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  1. like throwing fuel on a fire...you guys are great.. FYI. Seamus at SportKilts says he would order the MacLaren Modern if he had orders for 100 kilts...plus group discounts....We ain't talkin' a $400 monster kilt here just a $100 poly blend suitable for hiking, rugby, etc.. little kilts are around $60...I'm NOT selling, it's just a suggestion....like I want to make 20 kilts, talk about blisters. The modern really is better looking with the navy instead of royal blue. No offense to the MacLarens out there..
  2. Hey Guys, I'm new to the forum and just wanted to say hi. Our troop has become interested in kilts as a uniform preference. Since we're associated with a Presbyterian Church...it kind of comes easy. Our summer camp theme this year was the highland games. We got kilts on our mind and....come to find out most every one liked the idea. I found a comfortable and fairly cheap kilt on the net in the MacLaren Ancient pattern. It's really comfortable and I wore it every day. I made some for my sons and the SPL. They loved them. The tartan that is associated with B.P. is the MacLaren Modern patt
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