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    Help identifying a patch

    That's it eaglescout1996! Thank you very much. My son is an Eagle Scout, who after aging out singed on as an ASM and was kinda hoping it was an older ASM patch. Who knows, maybe one day he'll sign on as an ADC!
  2. luv2boutdoors

    Help identifying a patch

    I recently purchased my son one of the older olive green button up shirts. There is one patch sewn on the shirt that I have not had anyone be able to identify. It is the same size as a POR patch and is sewn on the left sleeve. It resembles the First Class rank badge, but the Eagle is gold, and the fleur-de-lis and scroll are blue with silver outline and wording and a silver knot. It has gold leafs around the perimeter. There is also a white arrowhead sewn on the sleeve below this patch, so Im assuming its an adults patch?
  3. luv2boutdoors

    question about camping merit badge

    Couple of more questions on the camping MB. Our troop started this MB with some of our scouts several weeks ago. - Do we go back to 3 or 4 years ago and count all the camping nights, bike trips, hikes, etc. and credit toward this MB? - One of the choices for a requirement is 15 mile or 4 hour bike ride. Is the 15 miles cumulative or all at once? Also, if they just go on say a 4 or 5 mile ride, but stop several times for POI's and it takes them 4 hours will that suffice or should it be 4 hours of actually riding a bike?
  4. luv2boutdoors

    Scout Law

    Does anyone out there know if there is a recording anywhere of John Wayne and his version of the scout law?