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  1. in regards to some of the questions posted... he has not been through Council training, but has attended a decent TLT, and attended a camping trip we focused on leadership skills, that seemed to benefit the PL's greatly. i think at our meeting tomorrow, I may sit with him, and work to formulate a list of SPL responsibilities on paper. I think having him write what he thinks a successful SPL should do, and then comparing it to his actions might help him, and hopefully make that light-bulb moment occur. Maybe him hearing it from me, since i am more his peer, then a SM or ASM might help as well,
  2. I guess I will try and clarify some more, the main leaders involved are The SM, who is ~27y.o. perfect fit for the job, and works quite hard at it, 2 ASM's, the former SM, who is fairly commanding, and while he has lots of input, not all of it is the is the direction we want the troop to move. the other is ~25, has a hard time making it to trips, but held the troop together for 5-6 years while I was a youth, and we went through 3 SM's, and me, ~17, Instructor,guide,qt-master, etc. We have many other issues, including Parents who are stuck in cub scout mode, but have to come on trips because we
  3. i like that idea alot, I believe the only reason the current SPL was elected was due to only having 6-7th grade scouts, not the 8th graders that are his age present at the election, not sure why that happened... who liked the choice because he had never made them do KP, pick up trash, etc. the idea of having the leadership corp select the Leader, but I think opening it to the APL's as well would be acceptable due to only having 2 patrols, that gives us 7 voters, including myself. ill bring that up to the SM tonight.(This message has been edited by ejkelehan)
  4. i guess to make things more clear for anyone else who posts, i am 17.5, an eagle, and currently jasm/qtmstr/instructor/basically treated as an ASM. we have strong PL's, and I am trying to encourage patrol based trips that stress teamwork; i.e. backpacking, High adventure, and as an aside, we are scheduled for philmont in 2013. since minus the leader ship, SPL, ASPL, and me, we have 20 boys, we are leaning towards 2 patrols of 10, otherwise, we have 3 of 6, and that's not practical for trips & all boys but the new scouts would be a PL/APL. we are planning a SM/ASM meeting ASAP to address so
  5. Howdy y'all. our troop suddenly had our youth double from 12 to 24 from bridging in the past 2 weeks, and our current arrangement is not working. I am the only high schooler in the bunch, and finished my year as SPL this past September. we had an interim SPL from September to his 18th birthday in November, and in November the scouts elected an 8th grader to be SPL. we have worked with him for the past 4-5 months to try and develop some sense of responsibility and interest in the job, but he just has none, he won't talk on the telephone, accept blame for mistakes, he just sits around and talks
  6. It's in rising sun MD, part of the Chester county council, about an hour north of Baltimore.
  7. Not quite EBOR yet, my SM conference was today. Hopefully EBOR in a few weeks. I'd love to discuss the trail with you, might we worth a new thread, I imagine there are probably quite a few folks interested in it. I am starting with about ten friends who work at horseshoe scout reservation with me, we'll see if we can stick together the whole way.
  8. Just finished my SM conference, all went well. hopefully board of review in the next few weeks. Yes, I plan to stick around as an instructor, I am 18 next September. March on 2013 I hopefully will begin thru-hiking the AT. My troop has been thru quite a lot in the past 7.5 years. we have been thru 4 scoutmasters, who either could not commit the time, or had other things come up. Our current SM is an eagle scout, and one of my good friends, he is 26 and between me, him, and the other ASM's, the 3 of which are also eagle, and good friends of mine, we are starting really moving towards a boy-le
  9. Thanks, I'm hoping the rest goes well too. I must admit, I've been lurking for quite a while, there's a whole wealth of boy scout knowledge here, lots of great information.
  10. I would be the scout in question. but, our unit commissioner and CC seemed to think that the registered SM must have done/sign off for completing your SM conference. Since I have it scheduled, and should have all my paperwork in order, and the Current SM can do it, i can't see a reason not to do it tomorrow at this point...
  11. Thank you, I have everything completed, and just got in touch with one of the committee members, and am picking up my blue cards tomorrow morning so I should be good to go. i was just worried there might be a problem since the requirements are not signed of in my Scout book, but they are completed. I guess my SM would sign off on completing my project and time in rank, etc. at the conference.
  12. Simple question...I hope. Do all other requirements for a rank, specifically eagle need to be signed off prior to your SM Conference? I have completed them all, and have a semi-hastily SM conference scheduled for tomorrow. (SM is VERY busy, it was just scheduled right now) i am filling out my application now, and will have that. but does everything else need to be already signed off to have you SM conference?
  13. As a fellow SPL, I have seen 4 different SM's since joining (I am 16.5) while they all had different beliefs and opinions, on both ends of the spectrum of Adult v. Boy led, One thing That has helped me is going over my detailed meeting plans with them via email or phone prior to the meeting. Meeting plan forms can be downloaded all over the internet, and filling these out at the PLC, with you leading this discussion, and then going over the Agenda with the SM and your ASPL a week or so before the meeting allows for each Person to get an idea of their role...just my $.02 My troop is about 15 s
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