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  1. Our council is one of the pilot programs. I watched the presentation to our council and it looks really interesting. I may start a "lab" unit myself. I see it as something totally complimentary to boy scouts. They said that 85% of the stem scouts are new to bsa in the original pilot, so I don't think it is pulling away from traditional scouting.
  2. We have had good success in the Spring. This is what we do. Put flyers in the take home school folders Get the flyer into the school online newsletter Stand in the car pick up lines the day of the recruitment for the K and 1st, tell them about it Our district has a bounce house, so we borrow that for the Saturday and hold a carnival at school with popcorn and kickball. typically we get a full den, we talk to the parents while the kids are bouncing and get them signed up.
  3. It has to be sending an obituary to the pack about a father of three young boys. Cancer sucks.... I am reminded of something a pastier once said at a memorial "Think about your memorial if you were to die tomorrow. What would people say about you, " I hope we are remembered for living our lives by the scout law.
  4. We had our first scout sunday with our Charter org today and it was great. They included our scouts in the service had us introduce our unit to the congregation and afterward they provided lunch and cake to celebrate scout sunday with us. I think it was a very positive day for the all involved.
  5. Usually yes. they always have their moments but it is a constant battle.
  6. That souns very touching and must have meant a lot to his family.
  7. I have had this issue. I hand them the book and volun-tell them to do a section of the achievement in front of the den :-) . You need to prep something but it goes like: "Bob, please tell the boys about honesty. Here is the book for the character connection. Thanks!" They basically can't say no and they do it without complaining. I think their boys like it too.
  8. Wow, that is very sad. The news video didn't show but from the text it sounded like the boys didn't listen to the instructions. My condolences to all those involved and touched by the story. Unfortunately, it looks like it could have been avoided.
  9. We charge pack dues of $53 per scout unless they sell $250 in popcorn.
  10. Here is where we keep them. Video quality isn't the best but you get the ideas. http://www.nsdbsa.org/forums/?mingleforumaction=viewforum&f=17.0
  11. We print out a packet for each person and require them to submit medical forms, payment for the year, and YPT certificate. It is a lot of up front work but it works very smoothly for us.
  12. We record and webcast our cub round tables. If you guys want I can post the links to those when we start covering the changes. My guess that will be in April.
  13. So I looked through the preliminary adventure pin requirements and started making a bingo card to translate them to current requirements/loops/stem I kinda have to say that I like some stuff on the outdoors side of things but some things don't impress me at all like the heroes one and Aquanaut being watered down so that you can get it without actually being able to swim just attempt the test. I'm looking forward to the propaganda tomorrow convincing us how exciting and awesome the new adventures are. ​What are your thoughts?
  14. Wow that is very hard. All the ideas about sound great. How about clearing a new campsite at the local BSA campground and naming it after him? My heart goes out to all of you.
  15. I just got my replacement at our last camp out. He ended up being the other one staying up tending the fire with me. We just chatted about me moving on soon and what the job was. It was a natural easy conversation. Good luck.
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