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  1. I am David Likens. I am the Cubmaster for Pack 14. I was a Bear Cub Scout back in the day, but never really went further for some reason. My son joined as a Bear Scout last year, but I was not a leader. I decided to become the Cubmaster when our former wanted to step down. Although it is a lot of work, I really enjoy doing it. Between the adventures with my son and the camping I really do love scouting. I am still trying to learn all the nuances of scouting, but that is why I am going to Wood Badge in the April.
  2. That is exactly what I found before...just so many back and forth/both ways I just figured I would ask myself...thank you all for the help!
  3. ...she is already "upset" with me for volunteering stuff (she really isn't mad, just stressed out about it a little). I am going to Woodbadge starting in April and of course will be gone for two weekends.
  4. So I am new to being a leader in scouting and am the Cubmaster for my son's pack. I always want to set the right example and try to wear the full uniform every time, unless the "class B" is called for. I have those really bad zipper shorts/pants. My issue is that they are WAY to baggy for me. I am a 'former' Marine and am used to a uniform that fits better. I feel really uncomfortable wear these pants and I do not want to wear the other pants because I am warm enough as it is. Additionally, I have size issues (I am always between sizes). I want to wear jeans, now thinking about getting a pair
  5. That is exactly what I found...why would my council award me it if I am not supposed to wear it. I am not a bling Scouter by any means, but I do enjoy showing off things to the boys to encourage them to earn them as well. I will anger my wife and inform her of this, since she was the one who sewed it on. Thank you for the information.
  6. I reviewed a forum post concerning this, which started in 2009 and I am still confused as to whether or not we, as adult leaders wear the strip. I am new to being an adult leader and my council awarded me the strip for recruiting a new scout when it was not recruitment time. I have just had it sewn on and now am wondering if I did the wrong thing. I believe any uniform should be worn correctly, but it is not clear if adults should wear the strip or not. Can anyone please help me here? Thank you!
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