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  1. My council owns a certain camp, currently closed, that I visited once as a Scout. While there, I had the opportunity to attend a "camp tour", presented by one of the camp employees. The main feature of the tour was a "cabin" built by the original benefactor, with walls in the shape of unfinished logs but formed out of concrete. Many years later, some of the points I remember being told were: The benefactor was a friend of (a certain famous industrialist of that era) He was active in union-busting He was a Nazi sympathizer He was either connected to organized crime, or a
  2. As I understand it, the amount that the claimant could get if they took their case individually though settlement or a jury verdict, on the merits of that case alone, not limited by the amounts due all other claimants. So for example, consider the following pleading by a claimant lawyer who posted the exact same document twice to the docket (once for each of his two clients; although maybe he has others who weren't on board with this particular motion), and appears to be working from a template that was shared among multiple claimant lawyers: https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/c
  3. So I read through the new Plan, and the major differences from before are: An estimate of total abuse liability from $2.4 billion to $7.1 billion, prepared by Bates & White after analysis of a statistical sample of the abuse claims and comparison with "comparable" settlements and judgements The Trust Distribution Procedures, with a rough guide to how much different levels of abuse would relatively be worth, and a list of factors the Trustee might use of increase or decrease a particular claimant's payout The "Toggle Plan", under which neither COs nor LCs would pay in anyt
  4. One small change that might help would be to enlarge the prior-history section of the adult registration form. Not to add more questions, but to actually give more physical space for the answers. Right now the following questions are all crammed into a column 2 1/4" wide at the right-hand side of the form. Since the applicant almost has to "write on a grain of rice" to fit any reasonable amount of information in there, it gives the impression that the information is less important, or maybe no one even checks it: Now in my case I write "see attached" for at least one of those items and
  5. Another interesting, even if minor, twist in this case... D.I. 2581. "Letter Requesting assistance with the BSA case. Filed by T.W. . (NAB)" https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/886180_2581.pdf (And Omni's office is in California!)
  6. If by "parties" you mean Debtors in this bankruptcy, correct. But all of the Local Councils and a significant number of COs have filed claims for indemnity, and are in the class on "indirect abuse claimant" creditors. One equitable solution to this bankruptcy would be to liquidate and pay out some fraction of the indirect abuse claimants' expected liability and/or litigation expenses. Then each council and each claimant would certainly be free to go after his LC and CO in state and federal civil court, but on each front he would be facing an opponent with a freshly-flush litigation warche
  7. That could be fodder for the claimant committees to argue that the HA bases are in fact available for liquidation as part of a settlement. The open sale of camping-time to non-Scouts could even call BSA's non-profit status into question. It might help defend against such complaints if there was a "hardship discount", where, for example, families with income below the poverty line could have their camping fees partially or fully waived. Similarly, my Council's flagship camp only runs about 6-8 weeks of actual Boy Scout camp program in the summer. They also get revenue by hosting high-schoo
  8. "If these details are accurate" is an important qualifier. Part of the reason I called those particular organizations out is that they directly compete with the BSA, and I don't believe that they actually charter BSA units, or have done so in the past 70 years. (The 1918 Boy Scout Handbook lists the YMCA or YMHA as a possible CO, and a few of the Merit Badges in the 1948 one cross-reference 4H literature as an alternate way to complete the badge. BSA units and Councils do still visit and rent YMCA facilities as general paying customers. I completed the First Class swim check and/or the swimmin
  9. Speaking of 4H, I was looking at the TCC summary of abuse claims again and I noticed that there are three claims that list the chartered organization as "4H Club". Page 16 of 328 (page 39 of the PDF), about halfway down. Also 402 for "YMCA", 167 for "Boys and Girls Club" , 89 for "Boy Scouts of America", 9 for "Police Athletic League", 5 for "United Way", 5 for "Red Cross". (I once invited a family to attend Cub Scout meetings, but the parent was reluctant because they had a standing commitment to attend Boys and Girls Club daily earlier in the day and transportation would have been
  10. At least a couple of Chartered Organizations that had filed claims for indemnity have now withdrawn their claims. Today's example is St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church of Albion, in Albion, Michigan. https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/885510_2544.pdf https://cases.omniagentsolutions.com/claimdocket?clientid=CsgAAncz%2b6Yclmvv9%2fq5CGybTGevZSjdVimQq9zQutqmTPHesk4PZDyfOOLxIiIwZjXomPlMZCo%3d No idea whether the Board of Trustees just looked at the filings (or news about them) and decided that the likelihood of BSA actually covering them against any claim
  11. Thank you for having advocated to make sure that kind of abuse would be included. However, as it's actually written, the plain language on the claim form includes all youth-on-youth abuse, no matter what the level of adult involvement. Consider the following incident I remember from when I was a Scout. At the campfire before bedtime, some of the Scouts talked about some time at least one of them had played "strip poker" before, and made plans to play it that night. A leader overheard them, and told them that "strip poker" was against the rules of BSA as well as the teachings of their chur
  12. Before we get too far, I should mention that there's already a locked thread and another unlocked thread about substantially the same question. I like the idea of random spot-checks, and outside audits, for YPT compliance and other policies. Some of it could be a Commissioner/DE thing, but supplement it with an additional level of checks from something totally outside BSA. The "outside" part could be some sort of investigative agency, or it could be (if they'd agree to it) employees or volunteers of GSUSA, or victims vetted by the TCC/FCR. Such a spot-check visit should be actually r
  13. My parents' family car in the '80s was a Chevy station wagon with the rear-facing back seat. By the time my youngest brother was born (seven kids total), we had to sit three in the back (or four in the middle), and there were only two seat-belts in the back. And my dad is a scientist who worked for a car-company, and had to read NHTSA traffic-safety papers as part of his job. (This discussion prompted me to go find world records of how many people could fit in a vehicle.)
