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  1. I'm not sure if you are being deliberately stubborn in refusing to understand what I'm saying or if you are just completely unfamiliar with how summer camps and kids work. Homesickness is a well understood phenomenon with kids and sleep away camps of all types. This all assumes you start with the premise that everyone thinks the ideal situation is for the child to stay at camp. Most young kids get homesick occasionally when at camp, even when they are having a great time overall; usually during slow periods and down time and before bed. In general, phone calls home are to be avoid
  2. I'm not talking about a kid having a temper tantrum and "behaving badly", I'm talking about a kid that has worked themselves into a hysteria. It doesn't happen often. I think in 5 years I've only seen 2 boys out of a contingent of 45/year get to this point. But we have at least 1 or 2 per year that end up needing to be coaxed and cajoled into staying through the week and avoiding that phone call home is a big part of keeping them.
  3. Because if they aren't melting down or freaking out we can usually talk them into doing some activity instead of making a call home that is likely to result in them wanting to GO home. "Well, the office is a 10 minute hike away and we are about to go fishing. Why don't you just come fishing with us and then we can talk about it again later and if you still want to call home you can". Almost always they forget by the time fishing is done. But if they are losing their mind, there's usually not much point in trying to persuade, so they walk to the office with a buddy or a buddy an
  4. Anything can be argued. That doesn't mean every argument is a worthwhile argument. I could argue that you are defending your point so forcefully, that you are effectively bullying everyone here who doesn't agree with you by making us feel bad. (I'm not arguing that) But in the legal world, intimidation and threat under the criminal code have fairly specific meanings that are much more restrictive than the words and, "or you'll have to leave" doesn't count. In general, a "Threat" is a communicated intention to either harm or injure someone or damage their property. and "Intim
  5. The Scoutmaster's authority to take a phone (this is not a seizure as seizures are permanent) can come from a couple of sources. 1. If you've done due diligence correctly, you've gotten parental approval in advance to temporarily collect devices or other possessions that aren't being used appropriately. Even in states where children's ownership can't be taken without court authority, parental discipline extends to withholding a device owned by the minor and they can authorize a secondary party to enforce said discipline. (though if it's owned by another parent it's different) 2. Wh
  6. It's not a matter of keeping the kid against their will. It's that when you have a nervous kid that is away from home for the first time, if you can keep them busy and having fun, they don't WANT to go home. But if you let them start talking to mom and dad and thinking about how much they miss them, the kid that was doing just fine and having a great time the first 3 days is suddenly sobbing about how they hate everything and want to be picked up early. It's the same reason that the camp doesn't allow parents to go back to the campsites on "parent night" after the fire-bowl. The kids h
  7. If you've never tried one before, be warned. It's tough to sleep with them on the whole night at first. It took me a good 2 weeks before I could tolerate having it on for more than 2-3 hours, and even now, about 1/3rd the time I wake up after 5-6 hours and have to release it. But even with that, it's great. It was SO nice to be able to wake up and walk without a limp for the first minute or two every morning.
  8. Just remember with whichever one you choose, if you are camping and it's below about 50 degrees at night, take your fuel canister to bed with you and keep it inside your sleeping bag. Makes it much easier to get it up and burning for the morning coffee/tea.
  9. They aren't allowed for our boys and girls. I know some kids sneak one in their bag and use it at night, but other than that, or for kids that have some specific medical need for it, they aren't allowed. We also explicitly tell new scout parents that they should NOT plan on talking to their kids during the week of camp and if somehow the kid calls them, they should try and disengage and get off the phone ASAP because the longer the kid is on the phone, the more likely homesickness will become a problem.
  10. Ahh. Yes, that would be problematic. In my troop every adult is (at a minimum) required to do the position specific training. But from there, there is little guidance provided to new adult leaders from experienced ones. I think this probably is a part of why we do still have some issues getting adults to back off and let the kids actually run things. We have a couple adult leaders that really think their job is to "keep the boys/girls on task".
  11. I think this is a function of stupid rules and inconsistent programming. One can only read just so much stupidity before you starting thinking "Hell, if just this part that I've read is asinine, why bother with the rest?"
