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  1. I read that all the Japanese internment camps during the War had Boy Scout troops. It's interesting that Scouting operates in distressed times because it has a natural draw for youth.
  2. In Japanese class there was a song that sounded like the American sing-a-long, "the other day, I saw a bear...". The only lyric I remember is "aruhi" which from what I google means "the other day". It's a Japanese, Scout-type song. I'm not sure if it's THE song you're looking for or if this is enough of a hint. Good luck!
  3. What I've seen written is that the knot is not an award--it's recognition by BSA that a religious organization has conferred an award on a Scout.
  4. When our sales were under way we were surveyed on how we thought sales were going and asked for comments. We were asked by email and there were followup phone calls. It took a lot of time at Roundtable last week, too. The advice out there is helpful--I just think they're looking to counter downward trends in revenue.
  5. Not really on topic, but since the Eagle Scout for decades could be earned by adults, I wonder if it might be offered that way again for the centennial, sort of like how historic merit badges came back for one year.
  6. This weekend is Jamboree on the Internet/Jamboree on the Airwaves. Is anyone taking part in it? It can be an individual or unit activity. Last year my son and I heard back from Scouts in Australia, Japan, Madagascar and Poland. Two years ago my den had pen pals from New Zealand. Very low cost and it has more participants than any other!
  7. The award isn't just for being a leader for a year; one has to be fully trained, attend supplemental trainings and help with a roundup. Not every Tiger Leader will get earn it. My pack "hibernates" during the school year and as a Tiger Leader I was able to pass along summer activities and help with daycamp after June, but I wasn't going to change the idea that Scouting happens just during the school year. I hope it changes later, but we'll have to see.
  8. It's a great day for America! A neighboring district anticipated this and has told all cub scout units to do something international this year. The thinking is that this year's cubs will be attendees in 2019. In April my pack is planning to celebrate Australia and New Zealand. Crikey!
  9. You can go to worldcat.org and find out which library close to you has it.
  10. Fellow Scouters, I will speak for myself when I say the personal attacks are out of hand in this thread's fourth page. I will contribute a little to this since I work in a very diverse school (and am the son of a Spanish-speaking immigrant). All of us, adults and youth, can gain by looking at the big picture and history of Scouting. Scouts exist in more countries than Olympic teams (well, more than Winter Olympics)because there is a universal appeal of learning through fun. It has a positive effect on the community. The community might be a church, a school, a labor union...if
  11. I don't know any units in my area chartered by unions, but I would like to see some involved, including my own. I teach at an elementary school without scouting and the NEA has and HQ about a block away. I tell myself when my son finishes with Cubs I will work with my school and a new pack.
  12. I finished a year as Tiger Cub Den Leader and thought I'd ease into the Unit Training Coordinator position--but I got flattered into Cubmaster. Wilkommen!
  13. We use the same numbers until Webelos can give themselves a patrol-type name. So, my son's Wolf den started out last year as den 11. This year's tigers get to come in as den 1.
  14. I wear OD military surplus pants with the uniform. They must be 25+ years old but I bought them in mint condition. In my pack there is nobody with official pants, youth or adult, except one wood badge trained gentleman whose son is crossing over to Scouts this year. At Roundtable perhaps a third have official pants among Cub leaders. I intend to have the official pants after a few years, maybe after my son is certain he'll go on to Boy Scouts.
  15. Like I said, maybe I was spoiled last year (my first in Scouting as an adult). But, I think I became a better model for delivering the model from it. The hammer is coming down to have training completed, but using this venue almost seems a waste. In my district there are chances every month for leader specific training.
  16. My council announced late last week the offerings for University of Scouting on November 6. It's a training event--leader specific training which is offered at various points in the council throughout the year and now online. There is also den chief training. Most sessions will only last a few hours. I guess I was spoiled last year. There were dozens of choices including skills like knots, international scouting and working with parents. There was a midway with merchants and an exchange of ideas and even lunchtime was games and camaraderie. I wonder if the slim pickings this year
  17. So, if I wear the uniform with the OLD olive drab uniform pants (that somewhat resemble official pants) it'll be frowned upon?
  18. Very interesting! I knew that Cub leaders took names from the Jungle Book. My penpal there is "Rikki Tikki Tavi". The big surprise for our cubs is that the Kiwi pack is half female. The den is called a "six" because it's supposed to be six Scouts in size. Wouldn't you like to see that here!
  19. In the Heart of America Council, KS/MO we've also not seen the new belt loops in stock steadily. But the silver lining is that the new offerings have created quite a bit of buzz and demand, right? Related question: I wonder if shipping problems have anything to do with containers for seagoing vessels--the economy means a lot less trade and things have a slower time moving without the big steel boxes...
  20. I can understand wanting to keep uniform out of public domain and thus turning down most depictions of scouting. Satire is allowable and not infringing, though, which must explain why "The Onion" ran a piece about scouts and it looked like the real thing.
  21. I almost thought of posting this under Uniforms or Girl Scouts. Has anyone else noticed the commercial with the SVU (CVU?) and the boy's boxy car wins the little wooden car derby? The uniforms are tan with what looks like Brownie vests. I guess no complaints from BSA, but what do girl scouts think. Car brand left off on purpose--but I used to drive one.
  22. Shriscov

    Patch Blanket

    I use red thread, mainly to avoid having to match all the patches. If I thought about it I never look at the back of the blanket so it doesn't really matter that it's red.
  23. Hey! I even happened to be in the Girl Scout shop today! I was getting patches for my future girl scouts at home, ages 7 mo and 4 years. I get to think of our fellow scouts because a packet came with post cards, patches and stickers from New Zealand--enough to share with my tiger den!
  24. Scouting attracts a cross-section of America and it's nice to see that reflected over and over again online. For what it's worth, Michael Moore is an Eagle Scout and had this to say, among other things, on his website: >Winding up his time with the Scouts, Moore reflected on his years in Troop 154 in the Tall >Pines Council. "I'm very proud of the fact that I'm an Eagle Scout. I got a lot out of >it," he said. "Take these values you're learning in Scouts and hang on to them."
  25. What I find interesting is that scouts (and scouters) in a newly formed unit might not be seeking different insignia as much as people with more experience. There are probably better incentives for new units than this patch. Also, even with explanation, I don't see the connection between "founder" and "formed in 2010".
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