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  1. Hey guys. I just launched a kickstarter for my new product, the Yak Sak. It's get some cool little features to it, and a homeless person gets a sleeping bag with every Yak Sak Purchased. Can you check out the kickstarter, and let me know what you think? http://kck.st/2iEBiEf Thanks! Jake
  2. Hey guys I was wanting to take a poll on everyone here to gather thoughts on hammock camping. I'm 29 years old and the last few years I was enjoying camping a little less as sleeping on the ground was pretty hard on my back. Then I discovered hammock camping and I have loved every minute of it. That's why this past summer I decided to start my own hammock company to get people involved in hammock camping. Here are a few questions I wanted to ask. Feel free to answer any or all of them! 1- Have you tried hammock camping? If you have, did you enjoy it? If you have not, why not? 2- W
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