  14. Notices of "Transfer of Claim" have started showing up on the docket. I guess this is where an investor buys the claim from a creditor who wants some cash now, rather than whatever the full value might be later (and without the risk of getting nothing later). For example... Red Mountain Appraisal Services, LLC to Fair Harbor Capital, LLC. https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/884714_2501.pdf Robots and Pencils to Bradford Capital Holdings, LP. https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/884440_2491.pdf Element Moving & Storage to CRG
  15. Historically, the BSA added people to the IVF, at least some times, based on just a report that they were talking about starting a Scout unit, not only if they had already been registered. And it also added people to the IVF for conduct that had happened several years before. For example, I remember reading one file about a man who was the wintertime supervisor of the horse-tending program at D bar A Scout Ranch (Michigan) in the early '70s. In the early '80s, the local council got a letter from a now-man who accused him of drinking, drunk driving, giving alcohol to underage boys, and cer
  16. I've been to camp Rota-Kiwan exactly once. My oldest son and I used it as a starting-point for a 13.5-mile hike (largely over roads, but we did go through the "Au Sable Land Bridge" next door) while my wife and daughter attended a Cub Scout activity at the camp. I'm not happy that the Council was selling any of its camps, but there was some logic for this one, and I'm glad to hear about the buyer they did find and the conservation easement that will be on the property. The camp was smaller, not really big enough to run a full summer-camp program or a big event for another youth organizat
  17. USC ‘s $1.1-Billion Payout https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2021-03-25/usc-payout-gynecologist-sex-abuse-claims-to-top-1-billion?utm_id=26092&sfmc_id=1183278 "MARCH 25, 2021 UPDATED 4:06 PM PT USC has agreed to pay more than $1.1 billion to former patients of campus gynecologist George Tyndall, the largest sex abuse payout in higher education history. The huge sum was revealed Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court as lawyers for a final group of 710 women suing the university told a judge they had settled their claims for $852 million. US
  18. I don't think anyone is suggesting that victims themselves (nor individual pensioners, bank officers, chartered org officers, etc.) need to attend the negotiation. The discussion here is whether counsel for the parties should meet in the offices of one party's counsel, or over Zoom; or whether it would be better to meet against the backdrop of what has been implied to be the Debtor's biggest asset, the HA bases and the Council camps. And from what I've seen of the TCC members who presented during Town Halls, I don't imagine they'd be particularly bothered or endangered simply by setting f
  19. So there's supposed to be a three-day mediation session starting on March 30th. Parties were invited to intend in-person in Miami, Florida, but they will also have the option to attend over Zoom. At the last hearing, when the judge was saying she expected all parties to attend and work together to make progress, Mr. Stang (TCC counsel) said that he has pre-existing conditions and would only participate via Zoom. This morning, the TCC filed a motion (as well as another motion for an expedited hearing on the motion) to force everybody to only attend via Zoom. https://casedocs.omniagen
  20. And speaking of Statue of Limitations windows... "HARRISBURG — Prospects are dimming in the legislature to employ a rarely used, emergency tactic so voters can decide this spring whether survivors of decades-old sexual abuse should have a chance to sue the perpetrators and institutions that covered up the crimes. The state House of Representatives left the Capitol on Wednesday without a final vote on a measure that would have resurrected the hard-fought referendum on whether to give those survivors, who are time-barred under the statute of limitations, a two-year reprieve to pursue c
  21. No, that's not what the "estimation" would be for. Right now we can multiply the number of claims times the Michigan State University settlement amount per survivor in the Larry Nassar and say the total combined liability of all parties should be about $155 billion. BSA and Local Council assets combined are literally 1%-3% of that. Even Century's reserves are only about 50% of that. Or we can multiply it by an average over some group of Catholic diocese abuse settlements, various ones over a series of years, which I think I saw above in this thread as $200,000 per survivor, and get a
  22. No, BSA's lawyer said $100 million so far, $150 million total expected by August (so $50 million more expected over next 5 months). The Judge then quoted those numbers in her comment. Whoever posted the $250 million figure must have mistakenly added those two figures together, double-counting what has been spent so far.
  23. https://www.courant.com/news/connecticut/hc-news-connecticut-girl-scout-camps-closing-20210316-3uhheu6d7zblrp6n6wydjsae7u-story.html Pushback as Girl Scouts plan to close camps in Lebanon, Milford, Bristol and New Fairfield '“We have a rare window of opportunity to take advantage of rising property values in Connecticut due to the pandemic,” the organization’s website said. “If we monetize these assets at peak valuation today, we can use that money to fund investments in the properties where we can grow tomorrow.”'
  24. That is accurate as to all. She also lit a fire regarding a mediation meeting (I expect everyone to attend...no excuses) and I can confirm. In the same comment, she said that "the victims need to be compensated appropriately and BSA's mission needs to continue." She moved the Plan hearing two weeks back, to the end of April, with a status conference April 12th or 13th. To put the legal-fees-so-far figure in perspective... That's a significant fraction of the book value of Summit Bechtel (or perhaps more than what it could actually fetch at sale any time soon, especially i
  25. So yes, the short summary is that BSA gave TCC a small concession, one that mostly affects the LCs and not them, in exchange for an extension of the preliminary injunction. On March 8th, it looked like the TCC wasn't going to agree to extend, so they filed a motion asking the Court to extend it anyway: https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/875432_144.pdf https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/875435_145.pdf https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/875438_146.pdf The local councils, and one of the insurers, agreed:
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