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  1. Just so I'm clear on this BW, your interpretation of the Troop Program Features is that the plan is to have three separate outings at the end of the four week preparation? That the Troop Meeting plan is formated with three levels of intending that there will be three separate outings as the goal? LongHaul
  2. Gunny, Not having met the older boy I say ask him what he wants, don't decide for him. He and his brother joined together and he may want to stay with his brother, this is new to him. My position is try to accomodate the older boy. If I were CM the younger would not receive his AOL until he met ALL the requirements PERIOD. Next if the Pack Committee and the CM are open to the idea of holding an AOL in August so the younger boy can graduate at 10 1/2 instead of completing his Webelos 2 program THEN and only then would I be open to awarding both AOLs at the same time that being in August.
  3. Lisabob, What part of dibbus1987's original post made you think the older boy was ready to move on? All I see is that both boys joined at the same time and that the older is already 11 and the younger won't be 10 1/2 till August. There is no mention of maturity or readiness for crossover. LongHaul
  4. BW, Look back at the Cub Scout Leaders book, the info is on page 21-12 in my edition and, it refers to JOINING requirements for Boy Scouts. It refers to when a boy CAN join Boy Scouts not when he MUST leave Cub Scouts. If a boy is double promoted and graduates 5th grade at 10 he does not HAVE to leave Cub Scouts. As for the Silver Beaver and Award of Merit there definitely are requirements that are "supposed" to be met but in actuality all that is necessary is that the nominating committee approve your application. Ed for someone that repeatedly has said that whether one knows for a fact
  5. I've had sleep apnea since I was 40. I shared a tent with a medical doctor on a training weekend and he alerted me to the condition. I asked my wife and she said I stop breathing for 30 seconds at a time then take a breath like I was coming up from under water and gasping for breath. My doctor says that it puts me at higher risk for stroke and heart attack but that it would not cause either on of these by itself. My sleep pattern is disrupted and as a result I am tired in the mornings and around 2 in the afternoon. I've never used medications or devices and have been on 2 Philmont treks one at
  6. Although a Webelos Scout reaching the age of 11 or completing fifth grade is eligible to become a Boy Scout, he may remain in the Pack for six months after his 11Th birthday or until he completes the fifth grade whichever is later. Page 7 of the Webelos Leader Guide bottom of page. BW can't seem to separate the Boy Scout joining requirement age from the mandatory separation from the Cub Scout program age, which is what is being discussed in this thread. >>Whether the Pack wants to award the AOL to someone that does not qualify for it is up to the Pack. No it isn't up to the Pack
  7. OK next question is what is the effect of not using his CPAP for 14 days or so? He will be a little more tired than the rest of you in the morning and around 2 in the afternoon if he is like those I know that have the aliment and go untreated. He'll be a little more irritable than the rest of you. I still say go! LongHaul
  8. Groan yes but the louder the groan the more times it will be repeated. LongHaul
  9. As we all know the joining requirement says 10 years old and AOL so once the Pack awards the AOL, properly or not, the Troop is covered. Start saying "the boy didn't actually earn this" and you are looking for problems. As I've said before my son skipped grades and was "eligible" before he was "ready" to join the troop. dibbus1987 said these boys just joined the Scouting program so being bored with the program isn't probably a factor for the older boy. Immaturity and unpreparedness MAY be a factor for the younger boy. What is see most here is a fixation with age/grade NUMBERS and not youth mem
  10. OK, awarding the AOL to someone that does not qualify is wrong on many levels. Awarding the AOL to someone that does qualify but is over the age of 11 1/2 is perfectly fine. I had a 13 year old Webelos 2 that had been held back, remember the "which ever is later" clause from the Webelos Leader Handbook. The problem I see here is the parents wanting their sons to "get the AOL together". While there is NO "REQUIREMENT" as to when advancement be awarded, only recommendations, there are requirements for earning advancement and awards. AOL is technically an awarded not a part of Cub advancement. Th
  11. I still don't see the problem here folks. As long as the older boy is not asking to be allowed to earn advancement after graduating 5th grade. Cub Scouting is a family based program siblings attend Pack Meetings and often are present at Summer Time Pack activities. Again I ask what is the Pack doing in July and August that presents a problem? So the older boy is not a Cub and not a Boy Scout for 60 days are you telling me that you are going to stop his recognition ceremony? How is that in anyway a benefit to the Boy? It's about the youth. This family is not asking for that much here, they are
  12. Extra batteries!. On one trek I carried a video recorder, 8 hours worth of tape and three extended life batteries one of which I recharged at Fish camp. The only "problem" I can see is the Philmont Med Dept. Sleep apnea is not listed on the Med form as a disqualifier, many people have the condition and choose not to treat it and have no problem hiking. What is the persons size and weight? What kind of exsperience do they have and what is their physical condition beyond the sleep problem? LongHaul
  13. Although a Webelos Scout reaching the age of 11 or completing fifth grade is eligible to become a Boy Scout, he may remain in the Pack for six months after his 11Th birthday or until he completes the fifth grade whichever is later. That's what the Webelos Leader Book says. So if the 11 year old graduates 5th grade in June, what is it that the Pack does in July and August that would present a problem with the 11 year old being there? The ceremony acknowledgeing crossing over from Cubs to Boy Scouts is a ceremony that's all. I've been to a lot of Eagle ceremonies where the Boy was 19 already. Wh
