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  1. It is not pushing the boundaries, it is looking at the requirements and wondering how to count it, because they are not clear on this. Incidentally, if I have a quality unit I don't really care if I get a patch that says so and if I don't have a quality unit I don't want a patch that says I have one. That said, if there is an award why not wear it? So I'll count 2 nights as one trip, and let chips fall. I'm asking because I like 2 night trips better than one night trips. They are better, so a quality unit should take 2 night trips more than one night trips. Mister Tim
  2. "Short-term camping: The troop conducts short-term or weekend campouts throughout the year." "Conduct four short-term overnight campouts(bronze)." "Conduct 10 short-term overnight campouts(gold)." If a unit camps out 2 nights in a row (one campout, overnite friday, overnight saturaday), does that count as one short-term campout or 2?
  3. 100% if the boys in my troop have arachophobia. No more camping, along comes a spider and frightens poor Jimmy away.
  4. Great, I just printed out a dozen of the old "new health forms" Tim
  5. Did he meet the requirements for the Eagle Rank? If he did, then he earned the Rank and should have it. Can he meet requirement 2? How does he answer this question? Tim
  6. The requirement includes the words "a troop program." Why not ask your PLC to set aside some troop time to have the scouts talk about the dangers of drug use? T
  7. That didn't work. How bout this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haRXvrzz8Mc&feature=related
  8. www.youtube.com/watch?v=haRXvrzz8Mc&feature=related This one?
  9. After one particularly harsh dressing down, the Company Commander said to me, "I bet that when I die, you'll pee on my grave." I told him, "No Sir! When I get out of the Navy, I'm never going to stand in line again!" Tim
  10. I posted this on our troop's website: Don't ever be afraid of making a mistake, A Pope once said, "to err is human." Another guy (Peter David) said, "Knowledge may be gained from books, but wisdom can only be gained by experience, and mistakes are the greatest granters of wisdom. If one is afraid to make mistakes, then how will one stretch the bounds of his world? One should not simply walk gently into walls; one should run into them at full speed." (A Pope is Alexander Pope) Tim
  11. Apparently, the joke needs a disclaimer: No child was actually abused in the telling of this joke. Tim
  12. Sorry, my mistake, adults do need to meet the 15 day camping requirement.
  13. Just to clarify, Adults are selected to OA to assist the youth. There is no camping requirement for adults to become OA members.
  14. It asks for your password and the forum password. You may have done like I did and got the 2 reversed. Tim
  15. Right, Boy Led and Patrol Method go hand in hand. This should be stressed in SM training. "A Troop without Patrols is arguably not a boy scout troop at all", I entirely agree. If no patrols, what is being led by the boys? So how do we get to worthwile training that is not the "Happy Path"? On the Bright Side, My son's new troop is going backpacking this weekend, 2 patrols, my son's patrol and a brand new scout patrol, the Scouts decided where they wanted to go. A real boy scout troop. Tim
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