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  1. I am taking my troop to Camp Boxwell for Summer camp from New Orleans and looking for a place to stay on Saturday before arriving at camp. I am looking for a place around Nashville that can give us a place to sleep, like a gym floor. We want to have a good night's sleep before arriving at camp the next day.
  2. We are traveling to Camp Boxwell, northeast of Nashville, for summer camp (2005) and looking for a place to stay near Nashville Saturday night before camp. We want to arrive early Sunday fresh but need a place to stay Saturday night. We will drive up Saturday from New Orleans area. We are looking for a school gym or something like that where we can sleep on the floor. We are interested in anything available. Please help me.
  3. I am looking for information on Camp Boxwell in Lebanon, TN. What is the quality of this camp? Is it worth a 561 mile trip for summer camp. Any tips about the camp will be helpful. Trader John
  4. I need to write a letter of recommendation for an Eagle Scout applying for a NESA scholarship. I am looking for an example of what this letter should look like. Can someone help me out?
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