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  1. Why wouldn't you assist your scouts with prescription medication? They already have an order from a doctor (or other health care professional) and all they my need is a reminder. I wouldn't want to be responsible for what happens if one of my scouts did not take the prescribed medication. Over the counter is another problem all together. I think a lot depends on were you are going and the experience level of your "first aiders." If your out in the wilderness a day or more from getting help, sometimes you may need to make some arrangements. If you have experienced health care provider
  2. How about torches? I have seen some very bright and long lasting ones made from a roll of TP. I don't know the specifics (if there are any other ingredients) but maybe someone else can help with that. Have fun!
  3. Hello, I am an emergency medical dispatcher and they did away with the breathing in CPR for pre-arrival instructions more than a year ago. It was for many of the reasons already stated. It also was less complicated to explain over the phone to an untrained person. There are some exceptions (in EMD anyway). Situations were there was an underlying respiratory problem still get breathing (if the caller will comply, if not just compressions are better than nothing). These are situations like lighting strikes and pediatric calls. MarkS is absolutely right. Don't change what you
  4. Welcome! To my knowledge, as long as your OA dues are up to date you should be OK with the OA bolo and pocket flap. Now, you may want to choose more cub oriented neck wear, but there's no rule against it (as far as I know). Have fun and good luck! Don't let uniform frustrations get in the way. Remember, I'm not the BSA insignia guide, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night! BSA Insignia guide - http://www.scouting.org/Media/InsigniaGuide.aspx
  5. Hello all, I work as a Paramedic and you would be surprised at how often I use things I first learned as a Boy Scout or only learned as a scout. If fact, no matter how much advanced training I take, I find that some of the old school stuff (triangle bandages, board splints, etc.) work a lot better than the new gadgets they come up with. It still surprises me the number on EMT's I have to teach how to use board splints and triangle bandages! Everyone wants to use the fancy new stuff. Sometimes it just doesn't work as well!
  6. "How have I resolved receiving any recognition. By working harder, camping in the cold, working in the heat, driving Scouts to camp and looking to staff the needs within the District." Just what I was thinking! Congratulations!
  7. You can't just post the pictures and run! Tell us how it went. Did everyone have as much fun as it looked like? Were on earth did you find the storm troopers!
  8. I can't speak for either of those programs, but if you or anyone else is interested the GNFC runs a program for tripping in Algonquin Park. We went with the GNFC program once and this year plan to go on our own. Either way Algonquin is a beautiful trip. Tons of routes of all skill levels to choose from and if you want to go yourself lots of outfitters. Birchbark (GNFC) - http://www.wnyscouting.org/openrosters/ViewOrgPageLink.asp?LinkKey=17417&orgkey=1977 Algonquin Park - http://www.algonquinpark.on.ca/ Algonquin Outfitters - http://www.algonquinoutfitters.com/ Even i
  9. "This is really important when it comes to Eagle Badges." I have never been questioned when I bought Eagle insignia in either of the two councils I have shopped in. OA insignia on the other hand, don't try to buy any without your membership card in hand! Funny, I would prefer they be picky abut the Eagle Stuff!
  10. Don't forget about aged out Life, Star and other scouts. One of the best leaders in my troop at home never got his Eagle Scout. Not everyone will be an eagle, doesn't mean they don't want to support the program. I don't have much help for you other than to say that volunteers are out there. I am also in emb's situation. I moved to a new area and didn't really want to get involved on a troop level. I got in touch with the local DE and now I am on the district committee. That being said, I think we do a terrible job of recruiting adult volunteers. I had to contact the local counc
  11. ASM416

    OA Pocket Flap

    Hello All, I am dual registered with my troop in one council and as a member of a District committee in another council. I am also a member of the OA registered with the lodge in my troops council. My question is what are my options for wearing a pocket flap on my District Committee uniform? Can I just wear the flap from my troops council or do I need to register with the lodge in the committee's council? It doesn't seem like a big deal to me but I like to wear a correct uniform. Thanks!
  12. I think the march crossover was meant to coincide with charter renewal time. My council recently changed to December for recharter but before that it was in march. I believe in some councils it still is march.
  13. I have to say this problem boggles my mind a bit. Our meetings go 2 hours, 6:45 to 8:45 and there is a group of adults hanging out until well past 9:15 most nights. The idea that there's not one ASM willing to hang out for 10 minutes drives me nuts! How can you not be committed enough to the program to give 10 minutes! Maybe the solution is to have the meeting with the SPL and the ASPL. This would allow them to follow YPT and not have any adults stay. I mean, we wouldn't want to inconvenience them would we!
  14. That Jim Lovell video was pretty good. Glad I watched them. Thanks for the idea stevejb! I hope it works. (mostly posted to get the tread back on the "24 hours" page)(This message has been edited by asm416)
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