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    As a youth member I earned the Eagle and Venturing Silver Award. I served as a nearly 3 term lodge chief and a section chief as well. I really enjoyed Venturing and the JLT programs growing up. The OA kept me in scouting.
  1. County VOA President

    I'm a former Council V Pres. I enjoyed it. It's a month to month job and by the time you are done - it goes by fast. Just go for consecutive good months of work. We had a good group - if it's a start up VOA - go slow and steady. Getting people in the room is a win, expand from there. Don't go too fast on the change. You want to make sure that your gains continue after your term. Lean on your advisor and say no to too many opportunities! It's ok to say no sometimes.
  2. Unofficial Knots on Venturing Uniform

    I'm pro Green background knots on Venturing uniforms. I wear them official or not. Silly to be in photos with tan knots on a green uniform. I had facebook comments that the knots look dumb by non-scouts. So I was happy to discover the green ones.
  3. respectively declined

    I think the West award as a recognition is fantastic. If you want to purchase it - that is fine too. Scouting costs money - hopefully that endowment money gets back to the council it was donated at. My old OA lodge used to do West awards if the budget allowed for it. To see a dedicated youth or adult arrowman recognized when they already have the Vigil Honor or the Founders Award was nice. While I don't have the West knot, I don't see any problem with it. I enjoy seeing them on Professional uniforms because it means they are contributing too.
  4. Simply Wild

    My crew had polos with a crew logo/venturing logo... and I've seen one crew with overalls/lots of denim - model rail roading! Pretty awesome. It's a youth program - I find the patches tacky - but if that's how they want to identify great. Polos were nice because they were good for activities and out in the public for bowling nights and such.