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  1. reeddma

    Family Scouting Update

    There was a time when we were known as "Scouting, BSA"
  2. We recognize our high school graduating Scouts during the end of the school year Court of Honor (June) whether they are tuning 18 or not and whether they earned Eagle or not and present each with a Scout Law coin. As the SM I say a few words/stories about each Scout with others also piling on.
  3. It's a shame a troop with that much history must disband just because the SM is stepping down. I guess they never developed a transition plan over those 75 years. Not the legacy I want to leave with I step down as SM. That said, congrats on his long career as a scouter and providing guidance to so many. DDR
  4. reeddma

    Troop Eagle gift?

    Council provides the presentation kit. Troop provides an American flag flown over the US Capital in the Scout's name, engraved Eagle coin with troop #, scout's name, date of EBOR, and Eagle Roll #, and the book Spirit of Adventure. And of course adding the Scout's name to the Eagle Honor Roll plaque that hangs in the church. Family funds the refreshments.
  5. Not sure where others are seeing signatures required. The current workbook, and previous ones, show that signatures are required by the Scout, Unit Leader, Committee, Beneficiary, and Council/District for Proposal; and Scout, Unit Leader, and Beneficiary for the Final Report. DDR
  6. reeddma

    Neckerchief Other Than With The Uniform

    This change was very timely. A Scout of mine who moved out of the area a few years back had his ECoH and a contingent from his old Troop made the trip. A few who are in college didn't have a uniform so they wore the Troop neckerchief (and yes, all are Unit College Scouter Reserve). It looked good and identified all of us as from his old Troop. DDR
  7. reeddma

    Non-religious Scouts

    I totally agree with CalicoPenn's post! One part of the Oath and Law should not be held to a higher level than any other. As the SM of a very large, and as happens multi-faith, Troop we do not put extra emphasis on the religious aspects of Scouting over the rest of program. We still participate in Scout Sunday with our chartering organization and include non-denominational prayers in our CoHs, and I talk about duty to God and reverent if brought up by the Scout during the scoutmaster conference. Adults leaders just need to accept that the BSA is not a religious organization over everything else. That's why my Methodist CO has a youth group.
  8. reeddma

    Unit College Scouter Reserve 92U

    click23 You're missing the point. I want these guys on my unit roster, not the district's. Hence the reason for 92U. It's unfortunate that National and councils have not advertised this category. I imagine they (and units) would retain a lot of 18-21 years olds and these guys would feel a stronger attachement to their troop when they're back home from college. sm1983bsa
  9. reeddma

    Unit College Scouter Reserve 92U

    We normally would change them to ASM but now that will require training beyond YPT. The old 92 category doesn't keep them on the troop's roster. They became a council level resource. 92U is unit level. SM1983BSA
  10. Has anybody heard about this new category to register 18-21 years olds when they age out of the troop but still want to stay connected with the troop? I haven't heard anything from my council but have seen information about it on other council websites. Here is a link with information on the program: http://www.scouting.org/Training/TrainingUpdates/Archives/201111.aspx sm1983bsa
  11. reeddma

    Philmont questions

    Philmont requires that all scouts must share a tent. They also state no one person tents but don't enforce it with the adults. All of our adults had one person tents. While it's great that Philmont provides tents, they are bulky, not free standing, and require a lot of tent stakes - plus that special "flux capacitor". Be sure to set them up in base camp the night before to ensure they don't have any issues. We had a tent that the zipper wouldn't work because of a repair job they did to the tent but didn't notice until we were on the trail. reeddma
  12. reeddma


    Based upon what I reading from some on this forum then because Youth Protection and Safety Afloat are in G2SS that these are only guidance statements and units don't need to follow them??? I really find this hard to believe. SM1983BSA
  13. reeddma

    Tour Permits

    Okay, I'll bite... Where is the requirement when submitting a tour permit that you must include a list of all scouts and adults participating? I've been doing them for years and there is no place on the form that asks for a list of names - only numbers. Additionally, this past fall the National Capital Area Council only requires a local tour permit if you're going more than 50 miles from "home". sm1983bsa
  14. reeddma

    With whom does the SPL eat?

    In our troop the SPL and ASPLs eat with the adults. This allows them to circulate amongst all the patrols during meal time to observe and provide guidance. Additionally, in that the adult patrol always eats well it provides a nice perk to the scout leadership. A secondary benefit is because the scouts enjoy circulating with a plate full of food it show that great meals that can be cooked in the woods... sm1983bsa
  15. Can anybody tell me where I can find information about the HMB program on the BSA National website? SM1983BSA