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    06 NOAC Website

    I'm not sure if this is old news or not (I don't believe so). Anyway, I received this email yesterday. NOAC 2006 Information Area Opens December 15, 2005 Wondering what will be happening at the 2006 National Order of the Arrow Conference? You found the right place to be. This information area contains sections for Arrowmen, Contingent Leaders, Professional Scouters, Parents, and Staff Members. There are also links to the NOAC Registration and Trading Post areas. This area is currently focusing on basic registration information and promotion of NOAC. We are featuring Media Resources (flyers, posters, videos, and link banners) you can use at lodge, section, and region events. Leading up to the conference we will continue to provide more and more detailed information for you. Introducing the National NOAC Website: http://event.oa-bsa.org/ WWW, Dan
  2. I'm from a smaller troop where the older scouts generally tend to call my scoutmaster by his first name. Whether we are poking fun at him, or what I can't really tell. He doesn't seem to mind though, I guess he see's it as a sign that these kids really trust him. If they didn't, they wouldn't trust his pride to call him by his first name, in fear that he might be angry. We address all the other adults as Mr. and or Mrs. Usually. They all have a few well earned nicknames (that they don't mind be called). Based on the other responses, I realize this is rather odd. But I intrepret this as a sign that the troop's scouts and scouters have bonded together as one unit, and mutual trust has been acheived. =)
  3. We elect for one year terms. For our troop, our events take alot of planning and we found it better that one person do that instead of 2 people. (ie plan an event in September that takes place in June). We also elect a special Summer Camp SPL.
  4. Ours are held in october-November. When I was SPL, I had to contact the elections team and make an appointment. I don't believe it is the election team's responsibility to come to you. I believe there was a cutoff date for elections, and rightfully so. They need time to get everything organized and don't need the stress of getting more results coming in. Anyways, if you are elected in October/November you have the option of going to the May, June, or September ordeals in my Lodge.
  5. You could get a phpBB forum up relating specifically to the YLT and related courses. Staff on the programs could communicate to one another methods and stuff. Your server would need PHP support and you'd need access to a (preferably) MySQL database.
  6. http://www.troop13dragons.com
  7. We had a camporee similar to that many years ago, and the adult patrol (which I believe in itself is against the rules) made these kilts for their patrol to wear, renamed themselves 'the highlander patrol' and came up with the cheer of "We're getting old and our knees are cold". No one from District/Council apprehended them for it, so I'd venture to say that it would be okay. Maybe, you'd just not be in full uniform without the official scout pants. Whats the difference between wearing a kilt or wearing jeans at an event where you don't have to be in 100% full uniform?
  8. The quote mentioned in the first post was posted by me originally. My dislike of banned skits comes from a Council Camporee when all the troops doing skits had to register their skit with the staff. Fair enough. Our SPL went up, and wanted to do 'Fritz'. Turns out it was a banned skit. We had never even heard the term 'banned' and 'skit' used in the same sentence until then, and were rather caught off guard. When inquired and learned that banned skits include any skit that has: -Killing -Violence -Guns And so on and so forth, drugs, sex, etc. The drugs, alchohol and sex stuff I completely understand. But guns? What 9 year old has not seen someone pretend too shoot a gun and someone else die equally as fake? Often with a few mischevious flails. Cartoons exhibit this kind of behavior daily. Yosemite Sam is always packing his pistols, and stuff like that. I just don't see the reason to ban skits with guns and stuff. Anyways, to make a long story short, later that night at the council campfire someone did Fritz, and that skit where the people are in the submarine and they commit suicide but they guy at the end 'dunno how'. After rereading some posts, I have to agree with you guys. (I mean seriously, roughriders? Whenever I have seen it done, the riders and the campers hardly make contact...)
  9. Scouts who do not go to at least 75% of all service projects in the Troop are not allowed to uhh... do something fun. And they shall be shunned by all and regarded as an exile until such a time that they atone for their misdeeds. Cub Packs/Dens should be 100% allowed to attend, stay at and enjoy Boy Scout events if aforementioned Boy Scout Patrol/Troop/Council/Lodge permits it. The term 'banned skits' will be forever banned forthwith from all Scouting Events. Especially Council Camporees. Senior Patrol Leaders shall be granted the divine ability to 'ban people from talking' for the rest of the day. Such a person that would be deserving of a punishment of that magnitude would find himself miraculously unable to speak for extended periods of time. The Senior Patrol Leader can lift this ban, and I guess that Scoutmaster probably could too. This might lead to an SPL Immobilizing Attack of Doom or something.... Any scout found with an electronic device at summer camp will be given KP F O R E V E R . Muahahahahahaha.... Any Scouter found with an electronic device will be given a date to come to the scout meeting dressed out of uniform and with the foreknowledge of getting wet. And now in all seriousness: District invovement: If a district sees that a unit is not doing many activities and/or straggling with crossovers/recruits, they should help out and get the unit back on their feet. The smallest amount of encouragement could help a ton. Yea... no banned skits. I'm serious.(This message has been edited by wWw_Dan)
  10. My contingent has issued class B shirts that are to be worn on the bus and for sleeping in.
  11. The Knights who say Ni(h) (No idea how to spell that) The Hobos Twain Express Black Knights (Mark Twain theme... kinda)
  12. Yea, that'd be cool. Where would they be placed though?
  13. wWw_Dan


    Hey, I'm Dan. I'm currently an SPL at my Troop and can't wait to attend the National Jambo this July. YIS, Dan
  14. At all the Lodge Events I go to, the young people (12-13) there are very cool/helpful/intelligent and so on. However, at Ordeals some of the inductees are horrid. But, usually they are the kind of people that just grab the sash and leave anyway. Just my experience on young OA members.
  15. I'd have to agree with what someone said before, that the British changes to the Scout Oath require the Scouts to think about what they are saying before they say it. Essentially, each time they would repeat it they would be reaffirming their Oath to Scouting by making their own personal version of it. This version, in my opinion, forces the scout to take the Oath serious and thus it is not something just to be memorized and rambled off every week or so. -Dan
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