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  1. I just recently finished my last weekend of Wood Badge and my patrol's project was information regarding non-advancement awards. As a joke one of my patrol-mates said I should do a website for the project...so I did. Now that Wood Badge is over, I wanted to put the site here to see what people think of it and so others can know about the different awards that they may not even know exist. Any feedback is welcome. Here is the website: wb2016eagleproject.webs.com
  2. @@Stosh, thank you makes sense. I decided as a Cubmaster that we need DC to help us prepare the Scouts for Boy Scouts and just want to make sure I do everything I can to ensure it is a successful program for my pack.
  3. So, I have a question about the Den Chief program. I know the council puts on normal Den Chief training that the Scouts have to attend to be considered trained and earn the Den Chief Award. However, I was told that normally when a Cub Scout pack takes on a Den Chief, they should put on training for the Scouts to ensure they have an understanding of the Cub Scout program and how the pack runs. Has anyone ever heard of this? I just want to make sure my pack does this all correctly so both the pack and the older Scouts are fully prepared for the program.
  4. Ahh, I guess I misunderstood the point of it all. Leadership wise, I say find those Eagle Millennial scouts and get them into the leadership position worked for me. My Assistant Cub Master is slightly younger than me and was an Eagle. He has a lot to learn about being outgoing and being in front of kids in the manner I am, but he is slowly getting there. After that I really believe it is about finding the gems that are active even though they are not a leader, then tagging them for leadership positions. I am at the Cub Scout level (for now) so my experience is a little different than most of y
  5. @dilrod I was told that the Lions would not be participating with the pack at all (at least that is the guidance). Is this not the guidance given?
  6. That is the thing...I can make up my mind all day long, but if I do not have the support of the other leaders to do this crazy new thing than it would be more work for me. The guidance from council is that an experienced leader is the leader of the Lions and I don't know if I can do that without another leader saying they would do it. Apparently, they are highly recommended to NOT go to pack meetings because of how young they are...
  7. I am in no way a millennial mold...I feel like I could have been if I had not been through the things I have been through though. However, I understand them (for the most part). It is not about recruiting millennial parents or in your council's case minorities, it is about recruiting their kids. Yes, the parents have the final say on what their child does, but at some point the parent will cave and allow their kid to the be a kid and enjoy scouting for what it is. When my son joined, he joined because I made him. However, he wouldn't leave it for anything now. He enjoys the time with friends a
  8. I think saying just talk to them was a little to vague. What I really mean is to talk to them about all the important things the kids can learn and how they will learn it. I use the new program slogan of Putting the Outing back in Scouting all the time. Kids need to be outside and parents know this. They do not mind their kids being inside, but would rather get them outside and doing something important. Scouting gets them this and more. It is really how you "pitch" it to the family. I am pretty sure I guilt tripped a couple parents to sign their kids up after talking with the parents while th
  9. Ummm...I am a Millennial and I joined on my own. Also, I already know how to reach the parents in my age group...however, I do not know how to reach the people who are older than me (40s) because they are older with kids that are my son's age and they just want to move past these ages with nothing added on (from what I can see). Very odd that they would make a training class on how to reach people like myself...just talk to them, it is easy... Also, "How to recruit children of Millennial parents" is part of the syllabus...BAH HA HA HA HA...that is too funny...you want to know how to do tha
  10. Well it is official, my council has been approved to bring in Lion Scouts next year...I am still not sure how I feel about this. I understand why they are doing it and think it is a good idea...IF it is done right and IF the parents are as involved as they need to be to be successful. I am the CM for my pack and I was wondering what you all thought about my leaders and I voting on whether or not we want to actually bring in Lion scouts or if we want to pass on it, since it is so new.
  11. I have looked an looked and looked, to no avail. Therefor, I will post here in hopes of finding a resolution...here goes. I am the Cubmaster for my son's pack, my wife is a Committee member. When we came onboard, we were informed that our CO is not helpful in any way and that our council has been informed about this, with nothing being done about it (from our former Cubmaster). We had personality issues with out former Cubmaster, so we chalked it up to their issue, not the CHURCH. My wife and I had a sit down meeting with the CO rep and the pastor to establish a relationship with them. Eve
  12. My advice for you would be to talk to your Chartered Organization representative with your CM and CC, if they do not already know (or you are not one of them). From there voice your concern about the leader and ensure they understand everything that is going on. It is the responsibility of the CC and Chartered Organization representative to select leaders, as well as remove them if necessary. It will be a long hard battle, but in the long run it will be better for everyone. I hope this helps.
