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  1. http://scouting.org/filestore/pdf/outdoorch.pdf Correct link to PDF
  2. I was going to post this but you guys beat me to it. That's great! Here's a link to the flier if anyone is interested. http://filestore.scouting.org/pdf/outdoorch.pdf
  3. We're looking at ways to organize the existing forms and data to make it easier to find exactly what you're looking for. One of the ideas is to list the forms by program group under a leader category, parent category and possibly scouter. Ed - We do have a feedback mechanism, but as you can image, 80-90% is general external to BSA policy/criticism and frankly some really weird rambling emails. We try to read through the responses fairly regularly and respond to those that are appropriate. The feedback form is listed in the footer on all pages and can be accessed here as well. http://www.s
  4. I'm not sure I could get a cd funded, but I can post a couple of .zip files on the media FTP site with all our exiting .pdf and .doc's on the website. The majority of the files are listed by bin # and there may be some "bad data" in the form of brochures and other publications that you wouldn't want/need in the download, but I think it's worth a shot. I'll get something together this week and we'll test it. I hope you guys have broadband...lol As an FYI, I would like to know what you guys typically use Scouting.org for if at all. If/When you visit, what types of informat
  5. I recently posted the message below on US Scouts' forum and was directed to Scouter by one of your moderators. I'd love to have your feedback. Hey guys, I recently took over the Webmaster position at the National Council (about 6 months ago on a contract basis)and I'm trying to get some "free form" feedback on ways to improve the site(s)that we currently manage and get you the information you need organized in a cohesive order. We have a survey posted on the front page of scouting.org if you would like to participate, but I would like to capture your opinions as the front line guys/
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