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  1. Oi Vay, the other boy would need to take care of himself. The boys should be able to travel together with a buddy to the restroom. The parent can travel with his own son. I've always been wary of one adult with two boys anyway. I'm a YPT facilitator, unfortunately there are sick people out there, and boys make horrible witnesses. If a parent goes with multiple boys, grab another parent and have them walk with you. You will have a nice conversation and get to know them :-) I've had leaders accused before, and after the investigation they were cleared. Some parents like to interpre
  2. Thank god they wised up and changed the transition plan. I am a bit concerned that I won't be able to get the awards from the scout shop for my boys completing the Webelos Program.
  3. Not cool, he is using the uniform to better his interests which is a no no.
  4. I've been to Woodbadge, presented at UofS, and am on the Round table staff. Woodbadge is a totally different animal in my opinion from the others. The other too are much more practical for the units on short term goals and activities. Wood Badge tends to have a longer lifetime and effect but usually not as immediate of an impact. It seems pretty specific to me and heck, round tables are fun.
  5. I started an online petition that I'm going to get to BSA. It is worth a shot to get this one change made. ​Please join this campaign to implore BSA to ease the transition for webelos 1 scouts.: http://chn.ge/1ok1Qav
  6. IMHO, a scout joining in 5th grade shouldn;t earn his AOL. AOL is something on top of Webelos not separate. This separation is the biggest problem I have with the new system.
  7. It is ridiculous, we will follow the random white kid named Ethan...... Nothing wrong with Akela.
  8. My den is is this exact situation and this is ridiculous. They should be able to complete the rank they start with the requirements when they begin the program.
  9. It looks potentially doable. I'll have to be rigorous on having people trained and controlled on following the rules. Sounds like non-swimmers are not feasable in the surf though. So they will have to dig sand castles.
  10. My understanding is that you have to be able to see the bottom. Hard to do in the gulf.
  11. Our pack was looking at potential campouts for next year and someone came up with the idea to tent camp at a campground at a beach not far from us. We have the opportunity to have a marine biologist run a great program for the boys. My question is about camping at the campground at the beach. It has all the necessary facilities for council to approve it, but I don't see anything in the guide to safe scouting about whether we can do it or not. I understand the boys can't go swimming in the water, but is it just best to stay away because the boys will be drawn to the water?
  12. We bought a new metal track this year and share it between three packs. Luckily our charter org gives us a small storage space.
  13. Is there a proper color for activity pins to go on each color ribbon of the tri-colors? I see no reference.
  14. Awesome. We do spring round ups and sadly out of over 100 kindergartners last year we got 4 boys signed up. So sad.
  15. I know from the cub level it is frustrating. We have asked for help from local troops at events and Den Chiefs. We get the same message we'll ask the boys but then we never hear anything back. It makes me feel sometimes like not asking for any help.
  16. totally different from the Powder Horn training that I am signed up for in the fall. It is held at large council campground and has hands on experience in way more activities that you described. Sounds like they don't have a good standard for the course.
  17. On a campout we had 2 weeks ago, our boys in our unit got the opportunity to meet Major General Webb. It was really interesting hearing him tell the boys about how he was a cub scout and boy scout. He told them he only made it to Life scout, and still regrets not making Eagle. Was interesting to hear that from someone as accomplished as him to have that regret. Experiences like that are something that are unique to scouts IMHO. what a life experience.
  18. work it out biblically? If that was as easy as you make it sound there wouldn't be so many versions of Christianity. The bible is interpreted by man. So which is correct? For instance, the Christian church I attend says that homosexuality is OK according to the Bible. I know that is not the majority interpretation of the Bible but it is an interprettation from a Christian faith including many "educated religious leaders". I think the ten commandments, might be the only non-interprettable part of the bible. I have nothing against TL, and I wish the members well. I just think that th
  19. Yeah but they will be eating cake at the time :-) So hopefully that will help calm them.
  20. Talked with my course director and we are going to do it at our next pack meeting. He said it is a quick 5 minutes, and our cubmaster wants to do it there since it is my final meeting as me as committee chair. I started the pack 3 years ago and it is time to pass the torch.
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