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  1. This is similar to something I posted on another thread, but it applies here. Scouting is a program that is meant to strengthen the family. If not, there wouldn't be the achievements (Various Heritages and Family Member types) involved. If you have a little voice inside telling you it doesn't seem right, that it would be choosing Scouting OVER family, listen to the little voice. (OK, maybe not thoooose little voices inside ). Another thought would be about the Scouts themselves. It may not be fair to them to have an SM that feels guilty for being there.
  2. I am my son's W2 DL, and from the sound of it you are just like I was four years ago. I was totally new to scouting when I signed on as my son's Tiger DL. One thing I would warn you of that was not specifically addressed is the danger of over-committing. Since I have been a Scouter I love the program, the ideals, everything. But early on the love of what I was doing lead me to saying yes to EVERYTHING that was offered. The worst piece of advice I ever received as Scouter was the Spring of my son's Tiger year. "Sure, you can be a Wolf Den Leader and a Cubmaster at the same time." I was ju
  3. Hi there. I am a WDL who has been in scouting as long as my W2 son has. Funny, during the school night when I signed him up, I innocently asked, "So, who is the Tiger Cub Den Leader?" What's most amazing is the parents who I had known for about 15 minutes saying, "You would be great!!" I'm a Good Ol' Beaver from SR-729, and looking forward to the next adventure as my son and I cross over in Spring of 2010. Of course, as my thread "Starting a new troop?" in the Open Forums reads, I have a few important decisions to make. Anyway, this place is great, and it's kind of scary how long one
  4. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the responses I have received. I just found this site, and it's scary how long a person can spend just reading different threads. As to some of the replies: Yes, there are two other existing units in my area. One is perfect, everything I would want my son's troop to be. And if I ended up being SM of a new troop, this would be my model.And the SM, a great guy, would fill my need for a mentor. Problem is, they limit their roster, and there would only be 1 or 2 openings when my son crossed. They believe in providing an excellent program for a smal
  5. I am my son's Web 2 DL, and have been his DL since Tiger Cubs. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and look forward to the next step. I have been presented with a chance to start a brand new troop with what would be a dedicated Chart Org I truly believe in. I feel at least 4 boys from my current den would join, with the rest joining other troops. My problems are: 1) Being asked to be SM is quite an honor, but I was never a scout myself. I have an awareness of the BS program, but not many knowledge of the details or how a troop is run. How does one start a new troop as an inexperienced
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