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  1. I actual do practice the no 1 on 1 contact outside of scouting. There was a case where my son was going to work on a model train with an adult.   They were going to be the only two in his home so I stayed.  Yes, 99.99% chance nothing would happen, but I just couldn’t get that 0.01% or less chance out of my head so I stayed. 

    I also avoid 1:1 contact with youth who are not my own.  That is to prevent any possible false accusations.  

    I think in general, the no 1 on 1 rule makes sense in cases outside of scouting.

    Now two deep would be nice, but I wouldn’t cancel my son’s sleepover if my wife is out of town.  

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  2. 9 hours ago, yknot said:

    Does YPT allow any known perpetrator of child abuse, sexual or otherwise, to participate in scout activities or have access to scouts? No. Just because a perpetrator of FGM doesn't have a scalpel in hand at a camp fire doesn't mean it's appropriate for him or her to be there. One could also say a child pornographer is relatively harmless without a camera in hand, but it's pretty clear YPT precludes inviting one to a camp fire. 

    FGM is legal, those other references are not.  Note that your point could also easily be used agains doctors who provide abortion services as many consider abortion murder.  It’s a slippery slope.  I would go with the law when looking at banning parents.  In terms of leaders, I would have no issue preventing him from being a leader is the COR and CC are uncomfortable with him serving in that role.

  3. I keep hearing these great examples of GSUSA groups on great adventures.  However, nearly every GSUSA parent that talks to me in my area claims GSUSA troops begin to collapse after elementary school.  

    Examples of a Troop of 19 5th grade girls disappeared in 6th grade when the leaders left and no alt Troop was provided.  Juniors in high school who’s Troops died while they were looking to close out on their Gold rank (one gave up the other is working on it without a Troop).  

      GSUSA summer camps for elementary school members are much better than BSA’s in my area, but it seems like those huge membership numbers and energy fades after youth turn 11.  How common is it for GSUSA troops to last into High School?

  4. 1 hour ago, yknot said:

    Again, a problem with the logic. This man is talking about a Cub Scout Pack, where parent participation is required. You are arguing that YPT only applies to leaders? Under your scenario, you would allow a parent who does not meet YPT guidelines to attend camp outs and outings with scouts? I see a clear conflict there.  

    Define what in YPT policy would be violated having this parent attend an overnight?  

    I do not see that children would be in danger being around this doctor.  I do see individuals attempting to take revenge on a doctor who they disagree with his practice.  What is the end goal?  To alienate a doctor and the community who uses him or to reduce FGM?

    In the end, his child did nothing wrong and given that he is not a threat then I see no YPT issue.   Let the kid and his dad in the pack. 

      If the goal is reducing FGM you might want to consider this article 


  5. 2 hours ago, yknot said:

    I'm confused by some of the logic here. It seems to directly conflict with YPT. We don't tolerate individuals who have sexually abused boys, even if a case has never made its way through the courts, yet we should tolerate someone who has sexually abused girls? This seems like a double standard, not a matter of cultural tolerance. 

    That is typically regarding leaders.  This is discussing banning a parent who isn’t even accused of breaking a law.  

  6. I assume the situation is that some parents took their daughters to him and he performed the mutilation.  I would ask my COR to prevent him from being leader.   Outside of that I would let his child join the pack.   If he wants to attend events with his child (and is legally allowed to) I wouldn’t stop him.  While I don’t agree with his actions I would not want to punish the child and I don’t see him as a threat to children of parents who would not bring them to him. 

  7. 57 minutes ago, RememberSchiff said:


    Perhaps CE will become a volunteer's position?  :)

    He made it clear the council will not be impacted.  😀  

    My DE said they know nothing more than what the council exec stated. Main point was that our camps, FOS and product sales income will not be impacted.  It was the first time we did not hear “may” inserted and an idea of possible timing.  However, it is only one CE at one council in one meeting.  I’ll be interested if others are hearing anything similar.

    He also talked about the lawsuits and emphasized that BSA believes in the victims and wants them to come forward.  

    We haven’t seen our council fee yet either, but have set our pack and Troop fees.  We plan to eat the delta.

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  8. Talk About Scouting! ...public group, probably my favorite of the bunch

    There are a couple of others focused on girls in BSA.  One of them is heavily moderated with posts from National BSA employees

    US Scouting Service Project provides some semi official announcements

    There are others as well

    Unfortunately (or fortunately) I can’t access FB now to send you links,  I’m in China, but searching the above will lead you to the sites.


  9. When we go out to sell popcorn this year, should we include the name of the law firm and case the proceeds will go to?  “Thank you for supporting scouts and Dewy Cheat’m and How and their legal council on GSUSA, Bankruptcy, Sledding accidents and other various legal proceedings”

  10. 22 minutes ago, John-in-KC said:

    When did Youth Protection begin?  I know it was in place by the time I returned to Scouting in 1999. 

    Rule of two (no one on one) was put into place in 1987 per court testimony.

