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  1. All great and useful thoughts. Thank you very much.
  2. I seek your wise counsel. The Scoutmaster has become overbearing to a point that it is dramatically affecting the program. Scoutmaster minutes have become either 15 minute tirades or the same repeated topics over and over again. In fact he has "Scoutmaster minutes" at CORs and PLCs as well. He undermines his assistants. He makes Troop policy without consulting anyone. He is not training the Scouts (His primary job as Scoutmaster) or supporting his assistants when they do. The first 40 minutes of last night's PLC consisted of the SM "talking at" the Scouts and telling them what to do. Ou
  3. ...of course you meant to type "Tennessean" for Mr. Crockett.
  4. For the game, try the best Scout game ever. Hide and go seek!
  5. to be correct... It is the quickly expanding air that surrounds the bolt that makes the noise. The object being "hit" does not make the noise.
  6. Talk about lightning for about 5 minutes max. Explain the causes, effects, etc.. Be dramatic... Then let the boys make up their own cheer.
  7. ...and it has been the same poll for at least 2 years. So...an open ended poll with no results in sight. Sounds like the BSA bureaucracy in action!
  8. I saw this at my local Scout Shop last week. I vote for it to be the new Field Uniform fabric and design.
  9. For the best info possible on Boxwell Scout Reservation go to: http://www.virtualboxwell.org/
  10. I have a Scout handbook (9th ed.)autographed to me by William Hillcourt...I know that's a keeper!
  11. Ditto to all previous.. 27 years now an Eagle Scout.
  12. Yep...I don't use the dutch oven much anymore. The boys have learned to bake rolls, cupcakes, muffins, biscuits, cookies, pizza, etc.. We have used the same oven for 2 years now and only just torched the cardboard this past weekend. I over heated it and was distracted with the rest of the meal. Taping the foil with aluminum duct tape was the key to longevity.
  13. As I have said before in these forums, the BSA is a voluntary organization and it is a honor to be a member. Not every boy can be a member. If you have done all you can to bring the program to the boy and his family, (sounds like you have) you have completed you obligation.
  14. I may be crazy... I remember finding an OA movie presentation on a website. It was directed at the troop election process. It was also very well done. Anyone have any idea where I saw this? Thanks!
  15. We are giving one to our son when he crosses over to Boy Scouts this Month. Maybe he will let me borrow it...
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