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  1. Sitting back and relaxing with a well-earned frosty one (out of uniform, of course :-) ). BD, you are correct. While tiring and patience-trying at times, it was not nearly as stressful as I had made it in my mind. A big part of that goes to the great staff at Camp La-No-Che who made everything so easy. Also, every one of them I talked to made me feel as though they were happy to have us there, a big change to what I experience in my council and district which has some "birthright" types that send out the "you're lucky to have me" vibes. The Native American program was outstanding and will
  2. The new troop is, in two short hours, on its way to lovely Camp La No Che to brave the ticks and have a ton of fun. Say a prayer for us and our new experiences, and we will see you next week!
  3. Like all things, there is a little in-person perspective you get by observing and living a situation as opposed to the picture your mind's eye can create from conversations such as these. I have a good idea that no matter your opinion on this matter, just about all of us would disagree with an adult leader that enforced push-ups "as a drill sergeant would". If one does use tactics such as these, I appreciate the method ScoutBox employs, doing the exercise along with the boy. It is much less ostracizing and more inclusive. Basically a better teaching tool. I personally do not use push-ups
  4. I can think of one of Webelos out of the hundreds I met that would be the type of kid I would make an exception for if it was necessary. But as soon as I let him in, I've set a precedent. Not to mention the fact that this kid, if told no, would say "I understand". This isn't to say anything bad about 4th & 5th graders. They just aren't ready and to try and force them on the boys who either had parents that shelled out the money or even better earned their way to Summer Camp is extremely disrespectful.
  5. moosetracker, Yep, around these parts any beading is closed by the song, all 8 critters plus "Staffer" verse sung. This is whether or not it is one or twenty people being beaded. No matter where, Roundtable, Unit meetings, Pack meetings, Court of Honor....... And Twocub, I'm not anti-WB. I just believe there are places where the song is just not appropriate. Like any situation that most of the people in the room could care less.
  6. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in WB as both a participant and staff, and believe it to be a quality training course. (Although I would have LOVED the opportunity to take the "old course") I think it can be, when done properly, applicable to not only Scouting but other aspects of life. Through WB i have met many people that have helped me in my Scouting and have become great friends. Fortunately for me my experience was different than BD's, and I look back on it positively. I drone on to say I fully agree with Basementdweller. It is a commitment, but it's a training class. To include one of
  7. 5yr, Makes perfect sense, and actually works well for this thread. Over here (unless it's changed lately) it's a pure Pack advancement thing. Of course the rules of only being earned at a District or Council event still apply, but they are definitely Pack decisions. Truth be told I actually like the way they do it in your neck of the woods better. It definitely makes it clear as to whose award it is to approve. I personally enjoyed the loop and pin program, but always used it as a supplement to the program rather than a focus like I see some other units do. If a belt loop or
  8. 5yearscouter, I left Cubs behind a couple of years ago, and haven't taken a look at the Sports and Academics Guide in a long time. Basically, I'm saying I can be way off base. But to me, just because you can only earn the loops and pins at a District or Council event does not mean you need a RM approval to say it is their standards that apply when saying a scout has earned a loop or pin. Now don't get me wrong, a good CM would heed the recommendations of a well-qualified RM. But unless an advancement form for these come with a requirement of an RM signature, it's not required. A
  9. A minor detail, but in my council it would not be possible to have a "stash of rank badges" to award immediately, at least not for a new troop like ours. Gotta have a signed Advancement form to buy a badge in these parts.
  10. Kudu, What would you feel is best for those "other" positions if there isn't anyone that expresses interest? I mean the ones such as Historian, Librarian and the like. Some people see them as minor or even worse "throw away" positions, just designed to meet a requirement. I kind of get of two minds, thinking if there isn't a boy that wants the job, anyone you can put in there will be miserable in it and thereby being set up in a sort to do a bad job. But there are jobs that need to be done, and if no Scout does them you know what that means.
