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  1. John: I would surmise that a very large percentage of troops do not follow the National program for myriad reasons. If the boys plan the program, as is supposed to happen, then they will be far less likely to stay with the often "lame" (boys' description) program. The important thing is that the program is planned and involves scout related subjects that focus on the overall mission.
  2. While I am never quite certain I know God, I am certain that I sense he/she regularly. There have been a few times when the sense was overwhelming, and in the "outing in scouting" environment, little doubt as I generally lie beneath the stars the weather permitting. I try to simply watch for falling or shooting stars, fighting to stay awake long enough to do so. But the still watching of a dark, infinite space reinforces the awe of "something greater" that cannot quite be described, only felt in my own quiet self.
  3. Cowpies catch the wind better though, kind of like frizbees. But horse droppings, of the right consistency, are easier to throw accurately. Good luck.
  4. The solution for the few who go on ad nauseum with no end in site. Everyone else can ignore or read for personal amusement or agravation.
  5. And so we have moved the ricocheting comments to another board. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. This whole tangent is ridiculous. Ed, you seem to not understand that Merlyn will never agree with anything that you say, and he will continue to bait you with his inflamatory comments as long as you respond. On the other hand, at times it seems as if you too are baiting him, as he tends to rant to the extent it is almost comical at times. Eventually though, it just gets old. Perhaps it is time to simply block each other so that neither of you will feel the need to be overboard at opposite ends of the spectrum. Just MHO. To me, the point is that there are a few individuals
  7. Glad to see someone else mention the "substitute" words. The past couple of years this has become a real problem as well. We have discussed the fact that a different version of an unacceptable word is the same as using it, as everyone pretty much understands that it is a substitute. It does not help that we are bombarded with constant bleeps on tv and radio programs, and even astericks in paper media. Another element that really grates on me of late is the constant immediate response of "I'm sorry", when the error is brought to their attention. I find myself recently telling the gro
  8. Yes, there are scouters in Congress, even some Eagles. And, I am afraid that some appear to have forgotten the meaning of the Oath and Law, based on their actions, or inactions in some cases. Here in the South of California we had one State rep who is an Eagle, and he stepped down due to a major scandal. Just a couple years prior, he had been the featured speaker at an Eagle dinner. How sad. But, there are some who "do their best" still, or at least I hope so. Just tend to be a bit suspicious now adays I am afraid.
  9. John-KC; I like your comment about exercising our right to vote. Unfortunately, choosing he best candidate is a lose, lose situation in too many instances. It comes down to choosing the lesser of two poor choices. And integrity in politics seems to be almost extinct in my observation. Another reason to try to keep the values and citizenship elements in the scouting program.
  10. The anecdote about the world jambo reminded me of other changes in our BSA activities. At the occasion of my troops 80th anniversary, I received a few photos in the mail from the early 40's. They were sent by a 1945 Eagle, a salt of the earth man who still gives to the program in actual service at the camp. One of the photos was of a group of staffers from circa 1943 in the Sierras after camp was closed. As I pulled this 8 1/2 by 11 bw photo out, I began to see naked limbs of teenage boys. It turned out to be a very well posed, no "private parts" displayed, of the group on rocks next to t
  11. There are two continuing areas of attack, or, if some prefer, disagreement with BSA policies. One is the Gay issue, and the continuing castigation by the PC groups that BSA are ignorant bigots, or living in the dark ages, or other complimentary comments. Yet, seldom discussed is the little pre-cursor to Gay, avowed; (avow: to declare openly, bluntly, and without shame ;ever ready to avow his reactionary outlook). If you attach this word to other areas, such as smoking, drinking, gun carrying, and so on, then you would have lots of people that would not fit the leadership desires. While t
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