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  1. Thanks for all your helpful comments !!!! I like the possibility of suggesting to the SPLC that the older Scouts consider new camp surroundings and challenges, while the 1st and 2nd year Scouts stay in council. Where might you suggest we look for a week of High-Adventure camp(Life/Eagle Scouts)that is within a day's roadtrip of Southeast Missouri ? Our Troop had over 16 Scouts earn their Eagle in the last 2 years and I want them to stay active and excited with the program. This is one way to attack that challenge.
  2. What are some of the strong arguments for a Troop attending an out-of-Council summer camp ? We always attend the local camp (same week, campsite, etc.) every year. The SM enjoys Scouter comraderie and familiar settings. I feel there is merit to new offerings for older Scouts. Need some suggestions and reasons for a new camp in '05. Thanks !
  3. Our Troop is considering a *Reward Trip* on the Mississippi River for our Eagle Scouts and Den Chiefs. Cape Girardeau, Mo. to Cairo, Ill. 50 river miles, 3 nights (no dams). Adults will cook all meals (Scouts select menu). Troop Camping Trailer will precede canoeists to set up camp for the Scouts at access points. Planning on early fall, 2004 (low water levels for safety). Will have a 20 ft. river johnboat with emergency gear(marine radio,GPS, cell phones, 1st-aid kit,lights,etc to accompany canoes. We expect to have 14 Eagle Scouts and 4 Den Chiefs paticipating. SM, Dads and ASMs will
  4. Can anyone inform me about any accommodations at Ft. Campbell,Ky. for Scouts in transit across Kentucky ? Next Summer our Missouri Troop is heading back to Western N.C. and the N.O.C. for another fun whitewater rafting/kayaking week.
  5. Can anyone give me input on hiking to Mt. LeConte Lodge with Troop as sidetrip while hiking AT in Great Smoky Mts. National Park ? Is it worth the cost ? Did the Scouts enjoy the experience ? Thanks
  6. Where can I get detailed info on the upcoming 2003 Jamboree in British Columbia this Summer? Unfortunately our Council's web-site has been "down" for almost 18 months and getting Scout info at night is tough. Thanks for any and all help. John
  7. eagle 90, What was the cost involved for houseboating trips on Cumberland, Table Rock ? Contacts ? Thanks !
  8. A very tough situation for everyone involved. For that very reason our Troop's BOR meets regularly with Scouts that are NOT progressing to attempt to motivate and consel. A Life Scout that is 16-17 would be on this 'priority' list for regular review and guidance. Parents of non-advancing Scouts are also updated and asked for input and support. Our Troop had 12 new Eagles in 2002. Only 1 pushed the 'panic button' with a DoB deadline scare.
  9. Troop 5 from Cape Girardeau, Missouri went to Western North Carolina,Eastern Tennessee last August for 5 days of whitewater rafting and canoeing. Had 36 Scouts of all ages and they had a blast ! Stayed with (www.noc.com) at their hostel basecamp. canoed/rafted the Nantahala (class II/III), Chattooga sec.4 (class III/IV), and the Ocoee rivers (class IV/V). The outfitter is 1st rate but fills up fast for the summer season.
  10. Something new for us this year. Our Troop is going to host a food concession booth at a 3 day regional air show this July. Lots of planning and red tape(Health Dept.) is involved but the returns might be good. We're planning on offering a large tent for patrons to get out of the sun and sit down. We also plan to have another large tent set-up for heat relief (misting fans) and minor 1st-aide as a community service project during the Show. These funds will be used towards a Troop High Adventure Trip in 2004.
  11. Patrol Fundraiser: We had great success the last 2 years during a regional State Fair parade (Sept.) in our town by selling bottled water along the parade route for a $1.00 donation. We loaded coolers into little red wagons and each Scout pulled and sold the water while a parent walked with him to help with the money. The Scouts wore class B uniforms. This year each Scout(7) earned $78 for his individual Scout account(after paying for hamburgers/drinks at the fair for everyone involved in our group). The water bottles and ice were donated by area merchants and we secured permission to w
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