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  1. Thank you all for your input. Some of it seems very sound and some seems questionable. But I asked and you helped. Thanks
  2. In response to dancinfox: I agree w/ the BOR but I followed the rules and sent him to them. Do I go back to the BOR and ask them to reconsider? I certainly don't want to alienate them. I would rather pursuade the Scout to relax and enjoy the journey. Perhaps I'm looking for resources or ideas to sway his thinking of becoming Eagle before 13.
  3. Hello, I am a SM for a Troop of 30 boys. I have a Scout, 12 years old, who was just turned down for advancement to Life by the BOR. They cite lack of maturity and demonstration of leadership abilities. I agree with them. I have asked him to slow down and enjoy the journey, but he and his Mother do not seem to understand that it is the journey and not the speed at which you travel, that is important. Any thoughts? SMT194
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