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  1. I wonder why BSA did not include the phrase "we believe Black Lives Matter" in this statement? They kept "black families and the black community" in lower case, but placed "Law Enforcement Exploring" in caps.
  2. Here is a page that you will find a video from CHAZ/CHOP, talking about chopping heads and the French Revolution, they see this as the start of a Revolution. https://townhall.com/tipsheet/guybenson/2020/06/15/chopped-seattle-autonomous-zone-mob-fondly-recall-french-revolutions-guillotine-for-dissenters-n2570649
  3. They are putting up statues of Vladimir Lenin. CHAZ changed their name to CHOP to reflect their desire to start CHOPing off the heads of their enemies.
  4. I see BSA Trade marked "Scout Life" GSUSA VS BSA trademark lawsuit news: https://www.jdsupra.com/legalnews/scout-me-out-girl-scouts-challenge-boy-79741/ "Another issue to consider is if BSA is offering its services to girls, can it also use the term GIRL in connection with SCOUT, SCOUTS or SCOUTING?"
  5. All-girl Scouts BSA Troop Wins Top Awards At Camporee https://signalscv.com/2019/05/all-girl-scouts-bsa-troop-wins-top-awards-at-camporee/
  6. I wonder why 2 other councils would put up the same PDF? Were these directives disseminated to councils by GSUSA for each council to use and customize and post as they see fit? GS of the Heart of the South: http://www.girlscoutshs.org/content/dam/girlscouts-girlscoutshs/documents/volunteers/GSHS VolunteerActionGuide.pdf?fbclid=IwAR2utCijn3PJl4480pFSIB8OMqWKwamSfXeIr7oSwb6_f8hMbCC-XA1T3ME GS of Greater Atlanta https://www.girlscoutsatl.org/content/dam/girlscouts-girlscoutsatl/documents/GSD-Volunteer-Action-Guide.pdf?fbclid=IwAR2mKKEJmcZ3zxcyuPyQzVTvhNH_sHOLk7WLxyxrT
  7. Yes, it is a GSUSA policy to have nothing to do with BSA. These orders from GSUSA "Do not participate in, allow, or promote any co-sponsored or co-branded events or programs that use either Girl Scouts’ name, logo, colors, or likenesses together with Boy Scouts. This includes long-standing events like Scouting for Food and Pine Car Derbies" "Do not participate in joint flag ceremonies. Girl Scouts has its own long and proud tradition and girls can and should provide these honors at community events" Source: http://www.gssne.org/content/dam/girlscouts-gssne/documents/GSSNE
  8. I have seen girls wearing the GSUSA pin on Scouts BSA uniforms. The GSUSA pin is the GSUSA "uniform", so it is super easy to wear the GSUSA uniform and the Scouts BSA uniform at the same time.
  9. A News Story about: Girls in Girls Scouts are joining Boy Scouts (I know it is Scouts BSA, but the Girls joining it are calling it Boy Scouts) They are staying in Girl Scouts, they enjoy being in both Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts at the same time and getting "the best of both worlds". https://www.marketwatch.com/story/girl-scouts-tell-moneyish-why-theyre-joining-the-boy-scouts-2018-05-04-988273 So you could have a group of REAL Girl Scouts GSUSA at a summer camp that are also Scouts BSA.
  10. News Story: http://liherald.com/stories/girl-scouts-barred-from-valley-stream-camporee,113998
  11. News Story: How the Boy Scouts are Teaching Girls about True Womanhood BSA’s troops for girls are proving, ironically, to be a bulwark against the muddy seas of gender confusion. http://www.ncregister.com/blog/jenfitz/how-the-boy-scouts-are-teaching-girls-about-true-womanhood
  12. Girls doing good News Story: Redding all-girl Boy Scout troop among the first in nation REDDING — By the time Boy Scouts of America officially allowed girls to have a troop, about 10 girls in Redding had already earned badges, gone camping and defeated 19 male troops in an outdoor skills challenge. https://www.newstimes.com/local/article/Redding-all-girl-Boy-Scout-troop-among-the-first-13742483.php
  13. Girls doing good News Story: Girls in the Boy Scouts: How a Local Groop Broke Into the Nation's Biggest Boys-Only Club https://www.sonomacountygazette.com/sonoma-county-news/scouting-girls-in-boy-scouts *** Notice how these news stories talk about "girls in the Boy Scouts" and how girls are joining "Boy Scouts", there are even quotes from the girls about being happy that they are joining "Boy Scouts".
