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  1. Last summer our Bearded Dragon went out on a 3 month vacation around the neighborhood. My son and his 3 friends started the MB in camp and finished by pet sitting for one month each. I was hoping someone would fall in love with the little guy and keep him. Other Scouts went to the nature center and watched one of their reptiles.
  2. Thank You!

    I gottta say..... I received a warmer welcome here than I did at our District Roundtable meeting on Monday.
  3. Host site for Troop management website

    We've been using TroopWebhost for a year as a Troop. Cutting the cord of the Yahoo group that we used for 10 years was the hardest part. We finally turned off the Yahoo group and forced everyone over and it's been working great ever since. Event sign ups and accounting for the events is all handled really well. The Treasurer's life is a lot easier now as is the trip leader who used to manually manage the money. We have a very dedicated adult Webmaster who setup a laptop at every meeting to give demonstrations and teach everyone how to use the site to their advantage. As a leader in the Troop, it's fantastic.
  4. Thank You!

    I'd like to thank everyone on the site for all of the great ideas! I've been reading extensively for the last month jotting down all of the little bits of golden wisdom that have been written. I appreciate the wealth of knowledge that here to help. Sometimes it's as simple a statement as "we do this...." and I thought that way is better than our way. Best regards, .40AET