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  1. Origin of the Eagle Pledge and Eagle Charges

    It is the Youth that has reached the rank of Eagle Scouts Court of Honor. Therefor in our unit we plan the ECOR per the Scout and his families wishes. Some know what they want included, others have no idea. As a unit we assist the scout with the ECOR. and try our best to plan the COR according to the scouts wishes.
  2. With our local councils camporee coming up this weekend and from reading posts on this site for the past few months it has got me to thinking about what type camping locations other Troops use for camping trip. Our Troop usually only camps on scout property at most 2 times a year. One is the upcoming camporee this weekend and another scout property if a council event is scheduled for that location. The second scout property is mainly used cub scout family camping and other district or council activities. We usually camp once a year in the primitive area of a local public campground. Troop has never been charged to camp at this location. In the 13 years I have been with the troop, we have only camped in a state/public campground 3 times. The rest of out troop camping trips have been on private property. Out of all the private property that our Troop has use I know of no cases were the property owner would not allow the Troop to return to the property. Usually the only cost that the scouts have for these camping trips on private property is the cost of the food for the camping trip. What type locations do your units usually use for camping trips.
  3. Troop Camping Locations

    Excluding summer camp, our troop usually only travels as a unit about once a year for a camping trip. Those camping trips are mainly the ones that it takes over an hour to get to the camping location or the location is very hard to give parents directions to the site. Most of the sites we camp at are less than a 45 minute drive and we have the parents bring the scouts to the camping site. We do this mainly to not have to wait until 6:30 or later on Friday evening to leave on a camping trip to when all the parents get off work.
  4. Troop Camping Locations

    Most of our has been from knowing people with land available. Only 3 locations are owned by unit leaders and 1 by the grandparents of one of our youth members. Out of these 4 we have yet to camp on any of these 4 properties.
  5. The only camping trips that we do not have fire at is when the area is under a no burn order or during the summer when the temperature is very hot then on a small cooking fire.
  6. A camping trip is not complete with out a fire. Adults in our unit do like to burn some wood. A fire does have it uses. Nothing like cooking over a fire, then letting the fire turn into outdoor TV.
  7. Scouts Deciding On Their ES Project

    My son's project was inside the city park playground just a few blocks from our home. The other 3 Eagles from our Troop were: 1) An outdoor class at the Elementary school that he the scout had attended. 2) Covered pavilion at the Church that is the Charter Organization for the Troop that the scout and his family is also a member off.. 3)Moving the location of a flag pole from a Cotton Mill that was being torn down, across the street so that the flag pole was next to a WWII monument that listed all the citizens of the community that died in WWII. One of the other Troops in our area has had several different scouts that built covered Bus stop pavilions in different locations around town so that student do not have to stand out in the rain waiting on the school bus. I have been on several Eagle Boards were the scout came up with their project from just calling the Army Corp of Engineers that are over a local lake.
  8. Camping vs. Sleeping in a Cabin

    My old council scout camp which is still in use by my present council was all cabin camping for summer camp. All but 2 of the cabins were open air due to there not being any chinking between the logs. All each of the cabins had was lights, electrical outlet and cots.
  9. Veteran Unit

    The Troop that I am a member of had over 50 years with no lapses in the charter in the mid 70'. The unit did lapse something in the later 80' or 90' not sure when. I do have an old green' scout shirt from the later 70' that I still ware on occasions that has the yellow 50 years badge below the unit number. With a Council merger years ago our units number did officially change. All the unit numbers from the old Council were changed to 9000's. Our units number officially changed from Troop 9 to Troop 9009 with the merger. When it come to the uniform all the members of the Troop only have the number 9 as the unit number. We have never been question by anyone from the District or Council on this subject.
  10. All Scouting is local.....

    Yes Scouting is a global movement but the core building blocks of Scouting are still based on the local unit.
  11. Pl - Spl For Small Troop

    In our Troops the SPL does function as a TG and the main youth mentor to the PL & APL. We have a ASPL due to the fact to fill the gap and step in if the SPL is not able to attend a Troop meeting or activity. At this time we only 12 active youth in the Troop. 1 that ages out the next 6 months. 2 that will age out in a little over a year. A 15 year old that has not wanted to take any leadership responsibilities within the Troop and 8 brand new scouts. The SPL & ASPL at this time are the two 16 year old that will age out in a little over a year. The 17 is working on his paperwork for approval of his Eagle Project. PL and ASP are both one of the brand new scouts. All the new scouts have just started to bring up the subject of replacing the PL for missing meeting. At this time the SPL has his hand full getting all the new scouts past the pop tart and P&J menu stage for camping trips among other things.
  12. Pl - Spl For Small Troop

    Good Information. Several times in the past our Troop has tried to go from 1 patrol to 2 patrols and usually after several months due to the numbers we have ended back with just 1 patrol. System we have used is the Troop being boy led by SPL, ASPL, PL, and APL. SPL and ASPL plans and runs the scout meeting and most activities for unit outings.. PL and APL responsible for running their patrol during activities set up by the SPL and ASPL.
  13. Scouts + School = ?

    Man I wish I could post that good of an response. He is right you know Brian. I know you will do the right thing.
  14. Scouts + School = ?

    I would inform the teacher that asked you to do the Flag Ceremony about this possible conflict, then go from there. You might be surprised.
  15. Scouts + School = ?

