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  1. Our troop is more laded back. Adult to adult first name but it can get confusing with 2 unit leaders and one of the youth fathers with the same first name. Youth to adult usually Mr/Mrs First name. Adult to youth First name and in some cases the scouts nickname.
  2. All payments made by check were mad out to the council. As far as accounting receipts for expenses were turn in to the council for the expenses uncured for the event. The problem the amount of time it took to reimburse the expenses to the volunteers that covered the cost of the event. 60 to 90 is unacceptable. These same volunteers would not of had any problem if they would have been reimbursed within several weeks.
  3. That is what was being done until Council stepped in and informed the districts all events cost had to be paid by Council. Council even went to the extreme of having a professional at all district events to collect event fees.
  4. The biggest problem in my district on event costs is that the Council wants event fees turned into Council. The Volunteers that put on the event then have to jump thru hoops to get back there out of pocket for event costs. The volunteers do not like having to wait several months after the event to be reimbursed for the cost of putting on the event.
  5. I have not seen anything in writing at this time. If I do I will post it here. Your post states exactly how I feel about the situation.
  6. It was my understanding also that the council cannot charge more than national which is why I thought the council would be adding a council fee. I also feel it is scare tactic and will take it as such until I see something official in writing that states otherwise.
  7. I also feel the same way after learning of my local councils plans. If it were not for the boys I would almost feel like leaving. Local council had 2 zoom calls the 1st during the week that we held our week long unit camping trip/ summer camp due to covid19. The 2nd was last week and I did not know about the call until the next day when call a unit committee meeting to discuss the councils plan that were presented during the call. From the information I received before the unit committee meeting the worse I expected was our local council to start charging a council fee. I was in for a ru
  8. Until several years ago our units recharter was due by the last day in February. The council changed the due date on all unit recharters in the council so that all units recharters were due by the last day in December.
  9. It should be the date that he joined the Troop. As posted above never had an issue with this date. The best person to ask is your local councils registrar since they are the one that checked all the information on the Eagle application before and Eagle Board can be scheduled.
  10. I think her opposition to this is that even thought the troops are linked which means they only share the same unit committee. They are 2 troops not one. A youth member of one troop cannot hold a position in another troop that they are not a member of which means that your troop made up of male youth dose-not have a SPL. Them wanting her as SPL is not a factor because she cannot be because she is not a member of the male troop.
  11. We will be working on several different merit badges during the canoe trip so the scouts will still have advancement opportunities. We also have 4/5 camp located with less than 3 hours of our location that I am sure we will lookin attending next year if our local camp stays with the quest program We usually make 1/2 weekend camping trips a year were we have canoe/kayak day trips along the river using a local property along the river as a home base camp. 10 miles above our location is one of the largest lakes inside our 2 state area. within the next 35 miles down river there are 5 dam
  12. For the last several years we have attended summer camp with another troop to have enough adult leadership. For several years only had 2 adults at camp between the 2 troops. This would have been the first year that we would not have had to attend along with another troop for summer camp. Yes there are several other camps we can look into attending that are within 2 to 3 hours of our location. Our local council has been good in being real flexible on camp payment and numbers attending which has been an issue with the troop in the past.
  13. We are a small troop with right at 10 active scouts. PLC is 2 youth. The decision was made for the youth to make the choice between either summer camp or the canoe trip by all the youth of the troop instead of the PLC since it effected them all and as a troop we do not have the adult resources to have supported both. When I started this thread I knew that this was one of the issues that would be asked. Being a very small troop we have to plan all trips and outing around 3-4 adults schedules besides the schedules of the youth and there families. Yes it effects the decisions of the PLC
  14. As of now we have two troops committed to this trip and are waiting to hear back from a 3rd troop. Several of the members of one of the other troops has made several trips to Northern Tier and will be assisting us on what food, patrol gear, personal gear and water gear. All 3 troops are located along the river that the trip will be made on and have canoed or kayaked the area of the river near us. Where we are playing the trip is along a lower section of the river starting several hours trip below our location. Most of the outfitters located along the river only support day trips on the riv
  15. Up until this past week our troop was planning to attend our local councils summer camp. last week while sitting on an Eagle Board the SM and I learned the summer camp had completely changed the summer camp program. The program in the past had been to sign each scout up in the different merit badge time slots during summer camp. We would have our new scouts take first aid and swimming then what ever other classes they would like to take during summer camp. Older scouts that had been to camp before could sign up for any classes they would like to take as long as they took one Eagle require
  16. I feel that is how most of us try and act inside the scouting environment. Where we come into conflict is with the rules that scouting has set in place when we as adult scouters interact with youth scouts outside of the scouting program. It is a catch-22 situation. Under the rules set by scouting in the above situation if none of the youth besides your child is a scout you do not fall under the scouting YPT, but if one of them is also a scout you do fall under scouting YPT since you are a registered adult. This is my understanding of Scouting YPT rules.
  17. And we wonder why the patrol method does not work when the patrol tries to plan something on there own. Then have to inform them that they can not do that.
  18. We have had this discussion inside our troop with adult leadership. Our SM son's best friend is also a member of the troop and they spend a lot of time together. No telling the number of times that only one adult was present. Both of these youth are over 18 now but are still registered with the troop. Our SM also works with his Churches youth group and they also use 2 deep adult leadership but it is our understanding that he is in violation of scouting youth protection if any of the youth that attend are scouts and there are not 2 registered scout leaders present at thoughts activities.
  19. You are correct. But has the scouting program gone overboard in certain situations when it comes to 2 deep leadership. Example, Timmy and Tommy are next door neighbors and best friends. Both are in the same patrol which Timmy is the patrol leader. They meet after school at one of them house to work on an activity for the next scout meeting with no adults present since there parents have not got home from work or only one parent is home but is inside the house and they work on the activity in the back yard. Since this is a scouting related activity do you as a registered youth protection
  20. Several years ago while I was SM of the troop over half the youth were members of the High School & Middle School band and there concerts were always on the same night (Tuesday) as our meeting time. Instead of canceling our meeting we would move our meeting to Monday evening at city hall and attend the city council meeting.
  21. Scouting can happen at many different places as long as the rules are followed. If the Scoutmasters conference at the SM home works for that unit and 2 deep leadership is followed I see nothing wrong if this is the way this troop does this. The troop that I am a member is sponsored by a Church and I am a member of another church. Several week ago my church's men's had a breakfast and workday at the church, I invited the scouts to attend and informed them that they could earn service hours for the event. One other adult leader with our troop attended with his son but even if he had not att
  22. Does not help when the council office about shuts down the last half of December.
  23. The older camp was placed in a trust around 100 years ago. Council sold another camp before leasing the Corp of Engineers property around 20 years ago. I believe the lease is for 50 years.
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