  12. If it starts to flare up again, consider getting a Strassburg Sock to take with you. It's a lightweight version of a "night splint". Keeping the achilles tendon stretched out during the night makes a huge difference for me on whether or not I have pain during the day.
  13. Ok, I must be remembering what I was told at a University of Scouting then, rather than it being something I read because I know for sure that's what the instructor there was telling people. Well, that's good, I never liked the whole idea of "You should try not to, but can if you must", because it always made me feel like I was being an ass when I would tell a scout they should ask someone else. (Yes, our troop generally makes the scouts track adults down for a BOR)
  14. Is this a recent change? Last I remember reading this I would have sworn that while the Scoutmaster was specifically not permitted to be on the Board of Review, the participation of ASMs was only discouraged and could be permitted if no other option was available.
  15. Well, it's a little different at competitions. They use a material that is ridiculously thin, and usually at least 1-2 if not 3-4 sizes smaller than what a person would normally wear. And those suits are only expect to last a season or maybe two, and only for competition, not practice.
  16. When I was a lifeguard and aquatic manager most of the women wore red running shorts over their swimsuits and the patch went on that. I'd never suggest that someone try and attach a patch to a spandex women's swimsuit. They are expensive and I'd be worried about the possibility of creating a weak spot in the material. But since I'm not a tailor, I could be totally off about the likelihood of that causing a problem
  17. Huh. They might have "said" they were just in it to have fun, but I wonder if that was just because that was the "proper" answer for girls. Because all the girls I've met in competitive sports are every bit as driven as the boys, and often far more physically aggressive in the realm of fouls, body checks & underwater shenanigans (water polo).
  18. The one time I had to resuscitate anyone it was a little girl (about 9-10) who had been submerged for less than a minute or so. She was unconscious and not breathing, but had a pulse. When I gave her the two rescue breaths, it stimulated a convulsion/spasm in the lungs that expelled a large portion of the water and allowed her to start breathing again.
  19. I didn't think this was new science. That's what they told me through 10 years of lifeguard training in the 90s. It's the reason why you were always trained to give the first round of breathing and CPR with kids, THEN go call help, as opposed to with adults, you call help first, then start treatment. With kids, it's often just a respiratory stoppage and the chances of actually getting them back up and running with an immediate intervention are much higher than with adults where all you are really hoping to do is keep their blood moving until paramedics arrive to take them for advan
  20. Well, by "troop" I meant the 3 troop scouter MBCs who do the Cooking MB in the troop. I didn't mean it was actually a troop policy.
  21. While on a trail hike or backpacking trip, prepare and serve two meals and a snack from the menu planned for this requirement Actually, you have two options. Option 1: Prepare two different meals for the same lunch. Example: You have a lunch of cold sandwiches on your menu and a dinner of Beef Stew. So you divide your hiking group in half and serve sandwiches to half and beef stew to the other half. Option 2: Prepare one meal on two different hikes. The key thing is that you need to serve two of the meals off the prepared menu, while on a hike or backpacking trip. (my t
  22. One thing that can be important for older scouts is to make sure they are periodically reminded that if their schedule doesn't easily permit the time required to serve in a Position of Leadership, they can opt to carry out a Scoutmaster approved "Leadership Project" instead. Given the intense variety of thing high schoolers are involved in, it may be that doing a leadership project would be better than half-assing it as ASPL or Patrol Leader when their meeting attendance is sure to be spotty.
  23. Keep in mind that completing this requirement doesn't require a backpacking camp-out. Our troop sometimes schedules a 10 mile hike during lunch on our normal weekend camp-outs for the express purpose of letting scouts working on the cooking badge prepare a meal.
  24. It's not a superiority complex, it's a deliberate effort to tell people "Don't let your girls join Scouts USA or they might get molested. Just look at the news!!!"
  25. I understand the thinking of people that go with the 24 month interpretation, and outside of my own troop, if someone wants to go that way I don't mind. EXCEPT, there is this nasty tendency amongst some scouters in my neck of the woods to take an "interpretation" and then start promoting it as "The BSA Rule"; and that I object to.
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