  11. BD, Neat and fluffy? Not very, but we're ok. I just happen to have a great guy as a DE. I seriously wish you could meet him and see what life is like on another plane of the organization to which we both belong. And I honestly wish I could live in your woods for a while. I shouldn't make assumptions or criticisms without having some perspective, and for that I apologize. Actually it seems we may actually be aligned on some of our opinions regarding those concerned with their prestige rather than their duty to serve. And I should appreciate the fact that this place could serve as
  12. I suppose greatness would require the right combination of outdoor skills, knowledge of BSA practices, processes and procedures (unfortunately), and a compassionate and patient temperament. That's a few things anyway. From this Scouter's perspective: Someone with these qualities, willing to share them, with humility added. From a parent's perspective: Someone with all these that treats me with respect From a Scout's perspective: Someone with all these and a smile, someone with the ability to laugh with the guys and still maintain the role of leader. There are probably a lot
  13. First of all Bobwhite89, I see you only have a few posts. Welcome to the forums. And forgive BD, he just happens to be the most miserable person in Scouting. BD, not sure Bob's title or volunteer vs. pro status is any of your business. If he is a friend to Scouting, he is welcome to me. I never knew this was an "us vs. them" forum. If my DE, who happens to be fantastic, wouldn't be welcome on these forums, then perhaps this is my last post. A real shame too, because I thought Friendly was one of those 12 things we were supposed to worry about. And for those who might think the Scouti
  14. Eagle732, I have to respectfully disagree with you based on personal experience with my Scout son. When he crossed the first outing was a canoe / camping trip down a river. We were in the canoe together for the trip. The group made a stop to work on some canoe skills including getting into a canoe that tipped over. Well don't you know, not 100 yards down river after we started up again we go in the drink. From behind I hear "Well, it's a good thing we just had that class". We get the gear back in the canoe, get all right and get back in. He was bummed we tipped, but that was about it. Fla
  15. Actually you nailed it pretty well with just a couple of differences. My thoughts weren't towards the equipment being put back in its proper place, but a safe place. Basically no way would I endorse putting it all up ship-shape in the lockers and all being neat and pretty as it should be. My only concern was for the equipment itself, which you made a great point about it actually belonging to the CO. I would be all for a leader taking the equipment, securing it elsewhere and then following your approach. The one thing we don't know is exactly how much danger of theft or exposure damage th
  16. JMH, I am curious about one thing with the approach of the equipment belongs to the CO, and the entire troop has lost the privilege of using the equipment. Does this also apply to the adult that left the equipment out for 5 days? If the question is in a lesson learned, the equipment belonging to the CO can be spared by the leader and a lesson still taught.
  17. Jkaufman_95, First of all, let me thank you for a rather mature response from someone that can be no more than 17 years-old. And before I say anything else, I don't doubt that you are a fine young man and great SPL. The fact that you will get up with a scared or nervous scout and sing with him tells me that. Also the note about how they try to catch you (unsuccessfully) gives me a glimpse of the camaraderie in your troop. Being SPL, you play a huge part in that. I actually would probably subscribe to something close to Beavah's point of view on this matter. It can work for some troop
  18. lrsap


    I really have a hard time seeing how ones who earned a Choco Taco while enjoying a picture show with all the guys could cause any kind of issue. Well, with the boys at least. And therein lies the problem. And I'm one of those softies that thinks singing for lost stuff is wrong. Sheesh.
  19. Jkaufman_95, welcome to the forums, and thank you for also helping your scouts who lose things learn from the experience of performing what may be humiliating tasks. In that spirit, let me tell you what you lost. You seem to have misplaced your apostrophe. Before anyone thinks I am picking on a poor scout, let me say I am frequently reviewing resumes for positions on my team. Those with the sloppy text speak and disregard for at least an honest attempt at proper English are quickly removed from consideration. While this may pass if one desires a career in "big tandem axle" waxing, i
  20. Forgive me if I missed it, but there are a few questions I have about making sure it's done before COH. Is it the scout that is wanting to make sure it's done in time for COH or the adults? In this specific troop, is rank awarding withheld until a COH and not upon being earned? Maybe I should have just spun a new thread, but only awarding rank at COH can lead to another whole host of problems. Merit Badges are one thing, a FC wearing a TF for 3,6 or 12 months is another.
  21. We had an OA election and BOR on the same night recently, and the OA Advisor that is a great friend of the troop was asked if he would like to join as a guest. Not only did he say he was honored to do so, the other BOR members expressed how much they appreciated him being there and the experience he added to the proceedings, given that we are fairly inexperienced in our new troop. Now, if you are conducting a BOR for a scout that may in any way be questionable my opinion could be different. But I think a the right guest every now and then adds something special.
  22. "If a troop is dysfunctional or not healthy, sure go ahead and switch. If ya don't get along with the leaders, go ahead and switch. Fine. But why not change earlier? In a continual scouting experience, change when ya realize you don't like the situation. Why wait for the magical Webelos transition? It's a transition that should be eliminated." Fred, let me make sure I am reading this correctly. If my son is a Bear in a great pack he loves, but the CO also has a horrible troop that there is no way I would want him to join, he has to find another pack? I hope I'm missing your point. We
  23. The advice of not over-volunteering, or saying yes too much, is good. Everyone should know their own personal capacity. But for all the good that can be done by people at a District level, one thing I have seen is the culture of looking at brand new leaders as "fresh meat" for district level positions. Somewhere along the line someone who just wants to be the best Wolf Den Leader or ASM they can be is somehow seen as "not volunteering enough".
  24. Hey there, ScoutDaddy, welcome! Let me be the first one to say it on this thread because you can find it in many, many threads on these forums: "Ask him to show you where it is written." or more technically, "Get a copy of the current Guide to Advancement and ask him to show you where it s written." I do have a few questions for you though: *What does the Scoutmaster think? It's ultimately his call. *Does this ASM require it for every Scout for every requirement that has an a,b,s, etc? *Ask him how a Tenderfoot can do 10a and 10b all at once or nothing. That woul
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