  14. Carefullest Driver, Off Road Enthusiast, Best Paint Job, Fastest Looking,
  15. These San Fernando Valley girls topped their competition in Boy Scout survival skills contest In an ‘unprecedented’ exhibition of survival skills, Troop 88 — a new all-girls entrant into the now inclusive Boy Scouts — used tenacity, smarts, cool and teamwork to top the field, mostly boys. The goal was to make history in an endurance-skill competition and beat 20 other patrols primarily comprised of all-boy teams already experienced in scouting skills. They rose to the occasion, topping numnerous categories in what officials called “unprecedented” fashion. “When it came time to h
  16. Troop 15 Attends Inaugural All-Female Scout Camporee in Middle Tennessee https://williamsonsource.com/troop-15-attends-inaugural-female-scout-camporee-middle-tennessee/
  17. The 3 camporees before this that we went to over the last two years all have a scoring system that gave out awards for best time / distance / points scored. Everything seemed 100% fair at those camporees. This camporee looked like a normal camporee, until the awards were passed out and our troop got 2 ribbons that we did not deserve at all and troops that we knew had the best times and scores got nothing, we knew someone was playing games with who got the awards and it no longer mattered how well you did at the events. The adults running the show decided to do what they did, the you
  18. The council CEO/Scout Executive was on site for this event. He even stopped by our camp site and talked with us Saturday morning. I am suspicious the key3 are on board with this new way of scoring events at camporees. I now have a few questions for him next time I see him. My mind is blow by the fact that a new all girl patrol got top 3 in all 11 events and most of those being first place. The boys they are linked with only got 2 ribbons. 11 ribbons, that is amazing. . . No wonder the boys in my troop were wondering if there were 3 all girl patrols at a camporee
  19. The camporee was set up so that the adults running the events could give the ribbons to anyone they wanted to for any reason they wanted. The scoring system was things other than best time or best score. I know this because our troop went head to head with the girls in the Alligator Pit Crossing (lashing contest) our boys got a better time then the girls and were told we had the 8th best time of the day so far. So the girls had a time that was 9th best or worse. When the awards were given out we got a second place ribbon in the event that our boys feel THEY DO NOT DESERVE. The troop that
  20. I was at the camp-o-ree in question this last weekend. There was one all girl troop there that won first place in almost everything, the troop that they were linked to I think got a 2nd and a 3rd place ribbon, they did not do well at all. The scoring was kept secret and bonus points were given for having "scout spirit" and "not giving up". There were two events that the boys in my troop thought they did the very best at and did not even place in and they got ribbon for things that they know they failed at and did not deserve a ribbon for. The boys in my troop are very unh
  21. When you correct the errors of a wise man they thank you. When you correct the errors of a fool they get mad, take exception and call you names. Fools are easy to spot, they are the ones with a giant chip on their shoulder. I am not sure a fool can be turned into a wise man, I have yet to see it happen.
  22. The thing that I see that destroys troops faster than anything else is when you have an adult that whats to be the center of attention. They want to boss everyone else around and create a storm of drama. Anything going on has to be refocused on themselves. Scout outings can ONLY happen on weekends that their son can go. If you look at them wrong, use the wrong tone of voice, use the incorrect wording, do not pay enough attention to them then there will be hell to pay. These adults are not interested learning about how scouting is suppose to work, they have their own ideas based on things out
  23. If using "the lesson of the fasce" (bundle of tied sticks that are stronger together) reminds people of the Fascists and their symbolism, then yes it would be a bad idea for the OA to use that lesson anymore.. But remember, the OA was founded before Fascist Italy made the fasce into a bad thing. Before Fascist Italy messed things up it used to mean a positive thing in the USA, it represented the states of the union bound together into a powerful country.
  24. Notice the two bundles of sticks on the wall behind the seat for the US Speaker of the House. and old Ab Lincoln has the bundles of sticks on his chair:
  25. Maybe get rid of the arrow and all things native american and go back the the Roman roots of western civilization and wear black Roman magistrate robes and call themselves the "Order of Fasces" make the fasces symbol (bundle of sticks with an ax) found on the back of the US Mercury Dime the new symbol of the new order. Together we are stronger, like a bundle of sticks.
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