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  1. I’m behind. Does this ‘new’ Charter-arrangement apply only to UMC sponsored(?) Troops?
  2. Our 50 year old Troop 618...with about 70 boys and 15 girls....was ditched by those spreading false information and inciting paranoia enough that the Council has just voted to stop Chartering....50 years. Pardon my sermon here, but in the eyes of God, no one sin is worse than another....that idea comes from us. So: Abuse of a young man and lies and false witness to get rid of a 50 year Troop...are both sins. We recoil at the 'abuse' one but look away at the other one. .......... A Nearby Lutheran Church somewhat accidently received word of the need of a CO for this Troop....and they
  3. 50% reduction in membership?.... You mean in the 'Catholic Church'?
  4. Thank you. This is what i have been told by LDS neighbors in Scouting. I would just say that if it is really an LDS Youth Meeting, it is NOT a Boy Scout Meeting and is deceptive in calling it that. *****-For what it’ I suppose if a particular non-LDS kid were engaging in particularly disruptive behavior, then at some point we may have had to pull the plug; but I never saw anything like that happen.***** I am a bit puzzled about your comment here above: So are you saying that if an LDS Scout was engaging in particularly disruptive behavior they would NOT dismissed?
  5. The program IS the safest it has ever been. Our experience was that those 'Attorneys' have NO clue of what is really happening....nor does anyone. "..distancing from Boy Scouting'..?? no reason..........
  6. Since when do we 'require' that Scouts must participate in Church activities??.....They have joined the BSA NOT the Church !!! Chartering means Sponsoring....which obviously now has 17 explainations as to how WE all think that is supposed to work... Do you really not want YOUR Scouts to be around Protestants? If so, I think you have a problem.
  7. Our Troop of 50 years has had no claims of abuse...and input from all former Scoutmasters and COR's has validated that. So this fear about not being covered by the insurance of the BSA simply was not a factor inthe decision to 'dump' this Troop of 70. Your statement that the BSA insurance ONLY clicks in after that of the CO's...is contrary to what we have been told by our Council...Taking more control over the Scout Troops does WHAT exactly? It has no connection to any 'funny business' or 'damage', etc. that may occur.
  8. There are clearly two very different takes on this. The BSA is considered a Community Youth Program....not a Catholic youth ministry. It IS a ministry of course...but THE program in NOT a Catholic one or a Lutheran one, it is one that respects and encourages religious beliefs and participation. I cannot fathom that parents who practice THEIR faith in one denomination are going to accept having their Scout become part of another denomination just so he can be in the Program. it becomes discriminatory which I thought we were supposed to teaching non-discrimination. Exposure to different p
  9. Whereever have you found an official statement stating that a Church CO CAN require that the Scouts be of the same denomination? Horrible! That was done only by the Mormons because THEY made the Scout program part of their youth programs. If you were a member and the 'bishop' told you you would now be the Instructor for sky-diving, you had to comply or lose your TR etc. Do you NOT realize that Scouts have their own denominations..?? It would be the end of Scouting if this was done. It is contrary to ALL the principles in the program since its inception.
  10. I understand that Troops are allowed very little in 'selective membership'. Atheists are not allowed to join of course because the Policy is that the Scout must believe in a power higher than himself. Although they lie and get in anyway. Of course, if you are an atheist, you operate on different values anyway. A Scout with a history of being 'trouble'...is not automatically allowed to join either. Other than that, any selectivity in membership would be quite contrary to the policies of the Program.
  11. Are you certain that there ARE 'waves of lawsuits'?....And, are not the CO's covered by the umbrella policies of the Council?
