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  1. Virtual Campfire

    Scout Sunday good turn out. Both sons (18, 19) showed up in uniform as well. One of their old ASM's said we should call them "Cling-ons" and they could use a Klingon design for a patrol patch. I wish BSA would have a better option for 18-21 who want to stay in Scouting other than venturing. Not a lot but they can use the numbers.
  2. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    I heard President Trump is going to tweet monday that the new BSA Skort factory will be based in a brand new factory in Mt. Hope, West Virginia employing over 500 former coal miners. BSA Chief Scout Executive Michael B. Surbaugh is expected to announce that the new 100% american made Skorts will be available first in the $100 million Scout Store USA following the consolidating of all other council scout stores to a location somewhere in Wright County, Missouri the approximate center of the U.S. population. The new skorts will retail for $159 a pair and offer a lifetime guarantee making them an exceptional value.
  3. Am I the only one?

    Aw, shucks.:)
  4. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    I use to teach but stopped when it became too much of a drag. What I like about Scouts is, if you do it right, you can do most of the fun part of teaching. Merit Badges can be a hassle but teaching one part of one with somebody or just bringing a speaker is a big help. I'd say just giving promotional materials via your son is not likely to be successful and I have seen hundreds of boys. Nothing wrong with promoting local programs. Our Troop has recurring relationships on education and service projects with the local Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful and the local Estuary program. Those folks work with Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts all the time. It's just that the adult leaders working with the kids are so swamped with the meeting preparation and working with individual personalities that it is hard to get there heads above water to do the simple work to make those connections. So that kind of thing is appreciated. And you kinda kill too birds with one stone.
  5. Am I the only one?

    There is the other side: 1) You have a boy (girl) in scouts. 2) You slowly get sucked into the myth and re-discover your inner boy. 3) Some old scouters or real boy scouts teach you some skills, you get just enough 'official' training to stay our of trouble. 4) You deliver the best program you can, make friends, and gain 100 unofficial nephews. Some inspire you, most are memorable, and a few break your heart. 6) You ignore national unless you hang around the forum or there is a press release. Look the whole world seems to be falling apart, some of us on the front lines are trying to keep the faith in our little corner. Because when you get down to it all real life us local. BSA might implode (and that is what we are mostly griping about here) but Scouting will one way or another will continue. (You know that would sound a whole lot better if Tom Hanks or Jimmy Stewart was saying it.)
  6. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    I'd just pick out an easy area that overlaps with something you are doing anyway and offer that once in a while. Gives you some cover and isn't much of a commitment. I know a few parents whose main contribution was wheeling and dealing to hook us up for field trips; they didn't actually ever go camping or meetings much.
  7. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    Oh I have been on the other side of that conference! I've had some pretty mad Scout parents too. One of my hats as a government person is permit review. No one likes to be regulated. I have to sometimes disapprove permits, I've had personal threats, calls from lawyers, etc. While I try hard to be a helpful public servant I have a thicker skin now too.
  8. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    OK K I'll buy that. If I was offensive I apologize. No more kids. I got one ready to launch and another one moving into position once the deck clears. I think you'd learn more by visiting actual units...and I mean the plural. They are so different. Or read the manual. Some groups like church or scouts will make an unlimited demand on your time if you let them. So I get that.
  9. Girl Scout sold cookies outside Medical Marijuana Dispensary

    For such a centrally managed organization kinda of an evasive answer. I guess it is the cookies.
  10. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    I am starting to suspect you are Trolling and do not have a boy in the program. The way you phrase things is not how a parent of a child says things. If I am wrong I apologize. So WHAT program outside of scouting that is not work related are you involved in? I get it, I have a job and multiple kids...you pick your battles. But maybe I missed it what is yours? I volunteer in Scouts and Band and occasionally church. Most people on this board have similar resumes. I can say the "no" because I have a bigger burning "yes". What is yours?
  11. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    While I know there are a few "Scouter-retirees" lurking on this board most of the folks here have active skin in the game and experience in dealing with the actual issues...I do not think your comments amount to much effective feedback because obviously you have volunteered to be disengaged from scouting or, at your admission, really helping out because you have said you basically have better things to do. That is your right but it will irk folks who put in the time and grapple with the issues. Most teacher evaluators have some experience in teaching...if you say what you mean sit in the back of some pack or den meetings, make your observations, and then "improve the profession" face-to-face 'cause every Troop, Pack, and Den are different. And you know every den I was ever in that had a teacher...everyone gave them a lot of slack cause they knew they were really, really busy...but even then every one of those teachers (almost all of them were sponsors of clubs, had 2nd jobs, were pursuing degrees, had other kids) managed to help out now and again.
  12. So, how will your Pack handle recruiting girls?

    "We have CAMPOUTS not COOKIES!"
  13. So, how will your Pack handle recruiting girls?