  14. The Feb/March cross over is intended to allow the New Scouts a chance to become acquainted with the workings of the Troop and for the Troop to become more familiar with the New Scouts. What I don't understand is why there is this belief that if a boy crosses in Feb he HAS to camp in March aka cold. If the boy stays in Webelos does he camp in March? There is more to Boy Scouts than camping. One of the biggest things is learning to Be Prepared. This is accomplished at the troop meeting BEFORE the New Scouts go camping. I hear people saying that the New Scouts will feel left out to which I answer
  15. From as early as I can remember my father saying "Treat every woman as a Lady until she proves herself to be otherwise. Then treat her as a Lady because you are a gentleman." This served me well until the 80's but I still refused to change my values to show "respect" ? for others. I too had the unfortunate experience to be accused of sexism and worse for offering my seat to a member of the opposite gender. My most frustrating moment was being ridiculed for referring to two Woodbadge staff as "Ladies" being told that it was derogatory and implied that they were not as capable as the males. This
  16. What does the boy want? I had the exact opposite of Trailblazermom with my number 2 son. After transferring to a public school from a private school at the beginning of 2nd. grade he was imediately advanced to third grade. This made him a 3rd grade Wolf, a 4th grade Bear and after graduating 5th grade at 9 1/2 far to immature to be a Boy Scout. The disparity of intelligence and maturity almost prompted his mother and me to send him to a private school for High School but he would have missed out on almost all of his extra curricular activities. What is the boy's maturity level and where will h
  17. Why must a Webelos Den meet during the summer for the boys to work on advancement? Family member, Traveler, and Fitness are done with a member of the boys family not the den leader. When the den begins to meet the den leader looks over the work the boy has done over the summer and either explains why the effort was not sufficient or accepts the work and awards the badge. The DL could make waves over the three month active requirement but it's not the boys fault the den had zero meetings but let's face it the boy had 100% attendance for the summer As for the age at which a boy must leave cub
  18. Trailblazermom, I would suggest that your son work on Family Member, Traveler, & Fitness over the summer. Look over the requirements for Citizen and the Citizen Belt Loop.
  19. Yes Old Course Give the Staff a 7 to many swelled heads. Tried to be funny instead of fun. Too much clowning not enough Camp School Experience 10+++ We had over 60 participants. Spend three week ends with 60 other involved scouters and you have to be learning things almost hourly or your talking to much. LongHaul
  20. Hunt, Check the original copy of your roster that comes with the cards when you re-charter. That is the only place I've ever seen it. Our cards come with two copies of the roster but only one has ID numbers. LongHaul
  21. I did not know where to put this so I settled on Summer Camps because that is a common use for all these properties. http://www.saveourscoutcamps.org/ If there are others let's get them included in the list. LongHaul(This message has been edited by LongHaul)
  22. The problem I find with the Webelos Program is that most Webelos Den Leaders are not delivering it effectively. The purpose of the Webelos Program is to transition the boy from Cub Scouts an adult leader run, meet indoors, all work on the same thing every meeting, artsy craftsy, let someone entertain me program to a boy planned, boy led, work at your pace, take responsibility for yourself Boy Scout program. Boys leave between Bear and Webelos because they are burnt out on Cub Scouts not Scouting. Webelos Leaders need to be properly trained in April to begin the program in June and not Sep
  23. Seems your tone has changed there Bob. The YP training says call the SE and let the SE handle the situation. Now you are saying call the SE and follow the SE's directions but those directions are not legal advise so that would mean we could choose not to follow the SE's directions and still be in compliance because we called the SE first. So recapping If you are a Scout leader and you witness or suspect that a crime has been committed on BSA property or in connection with a BSA event you call the proper authorities and report it...UNLESS that crime involves a youth member and is sexual in natu
  24. If we are going to listen to Cordelia let's remember that tape was made in 1993. Let's also pay close attention to Detective Mike Johnson when he talks about being protected civilly "when you report to the proper authorities". Neither Social worker Jim Chavis nor Detective Mike Johnson say anything about reporting to BSA. If you involve your SE you are not protected from libel or slander charges brought by the accused. When you witness a crime (again find out the difference between criminal assault and criminal battery and child abuse) and you delay your contact with "the proper authorities
  25. The local Scout Executive will then instruct you how to proceed.????? Bob White, while you seem quite good at reading BSA publications and retaining what the training tapes and on line courses contain you seem unable to read things that are not published by National. My post refereed to Legal interpretations not BSA interpretations. If a crime is committed on my front lawn I am not legally empowered to decide what course of action should be taken. The SE has no legal standing in the community. He or she is a citizen just like you and I. Secondly before you continue to quote BSA scripture
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