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  1. For Scouters who have been to Crooked Creek, what is your impression of this camp? Our Troop is discussing attending summer camp here in 2010?
  2. Those are some great questions. Good advice too, the W2's need to be speaking with the Troop youth leaders. Parents can speak with the adult Troop leaders. Sounds like a great group of Scouts and Parents.
  3. I appreciate the insight. The boys were cooking the food, handling the $$, while also assisting store customers unload their shopping carts. The $$ goes directly into each Scout's Troop account, no cash directly into pockets. We based the amount each Scout received by the total profit divided by #of Scouts and hours worked. It will get used for Scout camp. I would think the National Council would want Troops to be in uniform at most every function to promote Scouting. As Scoutmaster, I consider myself lucky to have a bunch of boys who love to wear the uniform every chance they
  4. Recently our Troop held a fundraiser to help our boys earn money for summer camp. We are a relatively new Troop, started Jan 09 and have not had the chance to sell popcorn or do many fundraising events. Some of the boys are mowing yards to pay for camp. I inquired to our local council about wearing uniforms during non district or council santioned fundraising events. I was informed that only the Activity/Class B uniforms were allowed. We followed our local councils recommendation. This was a simple hot dog/hamburer sale at a local hardware chain. We had our Troop flag, American
  5. This is a timely topic to come across. I live in a smallish town in KY. There is a larger well run Troop (40+ boys & as many leaders) and a smaller Troop of around 15 boys. Our Pack's, Troop (same CO) will fold this December, maily due to disintrest from the CO and the Troops lack of recruiting. A wonderful opportunity came along from a local Church. After a couple of conversations with the Pastor, the Church voted on starting a Troop. The Pastor is an Eagle Scout and the to be COR is an Eagle and current Cubmaster of a Pack in a nearby town. They have shown tons of intrest and
  6. I agree with the most of the replys. Having done some time as a Rangemaster, the most important thing is saftey. I would like to hear the rest of the story here.
  7. KY Scouter. What we really need here in KY, is for the state to make up a special Scouting plate. You know, like the Education, Wildlife plates ect.... There is a small amount of $$ that goes back to these groups. I'm in the BG Council an I've been supprised they have not petitioned the Transporation Dept to create such a plate
  8. We have a patrol which wants to camp without adult leadership, at a local state park. Can the patrol camp without adult leaders? What are the guidelines. I've searched G2SS and did not see anything on it. I was told that with Scoutmaster approval and parents permission slips signed, it is possible for the patrol to camp without adult supervision. Common sense tells me adult leadership of some sort should be present, suggestions/advice is greatly appreciated. Thank You BuffaloSR793
  9. For the part of the craftsman badge we actually had the boys make their arrows. I found some turkey feathers, bought a fletching tool, some super glue. some 3/8 oak dowel rods and some arrowheads. Had the boys paint the stripes too. You'll have less than $10 per arrow invested and the boys learn a lot.
  10. KY Scouter, you'll be happy to hear a BSA KY license plate is in the works.
  11. This is where experienced Webelos leadership is invaluable. The Webelos den leader should prepare the Scouts for Troop live as much as possible. If the Webelos are not prepared for the type of Troop they are going in, they will either be bored to death and leave or intimidated and leave. The Webelos leader should find out what kind of programs each Troop is running, when the boys participate in an outing with the Troop it will give them an idea. If you just go to meetings, they won't get a good indication what the Troop does. The transition from being big man on campus to a newcom
  12. Our Council usually has a volunteer do the FOS presentation. Works out pretty well. A new wrinkle from our Council this year, If your unit does not do a FOS presentation, you'll not receive free rank advancements. (ie: patches)
  13. I beg to differ with those who say the Quality Unit patch does not mean anything. If you were the one to set the goals in 2006 and strive to meet those goals, it would mean a whole lot. To answer the original question, you want the Red Centennial patch (2007). I think 2008 is a white patch. The Quality Unit patch does indeed mean something and your group is to be congratulated for earning it. Jeff
  14. I think a fall or late summer crossover would be good for Webelos for the reasons you mentioned. To put your Pack on a "fall" schedule, for every age level you would have to conduct rank advancements at the fall Pack meeting. With some, if not most Packs being somewhat inactive during the summer months, you could run the risk of loosing boys. (rank advancements and recognition play an important part of holding boys) Being a Webelos I and soon to be Webelos II den leader, I can tell you our boys are ready for Boy Scouts. Most will have earned enough activity badges to qualify for A
  15. Our Pack usually does "painted face" ceremonies for Tigers to Wolves and Wolves to Bears. For the Bears to Webelos, we usually do the "Broken Arrow" ceremony. Where the arrow is broken over the boys shoulder, then the arrow is kept, repaired and presented as their career arrow when they obtain AOL and cross to a Troop. For Webelos to Webelos II we usually get them some type of camping gear and offer recognition that this is their final year in Cub Scouts along with they will be assisting and providing leadership to the Webelos I's. The Bears to Webelos and Webelos I and Webelos
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