That counted for (c) of the requirement, at least. Later, after we got home, at a regular den meeting, we talked about the Patrol method some more and the boys had an
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