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  1. My woodbadge theme is "Be the Hero." The troop guides did a skit of 12 superheros, Mr. Trustyworthy etc. They illustrated the Scout Law with their skit. I am looking for anything that will fit with the theme of "Be the Hero" Patriotic works Superhero works Anything that communicates Scouting would work well. Songs, Stunts, Stories & Showmanship I am the PL of the program patrol and am in charge of organizing a campfire. I am just looking for some great ideas that will WOW the SM. They said you "Know and Use your Resources" so I am using this forem to hopefully
  2. I need help with ideas for a Campfire program. The theme is "Be the Hero" It must be clean and in keeping with the Scout Law. I need ideas for songs, stunts or stories. Thanks in advance, David
  3. Dry cleaning would be the preferred method to remove the adhesive from Badge Magic. The shirt was completely free of adhesive. Be sure to let your dry cleaner know that the patches will come off when cleaned. WD-40 leaves a bit of a mess and and odor that doesn't come out on the first couple of washes. I love not having to sew and it does go on fast.
  4. The WD-40 method may not be the best choice to remove the patch. I have removed unit numbers, a square knot and an asst. cm patch. I was left with a sticky mess. I got my instruction out and followed them to the letter. The WD-40 did not get rid of the glue it just softened it. My shirt now has glue in several places from washing it. I am sending it to the dry cleaners now to see if that method works. I will post results on dry cleaning.
  5. My troop is considering building a Scout Hut. But we are not sure where? We have a city park, a local church, or private property we could build it on. The other matter of concern is utilities. Those of you who have scout huts and have gone through this process, could you please shed some light on it? Where are your scout huts? How do you provide utilities? Thanks davideagle89
  6. It was easy to remove, but did require a couple of extra steps. After spraying the inside of the sleeve behind the patch, I was then able to peel off the patch. There was a small amount of adhesive left on the shirt, which I brushed off with a paper towel. The patch was very sticky. I washed the shirt and when it came out of the wash, it had a dark colored stain where the patch was. I used some spot remover with a brush and worked over the area and washed again. This time it came out ok.
  7. My Webelos just selected the lighting patrol emblem for their patrol. Anybody have any name/cheer/flag ideas that I could share with them?
  8. I had put my quality unit patch on my shirt with badge magic. However, I put it too low on the sleeve and now need to move it up. I will let you know how the removal process works. Instructions say to spray the back with WD-40 and then wash. Also, sending it to the dry cleaners will remove the adhesive. I will post my results.
  9. I have it on both my and my son's uniforms. It works well. My son's is completely badge magic. The only problem I see is the council strip and numerals are peeling a little around the edge after 2 months. The instructions say to put some more adhesive around the edges if it starts to wear. I would say sew on you permanent sleeve patches and save the badge magic for temporary patches, advancement patches, or any patch on the front/pocket areas. I have used it for Quality Unit, square knots, and temporary patch on my uniform and am pleased.
  10. The 2 packs I've been involved with over the past 3 years have only paid for one belt loop. If the boy earns it again, for whatever reason, then the parents buy the second loop. At my son's pack meeting where he earned a second loop, we just announced that he had earned it a second time for a requirement for the activity pin.
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