    Good advice. Since the United Methodist Church committee on Scouting thinks its swell I'd be surprised if our Minister would care enough to dissent. I'd then ask the CC, etc for their position.
  14. Virtual Campfire

    Body Positivity Win: ‘Boys’ Life’ Magazine Just Picked A Plus-Sized Boy For Its Annual Sexiest Boy Alive Issue http://www.clickhole.com/article/body-positivity-win-boys-life-magazine-just-picked-7295
  15. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    Common sense is any youth organization staffed by volunteers like scouts, band, lacrosse, football, lego robotics, is gonna put the touch on parents to pitch in from time to time.
  16. Girl Scout sold cookies outside Medical Marijuana Dispensary

    Take up a position on the other side of the supermarket entrance across from the Girl Scouts selling cookies with a sign: "Boy Scouts of America are now pro-choice: Girls now welcome!"
  17. Do Tigers bite?

    I was a reluctant Tiger leader but my 2nd week in I was at the grocery store and one of my boys pointed me out to his mom "That's him! My Scoutleader!". I was hooked. I felt like a rock star.
  18. Sunday Morning segment on the BSA

    @NJCubScouter my kids had cub scout socks about 80% of the time. I had to buy 5-6 pairs to come up with 2 on Pack night and I swear the tents at the rare cub scout campouts eat them. As for skirts I am for skirts or shorts but no skorts BUT I say let customer demand drive that decision and see what happens. I do think that there needs to be some sort of correlation between skirt lengths for girls and short lengths for boys...I guess that could be a quagmire the way girls grow so fast sometimes and how long BSA has had the shorts the last few years. Maybe we can compromise and everyone can wear the old 70's "hot pants" (my scouts name for them)...yeah they'd all look pretty leggy but they'd be consistent.
  19. Girl Scout sold cookies outside Medical Marijuana Dispensary

    I think the whole point of the thread is for people to give opinions as to what they would do in that situation. A lot of the comments fall in the line of "if that was my kid" or "if I ran the girl scouts" sort of thing. If we are not gonna comment on that well the Forums will be a lot shorter. Some of this discussion is values based. I had a similar situation at our High School. The Turtles are, in spite of our other commitments, big volunteers of our high school band. Band needs money and the boosters (attempted) to sponsor an all-you-can-drink beer tent along Tampa's big pirate parade/drunk-fest. Now this is the same parade where every year the school district pushes out messages, flyers, and school meetings on students not to do underage drinking at said event. Mr and Mrs Turtle stood up at the booster meeting and said weren't we sending a mixed message--sure it is legal but isn't that just winking at the kids in a few years binge drinking will be OK? Even the supporters said, well yes, but THE MONEY we could be leaving at the table and if we don't do it someone else will. We lost that vote by a wide margin. (they didn't get the permit so in the end it was a moot point) So....to bring in back to the thread....even IF selling the cookies is legal and even smart as a business move and the child is safe and the sales are legal it seems in conflict with the wholesome, progressively wholesome, but wholesome image of the Girl Scouts who also seem to encourage education on the dangers of substance abuse both legal and illegal. I'd LOVE to hear their regional or national GSUSA weigh in on it. But maybe that is not an issue in GSUSA, I do Boy Scouts not Girl Scouts. I am just trying to be consistent and not a hypocrite which frankly is hard enough as it is.
  20. Can Scouts use campers?

    Please! Moderators!! There are children present.
  21. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    When I was a cub leader I remember it was hard work prepping for many meetings. I knew we had some single parents with multiple kids and limited time. All I asked was everybody to do something...to put some skin in the game. Maybe they brought snacks for one meeting, or they made some phone calls to set up a field trip, or led one activity for a portion of one meeting, or knew somebody who knew somebody for a good show and tell at a den meeting. Some could do more than others but everyone should do something. What I think what some scouters get frustrated by are the folks who blow by the den meeting in some expensive car, are heavily involved in their social thing (around here it is some social climbing Gasparilla crewe that demands a lot of time and money), and never return any communications if we leaders had a question. I had a few parents that seemed to feel either (1) BSA somehow payed me or (2) I was a real dope and if I was willing to be their baby sitter by all means they would take advantage of it --in other words I was "the hired help". I had more than one parent who used the den meeting time for extra-martial hooking up time but you find that out later after things have blown up. Those parents were frustrating because they often seemed to ignore their boys and I would feel I really had a duty to work with them. And there are some parents who just seem clueless that things just magically happen.
  22. Nah, these guys just bake things. Still a LOT of them were Boy Scouts.
  23. I correspond with some Trappist Benedictine Monks...this is one of the biggest problems they have in living with one another.
  24. @cocomax I will say naming a thread "the current moral panic" is a good attention grammar. You should write listicles for the internet. A dutch oven disaster on a campout could have a thread "dutch holocaust survivors tell chilling tale of starvation in the woods". I do ramble a bit, sorry.
  25. I heard that while on a home repair run. Was very good story...very messy.