  13. My son did a major portion of this when he went to a Scout day at a museum here where we live. They built an underwater craft that moved around and picked things up and the kids lost their minds. I would check the places around your area to see if they have scout programs that would offer those things. It is all about fun for the kids to get them to do things that they think are boring.
  14. @Stosh This would be for the Webelo-ree, would I make groups of 8 to make a full patrol at the Webelo-ree? On transitioning; I am the Cubmaster for my son's pack, and I am hope that my WDL knows how to transition the boys over. However, I cannot be sure. Is there anything I can do to ensure the boys are transitioned properly? My son is a Webelos and will be working on his AOL next year. I don't want him to be lost when he gets to Boy Scouts and really want him to continue. Anything I can do to help him and the other boys I want to do. Any suggestions?
  15. Not sure if you all have seen this, but even in an organization like Scouting, this still applies; https://www.ted.com/talks/simon_sinek_why_good_leaders_make_you_feel_safe?language=en
  16. @Stosh That makes perfect sense...while I am not the WDL, I am involved with the den because my son is a Webelos scout and I see them making decisions all on their own. It is sometimes crazy, but nothing too crazy. I like the idea you gave and will definitely use it. Would you recommend each patrol have a Boy Scout with them for assistance? I am not really sure on the patrol organization and all that, I have only been in Cub Scouts.
  17. I came up with an idea for this that would last the weekend, I figure this is the best place as any to throw it out and get some input... I will be attending Wood Badge soon and was looking at the program and what I would be doing. I noticed that we will become a patrol of sorts and function as one, which got me thinking. What if on the first day I take all the scouts together and have them find X number of kids they do not know and stand in X number of groups. Then I make them each a patrol of sorts and the next days activities are all patrol based. This would be two fold; 1) the
  18. I hear this word burn out thrown around all the time. I hear other leaders from other packs say that they are just baby sitters too. I hear a lot of things and I am "new" to scouting. I really feel like it is those parents who decide sports are more important than scouting and try and juggle scouting/basketball/baseball/football/swim/lacrosse/(anything else)...of course you will get burned out. I understand sports are important and everyone has their own opinion on what is important to them, but I really feel like making a kindergarten level rank will help, not hurt, the burn out. As someone s
  19. Yeah, I found that, first thing I found. The first pin, that does not say bronze/silver/gold, exists on scoutstuff (when you search for the SKU). However, the other pins does not exist. I checked at my local scout shop and they have the three bronze/silver/gold pins, but not the regular pin...I am just wondering if they changed it without updating that page or if I am just crazy...or both...
  20. I feel like I am blowing up this forum ever since I joined it...but I have so many questions My question is this; does anyone know what pin scouts and scouters will receive when they earn their Emergency Preparedness? The application has a pin with SKU 540, but the scout store only has the bronze/silver/gold. However, if you search scoutstuff for the bronze/silver/gold, they do not exist, only the pin with SKU 540. I want the make sure the kids/leaders get the right thing, but some of this stuff is so cloudy EPA is getting suspicious...
  21. Sounds like a plan to me...now I just need to convince my wife that the time I will be spending doing this is worth it
  22. Well I have taken like 4 project management classes for my degrees and have organized large events for various reasons. Hopefully that helps me. All that seems like what I expect from a big event like this
  23. I have a question, and I know I will get plenty of help. I am thinking about volunteering to coordinate my district's Webelo-ree in the fall and wanted to see if anyone can provide insight as to what this would mean for me, regarding what I would have to do. Our roundtable leader told me that the district has plenty of help to get it going, but I want to know what I need to do. I want this to happen because they do not have a coordinator, just want to make sure I am not getting in over my head. Thanks in advance for any help that may come
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