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  1. This info came from ScoutingWire: June 4, 2021 Over the last year, we have seen the Scouting community come together, even while being physically apart, to bring solutions, relief and comfort to those in need. Scouting continues to be a vital partner for communities across the country. The value of Scouting is undeniable for those within the program and the greater public, and the Boy Scouts of America is committed to continuing to offer this unmatched opportunity to young people and families nationwide. It is important that we all reach out to Scouting families who might h
  2. Dear Cynical: ''Voter Fraud' was an off the cuff comment from a couple of others. They were thinking of it as making a group of members (the quorum) vote on something of which they had no knowledge and therefore were not informed voters. The questions asked last year proved that part, and it is logical they would NOT have any knowledge.
  3. I've canvassed twelve Church CO's in my area...and none of them, like you, has never heard of such a thing. This came from those I described earlier, Staff, Council, and Elected Leaders...who had never heard of a Church CO preparing a TAX-deductible receipt for a donor and of course, using the non-profit Tax-ID number of the Church. It just happened to have come about when they had just learned about the 'own' concept of the CO's. They became paranoid that some 'irregularity' in the Troop Funds...would trigger the IRS resulting in an audit of the CHURCH....and' jokin
  4. mrjohns2: Thank you for checking...but where then was the 'word' own that was the impetus for a contentious meeting with Staff, Clergy, Church Council...." I remember when the President at that time came up to us and waved/shoved the Charter in my husbands face...yes...and yelled something about didn't you and the other past presidents even read this before you signed it?..........................pertaining to the word 'own'... My husband had served two terms as President and also two terms as President at a nearby Lutheran Church whose Troop is managed by themselves was a Scout, all
  5. I have never heard a thing about Council Execs wanting to have direct control of Units. Why ever would they? Directions and 'suggestions' are plentiful to tell Troops 'how to do everything'. However: It should be common sense that each Troop is a bit different than the next one. Size, funding, volunteers, location, etc. and the 'management' are all up for 'adjustment' depending upon such variables. Council Execs could never keep up with the differences.
  6. Well, it was in the Charter Agreement about 2013...that is when some unknowledgable guys went ballistic when they read that word. And it has been paranoia ever since.
  7. Hello out there...our 'Church' recently decided to put the Annual Budget of the Troop on the ballot for voting on at the Annual Meeting after 50+ years. This 'group' recently learned that to give a donor to the Troop a tax-deductible receipt, the Church (the CO) had to include their Tax ID number and a few of them went 'ballistic'...thinking that any 'irregularities' in the Troop Funds would flag the IRS leaving the Church open for an audit....!! This is S.O.P. for all non-profits, of course. It is my understanding that this has also been S.O.P. forever for Troops
  8. Sorry to be so dense, but what are all these 'waves of lawsuits' you mention? I thought bankruptcy had a deadline as to claims. Documenting Troops, etc...documenting what? So people are now going to start suing the Charter Organizations where the 'issue' occured? I thought that was covered by the BSA Umbrella..... We've had the discussion wondering what would stop a family from suing the place where the Facilities are used. So not being the CO wouldn't make any difference.
  9. The word 'own' was near the top of the Charter Agreement that used around 2010. The experienced Adults had an abstract/literal interpretation of what that meant. However, when our Council and Staff became loaded with those with zero knowledge of the policies and procedures of the BSA...they went bisurek! Our District Rep. made THREE visits to the Committee meeting to...try....to explain the umbrella liability coverage. We then moved to the extreme with the term 'OWNS and OPERATES' being used. This exemplary Troop of 50 years has functioned well for over 50 years of autonomy but with a c
  10. Our Troop is rather large...we have 16 newbies signed up since about March. So...in some places those youth...and their parents are still coming. I'm glad of that...because I believe it is unethical to punish the innocent for the sins of the guilty.
  11. So: Are you all saying that Districts may have their 'own' Charter Agreement not the National?
  12. I am still here...sorry...needing to see copies of the last 5 versions of the Charter Agreement. Someone must have these or know where to find them. Thanks
  13. I have also read that from now on, it is the District that 'owns' the Troop, the gear, and the Funds, if necessary. Finally, they got it right.
  14. After about 60 years following Scouting, I have never heard of folks thinking that the Boy Scout Troop they sponsored was an extension of the 'church'. They do NOT need to oversee the Scout Program..hopefully, they do not. 'Owned and Operated' is not appropriate and very, very few Churches would have the manpower to 'Own and Operate'. It is also a bit 'dangerous' when the Staff person and even their Councils consist of folks who have no knowledge or working experience of the BSA program...procedures, policies, and programs. Being a 'Cub Scout' once...does not an expert make. This is wha
  15. I am very challenged in being able to 'open' a pdf. that I can copy and email. A poster stated that he had copies of about 10 versions of the Charter Agreement. Is there a way that I could also view them? thanks
  16. Does anyone know when the word 'own' was taken out of the Charter Agreement?
  17. It is my understanding that the increased fees are mainly due to the increase in the costs of liability coverage for the Staffs at Summer Camps, etc. and that it is not connected to the 'costs' of the bankruptcy.
  18. Hello. I am just curious as to how it works when the Church is not the CO but the Troop uses its facilities. Did the Church refuse to Charter because of 'liability'? We recently had a similar go-round with our Church and our Troop....we are strong advocates of both by the way...but Church leadership has not been given valid info, thus the discussion.
  19. Our Troop is chartered with our Church and when those unfamiliar with BSA policies, etc, saw the word 'own' in the prior Charters, some went ballistic and moved in the direction of 'Owned and Operated' by the Church...Long story, major distress. So: where is that Agreement with the word 'own' in it? If outdated, when did that happen? We are strong advocates of Boy Scouting. Now I read here that there are many versions of the 'Charter Agreement' and am rather confused. Isn't there just one? I do not recall any memos coming regarding the 'changes' in the Agreement year after year. A
  20. Our BS Troop has been successful with fund drives.  We now have a small Girls' Troop.   The Church Administrator is planning to take $4000 from the Troop funds to purchase gear for the Girls.   Is this right??

  21. Our Lutheran Church has charted the Boy Scout Troop for nearly 50 yrs. now. About 8 years ago, with some new Staff and some new Council members...none of whom were familiar with the Program, caught the word 'own' in the Charter, and nothing has been the same since. They actually almost did not renew the Charter at one point !....major chaos. This is a stellar Troop with about 30 Eagles and more on the way. Never a 'financial' crisis or incident...etc. But these few have over-done the concept of being 'responsible' for the Troop...at one point THEY were actually going to start running the
  22. I cannot fathom a Troop being able to do this. The liability alone is the biggest obstacle. And the Adult members come and go...a Board?
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