  12. Thanks for your opinion although it reveals that you are greatly mistaken about the 'Christianity' of the Boy Scouts Program of the USA. The requirement is that a Scout must have a belief in a higher power. For a long time, the majority were those who believed in the 'Christian God'. The values and principles of the program align well with Christian teachings....but also with Jewish, Hindu, Muslim teachings...all who have a belief in a higher power than themselves. Atheists are not eligible although we KNOW of Scouts and Adults who lied to get in. There are Troops that are all Jewish or
  13. Well done. Your examples here reveal the range of the 'interpretation' of Charter Instructions. Our experience with three Lutheran churches has been more of the first example...but the fourth and latest, more like the last example...all from having church leadership be people who have NO clue about the program, its policies, programs or how it is managed !! "We don't have the Staff to run the Troop' so it must go"...and it has and picked up by a nearby Lutheran Church, much smaller, but with a huge Gym and they are thrilled and honored to do so. The Pastor is familiar with Scouting...as
  14. But there MUST be a more clear definition of what 'use' really means...and it will be somewhat different for each CO...I still refer to Churches, here. We 'use' the Scouts to do some landscape work every year...does that work? I guess I shall remain dense because I cannot fathom how a Church can 'set up' the Program of a Scout Troop. They can oversee it, of course. We always have had a couple of male members who 'guide' these outdoor projects. What to do...where, etc? But does this say that the Executive Church Committee, picks out the Camp for the Summer every year? Does the CO decid
  15. The CO is NOT required to use their Troop as part of THEIR Youth Mission. It can stand by itself. 'Use'...does NOT automatically mean 'run' it. It means that it 'uses' it...in some way...to further Youth Ministries. Just by being the C O and supporting the BSA they ARE supporting Youth. You must realize that all Troops are 'different'...the size, the location...rural or urban...what part of the US...any volunteers from the CO...or are they all parents? The Charter is worded such that any of these situations can mold their Troop to fit the situation. After 50 years, we find now tha
  16. Apparently there is a 'second' type of 'self-charter' wherein the Board applies for Non-profit status and obtains a Tax ID number. This is what our Troop is considering. But so many questions...Two DE's have adamantly advised against doing this and just reading a few posts on Forums seems to back up the advice that 'you don't want to do this'. But: A 'Board' has formed themselves and is moving rapidly with the paper work before March 31 when the extended Charter expires. Concerns are about assets, particulary the funds. Concerns about just 'who' is the boss....the Scoutmaster or the Boa
  17. This is a very old thread and i was expecting to find a current one. We need info !! Our Troop of 50 years has been Chartered by an ELCA Lutheran Church. It has about 70 Youth and is exemplary! But with Church Leadership having zero knowledge of Scouting, they have decided that the Charter says: They own it AND They RUN it....and 'they' do not have people or time to do that so out it goes !!....black and white, dangerous thinkers.... So they will no longer sign the Charter and we need to find a new CO ASAP. They say they did not 'know' that the Troop would be disbanded Dec. 31...even
  18. I did exhaustive research with no results. And the input from helpful Scouters here does not match with each other. There are X different Charters...no, there are Y different Charters...No, I have copies of 5, which the other guy said didn't exist.....etc. The National BSA now answers NOTHING...but refer inquirers to their Local Districts which also do not have answers. So: Mr. Johns2: What should I do next?
  19. "Most of them have sponsored units for various altruistic reasons -- they want to support scouts or youth or the community." """ Hopefully, the church CO has enough factual info to be aware of the value of the program. It is a 'youth' ministry, but having it be a 'Lutheran Youth Ministry' is inappropriate and doesn't work...because then the Youth Minister and all the power-crazies assume that they then RUN the Troop. After 50 years of an exemplary Troop of about 70 youth, our Council has voted to dump the Charter !! Those with zero knowledge have preached that if we 'own' it, then we m
  20. Our Troop of 70 began 'chipping trees and wreaths' at least ten years ago and make more than enough for the years' budget needs...providing many scholorships as well. A neighbor whose business uses 'chippers' loans the chippers to us and then receives a donor receipt of agreed upon value which he then uses with his taxes. The trees are dropped off at the back of the Church. Everyone even close to the back of the church MUST wear safety googles, covered arms and gloves. Only Adults actually run the chipper unless there is a pile of smaller branches that accumulates and senior scouts with a
  21. "Same. So we don’t go to far into swapping names and addresses, maybe a mechanism to keep it on the downlow, too. " Our Troop's fundraiser each year is getting use of a chipper donated and then advertising for Christmas tree recycling....done in the Church's back property. It raises more than enough for the activities and Scout scholarships where they are needed. The Background check fee is covered by the Troop.
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