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  1. Thanks all! It seems like there is no actual clear cut answer which is exactly what the other leaders and I thought. When we were told to face the tent east we thought it made sense to catch the morning sun, but we were told that was wrong it was because wind blows north to south. This really confused all of us (2 out of the 3 of us being Eagles) Like I said not a question of dire importance just a question that has been annoying us one because someone determined that a webelo should know the answer and two because we could not find an answer anywhere. As far as which way to sleep I a
  2. At a recent winter fun day run by one of our local Troops my WEBELO's were asked this exact question. They of course did not know the answer and neither did the leaders with them. I have been trying to find the answer online and through the many camping books that I have collected over the years but have had no luck. After the program was over, we went to the scouts running the event and asked them the answer to the question and they told us that a tent should face east because wind blows north to south. This sort of baffled all of us because wind does not blow in one direction (at least a
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