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  1. Final Chapter: He was removed from the position by the CO and the DC agreed. Came to find out that he was yelling at boys at summer camp and was trying to boss his way around the ASM's who were in charge at the camp. I didn't hear about this until recently. He has always had a problem with women leaders in our troop and this time took it to extremes (one of my primary ASM's is female and she does a fabulous job of preparing for and organizing summer camps....as a result, I have learned to step back and let her handle things because she knows how to get it done). It is to the point, the co
  2. Like I said, we had nearly all of our tents collapse and those that stayed up were because people stood up inside and held them up. It was an unusual storm...
  3. Calico... He is a good scouting friend, but I would not go to the point of saying he is a "good buddy" and he has the experience and knowledge to know what is correct in scouting and what is not. Quite frankly, I'd rather have no battles whatsoever. The crux of the matter is this: the CC believes his way is the only way and came into the position thinking he was in charge and could dictate to me how to run the troop. He has little knowledge or experience with scouting but to his credit, he has attended all trainings as well as SM training. I have a much longer scouting background, howev
  4. No, it isn't. I am fighting this just as I have with other such attempts in the past. I have won every battle thus far, but have never encountered anything like this. Last time, the COR and IH said that they support all decisions I make as SM and that no playing around trying to undermine my authority as SM will be tolerated. I got some more news on it today, but will hold off until next week....there are rumblings afoot....
  5. Here is his reply to my comments (I would mention that his reference to those elected to the OA are the sons of other adult leaders in the troop....I know that for one boy, just him going camping is pushing his comfort zone to the limit....The two boys, however, are determined to do the ordeal....I am hoping they accomplish it because it may open a door that maybe the two of them will be comfortable with tenting with each other....): I have not thoroughly thought thru your comments, but the meeting is the place for the open forum. Thanks for your input, but I would offer the following
  6. Here is the original with my notes in bold that I sent back to everyone in the original send list: The purpose of troop owned tents is to ensure availability of quality tents that can service campers in three seasons and various weather conditions. Many tents on the market are not adequate or properly designed for inclement weather. Considering that our Troop camps as many as eleven months of the year, including snow and severe rain, good equipment is needed to protect primarily against leakage and also retain heat during cold weather. In accordance with the By-Laws of the Troop, boys
  7. BTW, the author of the proposed policy is an engineer and not a lawyer....
  8. Although I do not agree with the tenting solo policy, I can think of certain instances where it could be done. OA does it to some degree with the ordeal. I think that if you have two buddies in adjoining tents and they have to let one another know if they wish to leave the campsite. The distance traveled would determine if they have to be accompanied. I have had boys come to inform me in the middle of the night if their buddy is sick, having an asthma attack, or has some other type of problem. This is the importance of the buddy system, because the one afflicted may not be able to easily
  9. CO is a good scouting friend of mine and a Woodbadge Instructor. IH is an Eagle Scout. This is our 3rd run-in like this in the year and a half of this CC. The last time, the COR and IH stated in the Committee meeting that as SM, I have the full support and endorsement of the CO and petty games were to stop.
  10. BTW- some of my fondest memories were of our old troop tents as a youth. It was like a nylon quonset hut with large fiberglass poles for the frames. We could easily sleep a patrol of 8 for a week of camp in it.
  11. It was a first draft, so don't sweat the grammatical errors. He was talking about bring this up at committee meeting for discussion. I want to get more input here first, then I'll post my reply.....so I can get more feedback. FYI, twice before he had to be taken to task because he was trying to dictate program to me. I have been through too much before him and have the battle scars to show and won't let him push me. (Actually, my 3 prior CC's were all great!) Program is my domain.
  12. Some background: -I am the SM and am on my 11th year with our troop (3 as ASM, the rest as SM), Eagle Scout, total experience in scouting 15 as a youth, 15 as an adult (the adult time has usually been more fun!). -CC has been with troop just over 2 years, full stint in cubs, den leader, no youth experience with program. -We have a couple of boys who are not comfortable with staying in a tent with other youths. They are generally quiet and shy...great kids and very active. Their parents are leaders in the troop. The boys are active and knowledgeable....they just are not comfortable wit
  13. I'd like input from as many as possible to get their thoughts on this. I got this from our CC. I have my thoughts on it, but will keep those to myself for awhile until I get some input to see how others in scouting view it. Troop XXXX Tenting Policy It is the intent of this policy to explain the official tenting policy of Troop XXXX. The purpose of troop owned tents is to ensure availability of quality tents that can service campers in three seasons and various weather conditions. Many tents on the market are not adequate or properly designed for inclement weather. Considering
  14. Thanks for the reply! I got essentially the same answer from the DE. There are many merit badges that could be considered outdoor related and am glad that they allow leeway. We have a very active outdoor program, but that doesn't always equate to having a big haul of those types of merit badges each year. In our troop, we may do an introduction to a particular merit badge, but the boys don't do them as a group and it is left to them to earn them individually....so in our case, tweaking a program won't make a difference. I would say that of the merit badges listed, most of our boys have ea
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