    There is only one person in this world that you can control how they feel and act and that one person is yourself. From reading some of your post in the last few week I get the feeling that you are a Boy Scout because you want to be a Boy Scout. You have to be happy with your own actions because in the long run you are the only one that controls your own self esteem.
  16. New Troop/Pack Flags from Supply

    Yep that would be us. Would probably be one that we had been give to retire that we had in one of our auto.
  17. New Troop/Pack Flags from Supply

    That the way I feel. I am just glad that our unit is now in the position to purchase a Troop Flag.
  18. New Troop/Pack Flags from Supply

    In my area yes the Boy Scouts have gotten more expensive since I was a youth but folks are still just as charitable as they at that time. The made difference is the local resources are not where near where they were when I was a youth to the scouting program due to the decline in my area in population an other changes in the local economy. These changes have really effected the scouting program in my area in the following way due to the changes in support that the scouting program was supported since my youth. Just a little history of scouting in my area. First Troop was chartered in 1911. The biggest supporter of the scouting program was a local textile company that is no longer in existence. This is how that company supported the scouting program in our area until the mid 1980's. Each of the 7 small communities in our area had a scout hut that was owner and maintained by this company. Today only one is left. Most were sold by the unit sponsoring intuitions after they received ownership from the local council and are now in private ownership. This company also paid all registration fee's and Boy's Life for all scout units in the area. The company also paid for a complete scout uniform for each adult that worked for the company and paid them for time missed from there job when attending scouting activities. If a youth's parent worked for the company they would pay for a completed uniform for that youth. Also each youth in the program had at least one parent that worked for the company. Besides the above the company paid all cost for rank advancements and merit badges earned by all youth inside the council. Where it has really hurt the units in my area since that time is that this company was the real sponsoring intuition of all the units even though they were not the one listed on each units charter. Even thought it has been close to 30 years most of the local sponsoring institutions are still living in the past when it comes to the scout units that they sponsor. Its a battle we fight every day.
  19. New Troop/Pack Flags from Supply

    Our Troop has not had a Troop Flag since our flag was destroyed when the SM at that time house burned down about 15 years ago. Since that time we had looked into getting a new flag several times with the last time being 4-5 years ago. At those times with the only option being a flag with embroidered lettering the price of the flag was just more than the troop could afford. Yes the embroidered flags look better but how many units have had to make the decision not to get a unit flag just due to the cost.
  20. Dealing with Helicopter Parents

    I wish I have a nickel for every time I have told a new scout have they asked their PL when they have asked me a question even though I could have given them the answer.
  21. When does your PLC meet?

    Then after the meeting then.
  22. POR review

    Just my opinion, but it is not the job of the unit committee to monitor how each boy is doing in their position of reasonability. Let me take that back they can monitor by getting feedback from the SM on how the SM on how they are feeling the position, but that is all. Also for advancement purposes if the youth holds the position then they are signed off on that position no matter how good are bad a job they did in that position. It is alright for the SM to meet with the SPL to help him become a better SPL, but when it comes to the other youth positions it should be left to the SPL and the other youth in the troop mentor them in their position.
  23. When To Cancel A Camping Trip?

    Our Troop has only canceled one camping trip. The reason that the trip was canceled by the unit leaders was because we had just started the troop and it was going to be the first camping trip for all the boys inside the troop. The weather report was for high winds with 100 % rain all weekend and high temperature all weekend in the mid thirties. As unit leaders we knew cold weather the boys could deal with but cold and wet was a different story. This camping trip which is a District Camporee the last full weekend in January is one that we have attended every years since an with the same weather conditions we would now attend as a unit. The difference is the boys inside the troop are now trained an know how deal with thoughts type weather conditions where the boys that would have been on the canceled trip were not trained. About a year later on another camping trip we waited to Saturday morning instead of Friday evening to leave due to tornado warning for a storm front moving thru the area we were going to be camping.
  24. We had the following issue come up in the past several months and this he how we resolved the issue. At the end of the school year our troop adult leadership took on the 2nd year Webelos from our local Cub Scout Pack. (Different Charter Intuitions) There were 9 Webelos in the 2nd year Webelos den. All 9 had completed and been awarded their Webelos Rank when the troop took over the den. We took over the den due to the fact that there den leaders had no idea how a Boy Scout Troop worked to be able to complete most of the requirements for the Arrow of Light Award. As Unit Commissioner for both the Pack and Troop along with being an ASM with the Troop I knew that the Pack was not very good at record keeping and getting advancements into the system with the Council. Our former DE for the district had been entering all advancements reports into the system. To insure that that all advancements were in the system for these 9 Webelos, I took on the responsibility of making sure all there advancements were in the system and up to date. The issue that we became aware of was that the Pack for some reason had not registered one of the Webelos as a member of the Pack. The youth threw no fault of his own or his family was left of the units charter when the unit re-chartered at the first of the year. Therefor we registered the youth with the pack them added the advancements that he had completed into the system. Due to this youth age we could have taken the easy way out and just registered him with the Troop but that would have not been fair to him since he would have been the only one out of the 9 that would completed all the requirements for the Arrow of Light Award but not be able to receive the award since he was not registered with the Pack thru not fault of his own.
  25. Issues that come up inside the Program

    Yes times have changed. My son who is a senior in college did cut the grass of the elderly couple that lived next door to us until they passed away several years ago. He also still does all the yard maintenance for another older couple that we know. Both paid him for the work he done.. He and both couples knew if asked by the city code enforcement officer or any one else that he was only helping them because they were unable to do the yard work themselves. In our area it does not snow so I can only guess what the city would say if it did snow and sidewalks and driveways need to be shoveled. But my best guess would be that it would only be OK with the City if the Home owner was only asked if they wanted there sidewalk/driveway shoveled the word donation could not be used. My city likes to look for anyway they can to make money and if any type service is provided that is also provided by any business and money changes hand they wont there cut.