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  1. I JUST happen to be writing a one page training handout on this ver topic. This is my best advice for starting a crew based on my now 5 year old crew. This is based on the William Boyce New-Unit Organizer Award workbook and my personal experience. William Boyce award - New Unit Organizer Award workbook Volunteer Scorecard William D. Boyce New-Unit Organizer Award So here it is: Put a team together District Executive (D.E.) - Helps locate a Chartered Organization (C.O.). New Unit Organizer (NUO)- heads up the FORMATION of the crew
  2. First, this is the best Venturing thread so far! Wonderful ideas and questions here. We need to remember that Venturing does IS YOUTH LED but really doesn't use the Patrol Method. With a big emphasis on Mentoring. This fundamental difference can lead to issues when the troop and crew are on an outing together. It's also an issue with some leaders/parents of the troop not happy to have females on their camp outs. When the youth want to share a camping trip with the troop we often get low turnout from the troop. I REALLY like the Leadership Corp analogy. The leadership in a c
  3. Also in Southern Region Area 5 will be having training that I will present on sat 9-26-15. To All VENTURING ADVISORS LEGACY 3 Due to many inquiries on the Adult all day training only. Any Adult that would like to attend only the training at the Area-5 event " The Legacy " on Sept. 26 th may do so. The cost for the training, materials, certificate, & lunch will be $ 15.00 ( can pay upon arrival on sat 9-26-15 See the area web site for class information www.SR5Venturing.org To attend you must advise me by email end of day saturday 9-19-15 jerrygmyr@gmail.com
  4. So, I got word back from National. No course codes for course required for "rank", I'll assume she means awards. This means that National won't keep track of these classes for Venturing youth. But, let's keep in mind that they do for Safety Afloat, Safe Swim Defense, etc. You can get training cards from your council to give to the course recipients to keep track of the course completion. I also fill out a Training Record Sheet and file it. We are just now getting everyone a Venturing Handbook and signing them appropriately. Soon we will have our Court of Honor. It looks to me th
  5. Here is the current list of Training Codes from Scouting.org http://www.scouting.org/filestore/training/pdf/currentandpasttrainingcodes.pdf Mentoring is listed as Cuose Code P61. I hope that this is the Venturing Training Code. The Council doesn't really have anyone that can help. I usually find more out by Googling my questions. Thanks so much. Yes the youth do keep track of training and award requirements. We put up a big spreadsheet for tracking these awards. I'll keep on National to get the needed details out to the Advisors and crews. Yes we used the Guide
  6. I just completed the Goal Setting and Time Management course for my Crew. I completed a Training attendance sheet and need a course code for the class. There is one for the Mentoring class but not GS & TM. If Awards/Advancement is going to be a bigger part of Venturing, then we will have to track this training nationally. Since I started the crew in 2013 I’ve been filling out these sheets for every training activity we’ve done ie First Aid to Officer Orientation. Anyone know the Course /Training Code for Goal Setting and Time Management? The class was very successful. The crew enjo
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