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  1. I do not know the feasibility of this for everyone (based on sizes of units and area), but my son's Troop he just joined held a uniform "swap" day. The older Scouts brought in their smaller uniforms and donated them to be given out. The younger/new Scouts were able to get full uniforms and some extra stuff (like a really nice winter coat). Maybe this is something you could look into. Understand that this was actually someone's WB ticket item and that is why it happened.
  2. I am little late to this convo, but I just wanted to make sure I understand this correctly..."There is no (realistic) way to know who is a MBC within a District/Council to allow a Scout to go an earn the MB"...does this sound about right? I am asking because my son is now in Boy Scouts and he is SUPER excited about everything Boy Scouts has to offer. He has read through a lot of the MB possibilities and some of the requirements for them. He then said he REALLY wants to earn the Chess MB. Then I think to myself, "I HIGHLY doubt there is anyone in the troop/district/council that would be the MB
  3. So, we tried the route of talking to the COR, but they decided that since the CC started acting like they were going to do their job....they could stay. My issue with that is we had so many issues before the CC left and things were better while the CC was gone. Once the CC came back they started doing the following; Micromanaging jobs that I am responsible for Telling people what to do, when they were doing it already as they are supposed to while the CC was gone Disrespecting my wife and I about everything Telling everyone that they were going to do jobs that are clearly my job, which
  4. We knew that we could not actually make her leave. For us it was not a matter of removing her at that point, it was more of a please step down or we will go to the COR and ask that you be removed because of how you are treating us and the other parents. It was a courtesy to the CC, that is it. Our COR did not appoint the CC, the CC decided they were going to be the CC and the COR didn't argue. That CC also did not communicate with the COR, or anyone for that matter for a whole year. We were certain the COR would have agreed with us, just never got there.
  5. When my son was a Webelos last year, we had a first responder come in and talk to the kids. They showed them a lot of cool things and talked about a good portion of what they had to do for that adventure. Then the DL talked to the kids about the different things that were not covered. I recently just did a Webelosree and set it up so that station where the 4th graders did the first-aid, they talked about it, demonstrated it, then they played a variation of the first responder relay found in the den leader guidebook. This allowed the Scouts to learn using the EDGE method. In my opinion, that is
  6. So last night, my wife an I decided to step down from our Treasurer and CM positions as well as pulling our son from our pack and moving him for the last 5 months of his Cub Scout life, all stemming from issues with the CC being disrespectful for the last time. It really makes me upset that issues with our committee chair drove us to leave and affect our son like this. My wife an I took over from the now CC who was the CM almost 2 years ago. The pack was slowly falling apart and the kids were not having any fun. Potential new parents were told to not join the pack and a lot of people were read
  7. Reading this makes me hopeful for our youth. A lot of parents try and force their kids on everything and never let them make mistakes to learn from. My son is working on his AOL right now and I can see the Scouts become more and more independent. They planned most of a hike, with the help of the adults last year, and they ran most of the trip. The only thing we did was interject when they said they wanted go up a path that, "looked cool" and they wanted to know where it went (it was an animal trail and they couldn't follow it). Many parents do not give their kids a chance to fail at things tha
  8. I have been trying to figure out a way to show the Scouts about Woof'ems. The logistics of making the roasting stick seems easy enough, but just never did it. I found this website; http://www.madetobeamomma.com/woofem-campfire-treat/, which has a way to make a desert kind of thing, but could also be changed to a meal type. That could be something you could teach at RT for those that don't know what a Woof'em is and how to make the sticks.
  9. @@judybsa, so the Den leader is supposed to plan to have the Scouts do an activity but not help them with planning it? If that is what should happen, then that works. I will just make sure my Den Leader understands that (I am the CM). Thank you for the help.
  10. So my son is working on this Arrow of Light award and one of the requirements for an adventure states, "Show that you are an active leader by planning an activity without your den leader's help." My question is, how is this something that can be done. The den leader must plan each meeting and if the Scouts are planning something how can they accomplish this?
  11. Awesome, I found a bigger one for cheap and will probably get that to use. Thanks for the help everyone! I can't wait to use them this weekend A camping we will go, a camping we will go...hi ho the derry o a camping we will go!!
  12. Starting this up one more time What dimensions of mosquito netting do I need to get to cover a cot. I have seen the premade stuff, but I am making my own frame like the one @@TAHAWK showed me. Thanks in advanced! Forgot to mention, I found this (https://www.walmart.com/ip/DISCONTINUED-PER-VENDOR-12-21/46164505) but feel as though it is too small
  13. My pack was already doing it when I joined. I ensured it started when I became the Cubmaster. My son started his Webelos rank when I became the CM, so it was easy to just suggest the Den Leader start working with the boys on their patrol name. Now that the Arrow of Light makes it a requirement, it should be easier to have the Webelos decide in 4th grade.
  14. I have seen no one leave because of the ban. I know it was an issue, but then died out. People my area seem to not care about it. Personally, I do not know why it was a big deal...then again I grew up with people who were gay.
  15. My real vote is Tim Hortons....but I have moved away from my home state and don't have one near me
  16. This is what bothers me about people. What is happening with my family is that they are going out, while I am at work, to different places that they may or may not have gone to and enjoying the place (i.e. Botanical Gardens). They stay there and enjoy their surroundings and catch Pokémon along the way. They are not just staring at the phone, they stop when they find something and get it and move on. This is what we can only hope happens with everyone else. I know there are people who will just stare at their phone and wander around not looking at anything else while in a place that invites yo
  17. So does all the other apps people put on their phones. I say sort of like geocache because there are points on the map that you go to and makes people go to places they normally would not. Our local Botanical Gardens is full of Pokéstops and a ton of Pokémon...this is causing people to go that normally would not. The map may be like GPS maps, but there are things off the path that make people go to them. Plus people will wander around trying to find a certain Pokémon. People already do it at this large park, that is just a giant hill, with a pond and playground areas, so it is not
  18. It kind of works like a geocache kind of thing and I could see it working in a way where the Scouts could mark it on a map. However, the game does not allowed other players to interact....yet I thought of one major negative...people leaving trails to chase down Pokémon....
  19. So what do you all think about Scouts and Pokémon Go? For those of you who do not know, you walk around and Pokémon will pop up wherever you are. The Pokémon you get will depend on your location. So if the Scout is on a hike and they have the app open, they will find Pokémon. I know they always say to not bring electronics, but kids find a way...so again, what do you all think about it?
  20. Well I just realized...I am not only looking for Tidewater Council, but also Princess Anne District...probably should have mentioned that huh??
  21. Question to all the Scouters out there. Who is apart of the Tidewater Council in VA? I ask because I am planning this year's Webelosree and wanted to push out the event this way as well as the other ways I am already doing.
  22. I am with MrBob, just talk with the Den leader for the "AOL" scouts and see if they are willing to take him into their den. You should do it soon though, there are a lot of dens who are already working on the adventures.
  23. @@Richard....the fact that both sites exist on Scouting irks me. My site came from a quick Google search. Thank you for the info.
  24. @@RichardB Yes it was an approved camping place for Cub Scouts. We camped and the reason I asked for clarification on what to do with the boating was because it was free time that I cannot control what parents do with their kids. The reason we asked is because Guide to safe Scouting specifically states that "Safe Swim Defense does not apply to boating or water activities such as waterskiing or swamped boat drills that are covered by Safety Afloat guidelines" and Safety Afloat Guidelines (http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/HealthandSafety/Aquatics/safety-afloat.aspx) says "Cub Scout activities
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