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    Yet another change...

    The only time I have even had to use my membership card was for the discount admission price for the National Scout Museum over 6 years ago.
  2. ValleyBoy

    And so it begins

    This issue comes down to just issue. as I see it, Is there a higher power or is there no high power. A true atheism belief is that there is no higher power. The Scouting program is based on the belief that there is a higher power since "to God" is included in the scout oath and "Reverent" in the scout law. For the scout program to remove the belief that there is a higher power would be a complete change in the core values of the scouting program.
  3. ValleyBoy

    And so it begins

    The main reason I am involved in the scouting program is the values taught within the scouting program which I see as falling inline with my own religious beliefs. Within the scouting program I do not hide my religious beliefs but I also do not push them onto anyone else that is a member of the scouting movement. If a scout asks me about my beliefs I will share my beliefs with them, then let them make there own decision.
  4. ValleyBoy

    And so it begins

    Also I do know that he has completed Scout requirement 1f. Repeat from memory the Pledge of Allegiance. In your own words, explain its meaning. I do not believe he was required to stand at attention and salute while repeating the pledge.
  5. ValleyBoy

    And so it begins

    Yes he has the flag on his uniform. We have required him to stand at attention during the pledge and the rest of our Troop opening along with everyone else at the meeting. We have not told him that he has to say the pledge or salute during the pledge.
  6. ValleyBoy

    And so it begins

    We have a Jehovah Witness that joined our troop several months ago. His grandmother informed us that he does not say the Pledge of Allegiance or salute the flag since in there Church they see it as Idol worship. She has been told that in our Troop we will salute the flag while saying the Pledge of Allegiance, This is one point in the scouting program that we will not change as a unit. Also as adult leaders of the unit we have informed the unit committee that as leaders of the unit we will hold this youth to the same requirements for advancement as the other scouts when it comes to the subject of the Pledge of Allegiance and any Flag ceremony that the Troop takes part in.
  7. ValleyBoy

    Where did you go to summer camp?

    Camp Comer, Alabama 1972 Camp Pine Mountain, Georgia 1974 Staff 1975-1977
  8. ValleyBoy

    Winter Camping Plans?

    Our main winter campout is our district camporee that is always the last full weekend in January at Camp Lumpkin on Lake West Point. it has been shirt sleeve weather some years, one year we had rain falling sideways by the bucket full. Ice storm one years with a low of 11 degrees which is down right cold for our neck of the woods. Being from the south what is a quinzee, to lazy to google search.
  9. ValleyBoy

    Eagle Project question... help

    Could this project meet the requirements of an Eagle Project in the district that I am in? Yes if the scout presenting the project the for approval can show that there is more to his project than just repackaging Lego sets and then presenting then to the school.. The main issue here could be in how ASMmom1976 son presented this project idea to his project coach and how her son interpreted his coaches response on the project idea Also if you go back and reread the first post the project coach told here son that for this project to get approved by council it was going to take more, and his suggestion was building storage cabinets. So to answer your question a collection drive to collect more Lego sets would help.
  10. ValleyBoy

    Eagle Project question... help

    As a member who sits on my districts board that approves all Eagle Projects I would be very concerned about approving this as a Eagle Project for the following reason. The project listed is to give 50 Lego sets to a school. I would have no issues with your son giving them to the school but would have issues with this being an Eagle Project just due to the fact that the on showing leadership and work involved is to just to insure that each Lego set is intact with no missing pieces. The only way as listed above that I could approve this as a project is to have your son make storage containers for each Lego set. Yes and Eagle Project does not require that something needs to be built but a Eagle Project does need to require more that just giving something that the scout already has or can just buy and calling it an Eagle Project.
  11. ValleyBoy

    Who Works on an Eagle Service Project in Your Troop?

    The Eagle project is owned by the scout that is doing the project for Eagle so they are responsible for the workforce doing the project. As an adult we can advise on the project but the project is owned by the scout. On most Eagle projects that I have assisted on the bigger issue I have seen is how the scout deals with adults working on the project.
  12. ValleyBoy