    For comparison, the Catholic Church put this rule in place in 2000s and the Minnesota Children’s Theater (where the latest round of BSA outrage began) instituted the rule in 2017.  So the BSA seems to have been an early YPT adopter but don’t let facts get in the way of bashing the BSA.

  11. Lawsuit filed against individual, council and national.  I’ve see others field that also  target CO in addition.  Hopefully insurance can cover our councils or we may see councils go bankrupt as well.

    What I find interesting (upsetting) is that the lawyers are stating they need to get these in now before BSA declares bankruptcy.  However, if you look at the USA Gymnastics bankruptcy, they are still allowing individuals who were abused to file claims within the bankruptcy court (what appears as creditors).   So, is the real difference that lawyers that file pre bankruptcy can get their 33% commission check?

  12. Article was updated a bit today after a press conference this morning.  They have nearly 800 plaintiffs. Many sad stories... I can only think in many cases leaders could simply not believe what some could be capable of.  We are much more aware of this now and our YPT improvements should help reduce the chance of this ever happening again.

    I wonder if the BSA could even handle the legal fees of this one. 

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  13. Some of the best scouts never earn First Class let alone Eagle.  They simply focused on other aspects of scouting.  So before putting too much pressure on yourself, really reflect why you want to advance and if it is a goal you want to work towards.  Outside of a few areas, you can participate in fully in Scouts as any rank.  Scouting should be fun and not School 2.0.  

    The reason I ask is that it sounds like you already have a lot of other areas you also feel like you need to focus in your life. It is important to prioritize and realize it’s ok if advancement in scouting doesn’t make your priority list... as mentioned before, you can still be a great scout without advancement.

    Now, if you do still feel advancement is a priority then you absolutely can make progress.  In addition to seeking out adults, many Troops have Scout Instructors who can help or even mention your goal to your Patrol Leader.  Most scouts I know would gladly help a fellow scout work on advancement when asked.

    I believe the two hardest advancement periods in Scouts BSA is Life to Eagle and Scout to First Class, so don’t get too discouraged from your struggles to achieve First Class.  It sounds like you are a mature young man ready to take this on. 

  14. Our camp had two shower houses.  One had 8 individual stalls and 30 minute wait times.   The other had two separate group shower areas (male youth/male adults).   Those were routinely empty (Only once did I ever hear a shower going on the youth side).   I even suggested to some youth who were waiting in a long line for the individual showers that the other shower house was open... thinking back now, that could have sounded a bit creepy.

    In any case, many youth today seem especially self conscious and have no desire to use the traditional group shower areas.  I agree, I expect every camp will be moving to the individual stalls in the future.

  15. I would have had more sympathy,  but suing 8 and 10 year old boys because they sled into you is not excusable.   It’s one thing to sue adults, he lost any sympathy from me when he named kids in his lawsuit.

    The lawyer that represented the Den Leader is a personal injury lawyer from Buffalo. 

  16. 2 minutes ago, Terasec said:

    No it is not a blanket approval

    approved otc must be listed

    can only administer listed otc meds

    That is not how any Troop or Pack I have been involved with reads that statement.

    @RichardB May have some additional input   

     The statement seems clear:

    YES NO Non-prescription medication administration is authorized with these exceptions:_______________________________________________
    Administration of the above medications is approved for youth by:

    parent’s signature 


    The section above this is to simply list any meds (including OTC) the scout is on.  It is not to limit the OTCs.  Limiting OTCs is done on the exception line.

  17. 40 minutes ago, Terasec said:

    you skipped the line that says

    "Administration of the above medications is approved for youth by: "

    OTC medications youth is taking must be listed

    its not a blanket authorization to administer any OTC meds at will

    Correct.  If the parent signs that line, they are approving blanket OTC except where notes. 100% of the forms that we have received have that signed.   

  18. 3 minutes ago, Terasec said:

    the BSA  medical form I have authorizes camp office to administer the meds its not a blanket authorization for all

    have it in front of me as going to camp on sunday

    this is a BSA local council med form

    " the following medications are available in the camp health office and will be administered at the discretion of the camp medical officer. If approval is ordered by the healthcare provider below"



    The Second page of Part B of the BSA form states

    “Non-prescription medication administration is authorized with these exceptions:_______________________________________________“

    This would apply to the Troop leaders and these forms should be filled out in addition to any local form.




  19. 4 minutes ago, Terasec said:

    check your laws, in most places its against the law to administer such to others, unless its by a parent or certified to do so.

    I only keep such on my personal FAK not in pack accessible FAK,

    Benadryl  does not stop reactions only alleviates symptons and could hinder first responders or other medics diagnosis,


    Health forms should cover this correct?  They state allergies to meds & if you are approved to give over the counter meds.   Most med kits contain Benadryl in wipes or creams.  We have had ER docs in our Troop and we use it all the time if med form doesn’t counterindicate on Benadryl.

    It is correct about use of prescription drugs without a prescription is illegal, Epipens fall into a special category.   As far as Epipens, laws vary by state.  California now allows organizations to get prescriptions for Epipens to use them on people without prescriptions.


    36 states now have laws to allow usage and stocking at entities.



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