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  1. However, everything we were given an the Cub Scout program was still saying we could not do Canoeing. Everything we looked at said the same thing. Those specific things could only be done at the district/council level. We could never do it as a den or pack. I had to get clarification for this last fall when we did our fall local campout and we were going to be a place that had canoes and paddle boats. I informed our district executive that we do about a half day of free time and that the parents would most likely do it (I was one of them). He said to just inform them that if any of the parents
  2. So has anyone else seen this or heard anything about this? http://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2016/05/05/cub-scouts-swimming-and-boating/ I would hope that something from Scouting Magazine is legitimate, but you cannot be too careful. I didn't really see anything on the BSA website and just thought I would start here (since our Roundtable is not till next Tuesday).
  3. A little late to this post as well, but just saw the reply and wanted to put my .02 cents in I have been doing my line of work for nearly 15 years. I have changed enough in my field that when I start to feel tired of doing the thing I enjoy, it becomes interesting again. For me I am able to change my expertise in my field of work, but Scouts and volunteers can only change so much about a program. When a program becomes stagnant people invested in those programs become bored or burned out with what they are doing. Sure you can still enjoy helping those who are apart of the program, but it
  4. We recently had a family campout and there was a new baby. As I was walking around talking to the families, I noticed a mom feeding her baby. I just kept walking and didn't make a big deal about it. No one said anything, no one had any issues, and it didn't cause a major problem like this. The SM should have let it go. I really do not understand why people make a big deal about feeding a baby. I side with the mom as well.
  5. @@TAHAWK....thank you this is a lot of help. I feel like less of a noob already
  6. I feel like such a scouting noob when I read all your posts about lashing and knots and all the things I have no idea how to do. I am still trying to learn it all, but holy wow... With all that in mind, I have a question based off of all the posts... Do I build two "T" frames to tie to the cot? Or is it more of a "TT" type frame? I have read posts that say if the net is touching you that you would still get bit...not trying to be eaten alive while I sleep...and yes we have WAY to many mosquitos in Pipsico...and yes they love me and find me to eat me EVERYTIME I go...
  7. The online training has changed drastically. It is about 4 hours long and if you do the in seat training it is like 6 hours long. If I knew about the in seat training when I started I would have just done that so I could ask all the questions I wanted. But I agree people complain about doing training that is necessary for them to understand the program a little better and keep their kids safe.
  8. Wow, well I hope it does not come to that. I will be talking with my parents over the next few months and try and find my replacement on my own. If the new Scout year starts and I still don't have anyone, then I will have to make a general announcement. I don't think it will fold, mainly because the CC has been with the pack since her son was a Cub like 8-9 years ago. She basically said she will be with it forever...except she is the reason people are leaving so we will see what happens. Thanks for the help on that one
  9. We may have other parents, but all of them either already volunteered to be a leader (only DL) or just hide from volunteering to do things. I am at a point now where our advancement chair wants to step down to be the ADL to the Webelos and asked another parent to take over. The problem is that parent never helps and talks loudly while other are doing the work to make things fun for her son...I am VERY skeptical with letting her become a leader. If she does not do it then what?!?
  10. My only concern is that the CC is our former CM and she does not want to do it, she also does not want the pack to die (I do not either). She never did anything worthwhile during pack meetings and never planned anything extra nor did she communicate with the parents very well. I feel guilty because I feel bad for the kids in that pack because they may lose interest if no one steps up and the CC has to take over as CM...
  11. Here is what kills me with all of this. People read the black and white and think there is no other way to get it done. Take the carnival for instance. Part of the Cubmaster information suggests something along the lines of "Allow your Bear den to put on their Carnival" for a certain pack meeting. I knew about it in advanced and asked our Bear DL multiple times if they were ready. Then I just let the DL host the carnival at her house (because she asked to do it that way) in her back yard and the younger scouts who could attend did. In fact some of the participants were younger siblings. A carn
  12. Well apparently I the bad person for saying up front that I will be leaving with my son at the end of next year...I will be leaving and they know it...not sure if they are willing to accept it yet though
  13. Agree with Jackdaws...it is really bad. A pack NEEDs a Cubmaster and a Committee Chair. Without them, the pack is dissolved. In reality, the Chartered Organization is the only one who can appoint a new Committee Chair, so I would start there. After that look for the Cubmaster. This is because the Committee Chair is the one who signs off on a new Cubmaster. I hope it works out, else the pack will dissolve.
  14. Baseball for kids is getting out of hand. We have a Scout who earned his Webelos, but has not been back since. He has practice every day, unless there is a game, which he has at least 2 a week...sometimes 3. I get you want your kid to learn a sport and if the kid likes the sport then let them do it, but come on...when do they get to be a kid if they are always playing baseball? Everyone has their own choice for their kids, just IMO that's a little crazy.
  15. Why one week? When does the school year end where you are? Ours does not end till June 17th, so we are giving Scouts that much time to do the electives they want in the previous rank.
  16. @@blw2 - Thank you, I will pass it along. We can tell there are dad built stuff, just hope his car is fast enough. He said he would not be upset if he lost in Council...but he was...just had to tell him to fix his wheel rubbing and it will be ok and if he loses, well then oh well...he said ok
  17. Wow, well there really does seem to be a big difference between the councils. I guess you do what you got to do for your area. So I guess I will have to just make contact with the camp coordinator. Thanks for all the information!
  18. @@Stosh - that makes sense...I can see how it can be either one. I see it as a rank, some of you see it as an award.
  19. Very much so. When he went to Districts, it was SUPER close. When he went to Council it was really close, but his car had a malfunction and he didn't place. Since they went off of District and not Council he was still invited to go. We just have to correct the wheel rubbing on the side and he will be back in business. The best part is he really did do most of the work the design was even his. He is really proud of his work.
  20. @@meyerc13 - Well the plan was to have the current Assistant Cubmaster take over, but his son is coming in as a Tiger now and he will be moving his son to a different pack after his son finishes Tiger (mostly because of issues with CC and CO). This is why I will try and identify a new ACM to come learn under me and teach them what I know to prepare them. I really hope I do find one, because if not I really do not know what to do.
  21. ...I hope they know...well it is for just regular Cub Scout resident camp. I do not know of any Webelos resident camp in our area. Only thing I know of for that is the Webelosree that I am putting together for my district. So since it sounds like it varies I will just have to ask and hope someone knows already and can give me a heads up before I show up there. My son is the only Scout going from my pack, so far (fingers crossed more sign up).
  22. Yes, it is for District winner. This is because not every Council has a council level derby. I am not really sure why they chose Time Square, but this is its second year going. I think the Council there just decided to do it and BSA signed off on it.
  23. Whoa, I have never heard of giving the Cub Scout their rank badge fi they did not earn it. We have one Scout who did not earn Tiger, Wolf, or Bear (because the parent never brought him to the meetings). The parent then asked the DL if her son could be given the Bear rank and they he would take a year off and come back to Webelos next year (he is a younger scout who got held back during Scouts). The DL said no, then came to me for backup. I said no as well. This is DEFINITLEY not something that should ever happen. I get the "Do Your Best" motto, but not when it comes to something like a rank ba
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