    PLC hazing and bullying problem

    From going back and reading your first post and the other posts that have been made on this subject here would be my advise and the reason for the advise. As Scoutmaster you were aware of the bulling and mistreatment going own within the scouts in your troop. You addressed the issue with the scouts since becoming Scoutmaster. The behavior did not change with this group of scouts. Therefor actions have to take place within the unit. On top of this being and issue of bulling it went entirely to another level of sexual assault just due to the fact that the SPL used the "tea bag him". Now I had to look up the meaning of tea bag since I did not know its meaning which I will not list here. I also have a special needs daughter and can understand that as the parent of the child that these actions took place against that you do not want to be seen as taking sides on what is decided within the troop. The youth involved should be glad that you do not want to have criminal charges brought against them. But when it comes to them being members of the Boy Scouts of America that is another story. Each one of these youth should have read and discussed youth protection with there parents so they and there parents are aware of were the BSA stands on this issue. When it comes to the scouts this type of behavior cannot be tolerated. I know that they are still children but this needs to be reported to your Scout Executive. The reason why this needs to happen is that you as the SM having taken take youth protection to be in your position are required to report this issue to your local council. Really what reporting this to council comes down to is that these are youth instead of adults. If it were adults it would have been reported to council without question. I know at this time you have turned this issue over to one of your ASM and a member of your unit committee but they also need to be aware that they are also required under Youth Protection to report this issue to council.
  13. I watched a facebook live from my local council yesterday and the numbers given was 3,000 and something boys registered in the council as of end of September. The number of boys registered was 5 more than at the same time last year. The number of girls that had registered as of the end of September was 285 if I remember correctly. Also over 60% of the adults registered had completed the new youth protection. In my district 71% had completed the new youth protection.
  14. ValleyBoy

    Time between rank

    Our unit counts time in rank year round. Most years we have one weekly meeting after summer camp which is usually near the middle of July then do not start meeting again until school starts back which is usually the 2nd week in August. then we do not meet from the middle of December until the first of January. Added together we takeoff 6-7 weeks a year just depending how the dates fall on the calendar.
  15. ValleyBoy

    Scouting Magazine - betting the farm on girls

    Our Charter organization at this time charter a troop and is in the process of chartering a coed pack. The discussion has taken place about starting a "linked troop" but the 2 troops even thought they could meet at the same time and place will not meet together.
  16. ValleyBoy

    Tough Times in a Troop

    A Big thank you for dealing with this issue.
  17. I have been a member of many of my districts EBOR. To my knowledge we have never turned down a scout for the Eagle rank that has come before the board. We as a board know from reviewing the Eagle application and Eagle Project that the scout has completed the requirements for the rank of Eagle. Yes we have had one or two paper Eagles come before the board but as long as there paperwork was in order and the scout did not state that he had not actually completed all the requirements for the rank of Eagle the scout has not been turned down by the board.
  18. I have seen this in the past were a Pack that's Charter Organization was a church required that the adult volunteers had to go threw this process to be able to meet at the church. In this case it was the same requirements that all the church members that worked with the youth in the church had to go thru also. As the other two posts above this is not uncommon.
  19. ValleyBoy

    72 hour rule

    I can see being registered with the troop but when it comes to packs I do not see where this should apply. My reason is the following. Excluding Webelos the only over night camping that a cub scout can participate in is family camping where a adult relative has to attend. My council has a fall family camp (3 weekends) and a spring family camp (1 weekend). Packs do attend and reserve campsites but all registration for the event are done by each family not the pack.
  20. ValleyBoy

    Background checks - concerned parent

    7 or 8 years ago we had a volunteer who's background check came back with him being in jail in another state. Local county sheriff wrote a letter to our council that the volunteer was not the same person that the background check came back on. At the time I believe the background checks were ran on full name, sex, and birth date.
  21. Learned yesterday that the Life Scout had the wrong date listed for his Life board of Review.
  22. This boys Troop has a good SM who's work load has keep him out of town to a high extent the past several months. The boys from his troop that come before the board are usually better prepared that the boy that came before us last night. Also the Troop does not have a strong Troop committee. After the meeting last night the 3 of us that sat on the board talked about this youth and the consensus was that he is just one of those youth that keep putting thing off and thinks his effort will be enough to get him by. One of the members of the board has been to summer camp the past 2 years where two troops have gone in together so has seen this scout in action. The boys father seemed to understand the information we gave to both of them last night and did not seem upset.
  23. We had two Life Scouts present there Eagle project to the district advancement board last night for project approval. On the first Life Scout we had no issues with his project and therefor gave the scout district approval to start his Eagle project. On the second Life Scout we had two issues with his Eagle project the first was that project had not been signed as being approved by his unit committee. We have had this issue come up in the past and usually what we have done is go ahead and review the project but inform the scout that we could not give district approval for the project until after he received unit approval. District approval would be given for the project at that point by the scout contacting one of the district advancement committee that he presented his project to for approval. The second issue we had with this Life Scout was that his Life Scout Board of Review date listed on his project application was 5 days less than 6 months before his 18th birthday. Both these two issues were discovered while we reviewed his project workbook before the Life Scout came before the board. We then called the scout and his father who was with him into the room and explained to both of them that if the date of his Life Board of review was correct that he would not have meet the time requirements for Eagle before his 18th birthday. We still reviewed his project with the Life Scout with the hope that he had the wrong date listed for his Life board of review.
  24. Per the article he became Life Scout in February and started the project in March.
  25. This Life scout did not receive the rank of Eagle Scout due to a Technicality. He did not achieve the rank of Eagle Scout because he did not meet all the requirements to earn the rank of Eagle.